Boston Police and the FBI disrupted  a plot to behead police officers this week and lawmen managed to shoot down one of the jihadis planning it. But there was an interesting twist as our good friends at Americans for Peace and Tolerance let us know.

The police brought some local leaders in to view the video of the shooting to stop some reckless speculation about the incident.

One Muslim community leader was particularly interesting, in a bad way.

Imam Abdul Faaruuq was standing right next to the Police Commissioner, but he has a history of preaching some very improper things.

A Boston Area Imam who once instructed worshippers to “Grab onto the gun and the sword” was given a leading role in the Police press conference following the death of Usaama Rahim, who was shot by police after he attacked members of the Boston Joint Terrorism Taskforce with a large knife.

SOURCE: Center for Security Policy