Sylvia Wright | Henrico County, Virginia Resident

Identified a ‘recipe for disaster’, the Hungary Road Mosque located in Glen Allen VA will reap eco-havoc on its surrounding communities.



Enclosed by temporary soil/water runoff fencing, such safe guards have proven to have little or no impact. Why?

Hoens Road run offIn an email dated May 14, 2015 resident Garth Henkel witnessed and documented Islamic Community of Richmond (ICR) construction activities stating, “They’re moving the mountain of dirt to the other side”.

Henkel notified Henrico County of ICR’s activity but instead of accepting Henkel’s documented evidence, the county chose to accept ICR’s denial and their  explanation the “dirt moved is being used as top soil to establish ground cover in the storm sewer easement.”


Events which compound ICR’s eco-havoc are those such as an incident which occured April 27, 2016.

Two vehicles owned by a local contractor, Snead, entered ICR’s construction site by first trespassing on Hoehns’ private road ; and then drove a football length field and accessed the construction site by backing over installed silt fencing.

The same 2 trucks returned April 28th again accessing the construction areas through Hoehns’  private road and driving over 2 additional sections of the silt fence.



During a plan of development  meeting held in 2012, community residents questioned the eco-impact of developing a former greenhouse property, a property known for its excessive drainage, into an Islamic mega community center complex.

Tom Hudgins stated he frequently experienced ankle deep water in his backyard. Laurie Stone Eldridge identified water accumulated knee deep nearby her home. Garth Hinkle questioned the impact of additional water runoff on his home site utilities, well and sewage system; and the owner of a wetland known as Hoehns Lake Reservoir Sylvia Hoehns Wright questioned the overall impact of disturbing soils which had host operational greenhouses that used chemicals, many of which are no longer on the market. Still, the project moved forward.

(Water run off, documented)


As identified in an email dated February 27, 2013 authored by Kevin Wilhite, County Planner, “ICR and Mr. Vohra will have to demonstrate adequate drainage outfall for both the Mosque site and proposed subdivision …..” Nevertheless, through acceptance of ICR’s denial of soil disturbance activities, Henrico County voided the requirement to enforce Henrico County Code of Ordinances – Sec. 19-163.   See the Henrico Code here

 Storm water drainage system: “The sub-divider shall provide a storm water drainage system approved by the county engineer to serve the area of the subdivision and the contributing drainage area in accordance with county design standards and specifications (Code 1980, § 19-32; Code 1995, § 19-144)”.

Aware “mandatory provision for adequate drainage and flood control, the extent to which and manner in which water and storm and sanitary sewer and other public utilities or other community facilities” are dictated by Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2241 (see source).  Residents in July of 2015 contacted the state of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality; and due to failure of resolving the reported eco-issues have also  filed with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency a formal complaint.

Henrico County Virginia’s ongoing failure to enforce quantity and quality of drainage outfall as required  by local regulation and state laws has created a situation in which surrounding communities experience eco-havoc: periodic washout of a private road; and excessive water, sludge and potential pollution compounded by  events such as the April 27, 2016 in which two vendor vehicles chose to back over the installed environmental silt fence to access ICR’s construction site.

Those interested in ‘public comment’, contact Kevin D. Wilhite, AICP project manager for Henrico County Planning Department at 804-501-4989. Or, express comment to legislative reps, Richard W. Glover, Office – (804) 501-4208 Brookland District Supervisor and/or STATE reps John M. O’Bannon, III and Walter A. Stosch at their respective offices.


Sidebar: ‘Stand with’ Hoehns Lakeview Farms, enforcement of federal, state, local laws and regulation and constitutional rights. Link and share GoFundMe Hoehns Lakeview Farms, . Donations are sincerely appreciated.

Sylvia Hoehns Wright, a spokesperson for her community Hoehns Lakeview Farms, agrees with neighborhood assessment of this situation urging all to contact their legislative reps to ensure an eco-SAFE community for those who dwell as well as travel through this area.