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Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:15-16b).

Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian, focus on what Americans and especially their leadership refuse to acknowledge which may reuslt in the death to the land of liberty and snuff out the bright beacon of freedom. 

The teachings of Islam dictate that the people of the book (Christians and Jews) have corrupted the West with their Judeo-Christian democratic style of government. A government that allows you to choose your own leaders, that give freedom of speech, freedom of worship, etc. is a corruption brought by the people of the book.

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Last week we talked about how to “radicalize” a Muslim. We looked at the terrorists which have attacked on our soil and they seemed to be people who loved America. We ask how did they get “radicalized?”

First of all, the term “radicalized” is used to say that these people are not following the true teachings of Islam. This is not the case. We prefer to use the term “fundamentalized” because they are following the teachings of the Islamic scriptures and their Prophet, Muhammad.

Last week we had to rush through the last two points and so I want to revisit the 10 points to radicalizing a Muslim. After we look at them again, I want to spend time on how to know if your Muslim friend is a fundamentalized Muslim.

Ten Steps To “Radicalize” (Fundamentalize) a Muslim

  • The first is to establish that Muhammad is Allah’s final prophet. He is not just a prophet, he is the last one, and Muslims are commanded to imitate him. He is referred to as the perfect man at least 90 times in the Qur’an.
  • The second is to establish that the Qur’an is the words of their god, Allah, and that the Sunna, which is the Arabic word for practice,  are Muhammad’s teachings and actions. A devout Muslim must not only believe in the Qur’an, he must also believe in what Muhammad taught and did. Even many “moderate” Muslims believe this.
  • The third is to establish that Allah is the only god, and that his law, the Sharia, is perfect and good law for all mankind.
  • The fourth is to establish that the only way for a Muslim to have contentment is to be fully submitted to Allah’s law and his will.
  • The fifth is to establish that there are two things which must happen before there can be Islamic peace in the world. First, Muslims must rid the world of the filth, the kafr, which means excrement. Secondly, The Sharia, Islamic law, must become the law of every nation.

These are signs of a devout Muslim. These things are required to be a true follower of Islam and Muhammad. This means that they must remove everyone who is not a Muslim. They believe this will happen by conversion, by dimmitude (submission to Islam as a second class citizen), or by killing them. Dimmitude only lasts until the return of Isa, the Islamic Jesus, and at that time they will either convert or be killed.

  • The sixth is to establish that Allah only rewards his faithful servants, and that he punishes the disobedient. How does one become faithful? He submits and obeys.
  • The seventh is to establish that the only guarantee of salvation for a Muslim is through jihad. Muhammad said that 60 minutes on the battlefield is worth as much as 60 years in prayer.
  • The eighth is to establish that the greatest rewards are to the shahid, the martyr. This is the one who dies performing jihad. He gets the 7 blessings, including the 72 virgins and the right to intercede for 70 of his family and friends for their salvation.
  • The ninth is to establish that the people of the book (Christians and Jews) have corrupted the West with their Jedeo-Christian democratic style of government. A government that allows you to choose your own leaders, that give freedom of speech, freedom of worship, etc. is a corruption brought by the people of the book.
  • The tenth is to establish that Israel is stealing the land which belongs to Muslims. They believe that Allah promised this land to the descendants of Ishmael. It must be established that Allah commands the death of every Jew.

Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE) and below are the “show notes” from this program, so their are typos, etc. 

A Closer Look At The Last Two

Democracy is looked at as evil by Islam. The Islamic style of government is a theocracy. Iran is a great example of this type of government. Even though Iran has a parliament and a president, the fact is, they have have a supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and a counsel of guardians made up of Islamic clerics, and they run the country.

Muslims view democracy as coming from the corruption of the Jews and the Christians. They primarily blame the Jews. They blame the people of the book for influencing government so that it does not elevate the highest law, the Sharia.

America was not founded as a democracy. America was based  upon the higher law, the laws of the true God, Jehovah. The Declaration of Independence says that our laws are based upon the “laws of nature and nature’s God.” These laws, the Ten Commandments, are superior to the laws of men. Our founders understood that God’s laws were to be followed if we wanted to have a civil government. Today we have gotten away from this principle.

One of the major selling points of fundamental Islam is the corruption in many countries, including America, and blaming it on the Jews and Christians. Muslims are being told that it is up to them to save Western nations from this corruption. They are trying to save us from the corruption of the Bible and of Judeo-Christian culture and principles.

When you hear a Muslim say that they don’t want the Sharia, they are either ignorant, or they are lying. It is a commandment of Islam that all nations must be brought under Sharia.

The tenth point is about Israel, which is considered the number one enemy and corrupter. In the Qur’an it tells the story of Abraham. Those of you who have not studied the Qur’an would be surprised to find out how much of the Old and New Testaments are in the Qur’an, albeit twisted and corrupted. The story of Abraham taking his son to be sacrificed as a test of his faith is found there. The difference is that in the Qur’an it is not Isaac, it is Ishmael. We know that in Bible times the first born son has the rights of inheritance. This is why Islam recognizes Ishmael as the rightful heir to Abraham. They, therefore, see the land as belonging to the descendants of Ishmael, the Arabs.

We often hear Muslims say “death to Israel.” They also say, “from the river to the sea,” meaning that they want to push Israel into the sea and destroy the nation. Islam wants the death of every Jew, not just those in Israel. Here are two passages from the Hadith that teach they are to be killed:

Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until the son of Maryam descends amongst you as a just ruler, he will break the cross, kill the pigs, and abolish the Jizya tax– Sahih al-Bukhari, 3:43:65

The Prophet said… The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him… – Sahih Muslim Book 041, Number 6985

In the first of these it says that when the Muslim Jesus comes back he will kill the pigs (Jews). Breaking the cross speaks of the elimination of Christians. Abolishing the jisya is taking away the protection tax on non-believers. It will no longer be needed since all will then be Muslims.

In the second it is even more clear that Muslims are to kill Jews. The hatred that Muslims have for Jews is not because of Zionism, It is rooted to the very foundation of Islam.

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How To Know If Your Muslim Friend Is Being “Radicalized” (Fundamentalized)

Now that we have reviewed the ten points to radicalize a Muslim, let’s look at how to know if your Muslim friend is being radicalized. How can we know someone is moving toward becoming a jihadist?

The very first thing we must deal with is that the things we have been talking about are traits of someone moving in that direction. When you look at a religion, you not only look at their faith, what they believe, but you also look at their practice, how they live out their faith. The only way to see what people really believe is by their actions.

There are some question you may ask. There is a strategy behind these questions. We are going to save the questions until the end of this article.

Dress & Actions | The House of War and the House of Islam

You can tell they are moving toward fundamentalism if they are wearing Muslim clothing. Since a faithful Muslim is to live like Muhammad did, they dress in the style of the time of Muhammad. This is not always a guarantee because they use deceit. They don’t wear their beards or clothing that will reveal where they are headed. It is also true that some who are not jihadis will also wear traditional Muslim clothing. Nevertheless, when they wear this type of clothing, it tells you they are being faithful to their religion.

ISIS has published a pamphlet telling jihadists not to dress like Muslims, to go to the bars, etc. to alleviate suspicions.

We need to understand that Islam operates in two houses, the house of war and the house of Islam. When in the house of war, many things are permissible that would not be allowed in the house of Islam.

If we were to go to Saudi Arabia, an Islamic country, we would see many of the men wearing a white robe, something like you would imagine Moses wearing. They dress this way because that is how Muhammad dressed. You will see the women wearing a full hijab, the covering of the whole body, or simply a head covering that only covers their hair. If you see a Muslim who is dressing for prayer in this way, it could be a sign of becoming a fundamentalist.

The beard worn by Muslims is often different. They often don’t wear a mustache with their beard.

If we don’t see Muslims dressing like this it doesn’t mean that they are not jihadis, but if we do see it, it means that they are devout.

There is reason to look deeper for more signs before making a judgment.

The point is that if they are devout they may lean toward jihad because it is a fundamental teaching of true Islam. They may not have the courage or the obedience to carry out jihad, but they are leaning that way.

A faithful Muslim will not eat pork. I know Muslims who are not faithful and do eat pork. I have had Muslims say to me, “I don’t touch pork, I use a fork.” A faithful Muslim will eat halal meat, meat that is processed in accordance to Sharia law.

A faithful Muslim is likely to attend the mosque daily for ablutions and prayers. Ablutions are their ceremonial cleansings. He will pray five times a day. A good Muslim will not drink alcohol.

If they are trying to deceive us, they are excused from these things. Remember, in the house of war they can do what is necessary to fool us.

Some say that a faithful Muslim will wear his watch on his right hand because that is the hand the Muhammad favored. There is little reason to believe this because Muhammad wore jewelery on both hands. I wear my watch on my right hand because I am left handed.

They do prefer one hand over another when they eat. This is because Islamic law defines which hand you are to clean yourself with when you go to the bathroom.

Associations: Is the Muslim Friend “Plugged in” to the Sharia Network

Associations are critical. We have the Muslim Brotherhood operating in America. A lot of times, when I meet with elected officials or the police, they say, “I met with such and shuch organization…” If they are meeting with someone from CAIR, we know that it is a Muslim Brotherhood entity. We know that is is a jihadist entity. We know that it lies routinely.

Recently Shahram’s county gave an award to CAIR. He asked them if they had asked any question before giving the award. They said they had asked it they denounced terrorism, and they said they did. He told the Sheriff that this was the wrong question to ask. He should have asked it they would denounce jihadism.

At a town meeting where CAIR was trying to push something through, the local CAIR leader, who is a known jihadist, showed up. He had a backpack, and that really made our security nervous. After the meeting there was a Q&A time. I said to him, “you claim to be a Muslim that does not want to implement the Shara,” and asked him, “do you denounce that act of killing an apostate?” He just sat there and looked at m. He would not answer the question. I then asked him if he denounced the act of jihad. Again, he would not answer, he said nothing. Had he answered, it would have given away who he really is and what he really believes. It is important to know the right questions to ask.

There are many organizations operating in America that are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. We need to know who the Muslim Brotherhood is. It comes out of Egypt, is involved in terrorism, birthed Hamas, and other organizations. It is very clandestine in its operations. I believe it is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world today. It works to get inside of the Western countries and destroy them from within.

We have often referred to the Memorandum that was discovered by the FBI that gives us their goals. It says they are to sabotage our “miserable house” by using our own laws and institutions against us. Their stated goal is to eliminate Western civilization from within.

The first group they established in America was the MSA, the Muslim Student Association. They started by going after our young, and impressionable, students. Every state college in America has a chapter, as do many other colleges. The jewel of their organizations, their lawyers, their civil rights people, is CAIR, the Counsel on American, Islamic Relations. ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, is used to move Muslims to action, like getting them out to vote. There are others, but these are their major organizations here in America. Every American needs to be alert to these groups. If your Muslim friend is heavily involved with these groups, you have reason for concern.

There are many operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood who have close connection with the White House. The man who has been appointed by Obama as the Muslim Outreach Director for the White House is a Muslim Brotherhood operative, and his grandfathers was one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. There is only one degree of separation from the President of the United States. This is how infiltrated they are.

The Vice Presidential pick of Hillary Clinton, as governor of Virginia, appointed to oversee the immigration into the State, a man who sat on the board of the Mosque where Anwar_al Awlaki, was the imam. Awlaki was a terrorist leader who was taken out by a drone strike. Awlaki influenced the attacker at Ft. Hood, the shooter in San Bernardino and others. Again, we have one degree of separation between our governmental officials and terrorists.

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 Questions To Ask

Before we get to the actual questions I want to look at what they are designed to do. The purpose for these question is to catch the Muslims off guard. Fundamentalist Muslims hide behind the message of the Moderate Muslims. They have a public face and a private face. These questions are designed to reveal the private face. They get to subjects that will get anger to rise in the heart of a fundamental Muslim. You have to have wisdom when using them.

How do you feel about Jews in Palestine?

You may not want to start with this one. It might be wise to build up to it, but it is the most revealing of them all. Notice that it does not ask how the feel about Jews in Israel, it asks about Jews in Palestine. This is their word and they believe that this land belongs to the Palestinians. They believe the Israelis are foreign occupiers of the land. This question will show the hatred in their hearts.

Muslims understand that lying is allowed in the house of war, and what we are trying to do is trigger an emotional response that will override their conscious decision to lie. This question is the most revealing because it does just that.

In Islam, Muslims are commanded to use deception when they are in the house of war. It is obligatory. These questions will back them into a corner, and will get some kind of response.

Sometimes, like the incident I mentioned above, they will not lie, but they will just be silent. When they won’t answer, it is an answer in itself.

Was there really a Holocaust?

Muslims what us to believe there was no Holocaust. They were killing Jews, so it was perfectly legitimate. If you study history you will find that the Muslims were fighting with Hitler in WWII.

Was Hitler justified in killing the Jews?

This question is of the same type as the previous one.

Here are some softer questions if you want to build up to the hard ones.

Do you like dogs? Do have a dog?

Muslims consider dogs to be dirty animals. I don’t know a devout Muslim that has a dog.

Do you any special type of food?

If they do, you know that they are more devout than if the didn’t. Shahram’s parents ate pork and other unapproved meats. They were Cultural Muslims, and not that devout.

Do you pray 5 times a day?

This is a non-threatening question that just affirms their devoutness.

Have you been to Mecca:?

Islam requires a once in a lifetime visit to Mecca. Again, this shows how devout they are. If they are devout, they will perform the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) because this is how your sins are absolved.

Because they believe that Ishmael was the son offered by Abraham, there is a corner of the Kaaba they call the holiest place of Abraham. It is where the black rock is. This rock in pre-Islamic Mecca was believed to be a moon rock. Now they believe it is the rock where Abraham was to offer his son.

They believe that if they can kiss this rock, there is absolution of sins. This is just in case their martyrdom doesn’t work.

We usually find that those who perform these acts of terror have made a trip to the Middle East within the previous 6 months.

These next two questions are the ones I asked above.

Do you denounce the killing of apostates?

Both Muhammad, in the Sunna, and the Reliance of the Traveller, clearly state that apostates are to be killed.

Section o.8 of the ROT deals with apostasy. It tells us that if someone leaves Islam, and does not repent, they are to be killed immediately.

Do you denounce Jihad?

According to both the Qur’an and the Sunna, jihad is obligatory for all Muslims. Jihad is waging war against non-Muslims.

These two questions cannot be answered yes without denouncing clear teachings of Islam.

Here are some other questions you could ask:

Was it wrong for the Texans to hold a “Draw Muhammad” event?

What should happen to a person who draws an image of Muhammad?

There are videos where Muslims were asked these questions after the event in Texas, and Muslims get very upset. They will say that it is absolutely permissible to kill someone who defamed the Prophet.

Should Muslims live under the Sharia?

Should Sharia law be implemented in America?

The Muslim Mindset In America

A poll was done by a very credible source, The Center For Security Policy. It asked Muslims if they thought that America should be governed by the Sharia. Fifty-one percent said it should. They then asked about Islamic courts in America. Again, more that 50% said they should have the choice between American courts and Sharia courts.

It gets worse. Twenty-five percent agreed that it is  permissible to us violence against those who give offense to Islam. Another 20% said that violence is permissible in the United States to bring this nation under Sharia Law.

Even if we use the lowest estimate of about three million Muslims in America,and we believe there are closer to ten million, there are a million and a half Muslims in America who believe we should be governed by Sharia.

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