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Pay special attention to Segment Three (scroll down), as the US DOES NOT ACCEPT Christian Refugees but opens the flood gates to Muslims from Somalia and other Muslim countries. Our country is being rapidly transformed due to immigration policy and political correctness which silences righteous indignation of cultural jihad on our country..


Segment One | Sharia

Today we want to weigh in on this notion of “No-Go Zones” in Europe. If you have been paying attention to the news you Know that after the Paris massacre the media was talking about these “No-Go Zones.” It has been commonly reported that in France they have over 700 these. I can personally testify, as some one who lived there for 29 years, how England is situated. They have established their Sharia courts and Muslim communities with their yellow stickers that say “Warning to the non-Muslims, you are entering into a Sharia controlled zone.” The discussion was about the number of Muslims in Europe and their taking over of whole communities. Fox News came out with and apology and a retraction, saying they made a mistake in saying that there were “No-Go Zones.”

Now that we have given some background I want to look and see if the “No-Go Zones” are fact or fiction. To answer this question we must first define what we are talking about. It is true that there is no official designation of “No-Go Zones” in Europe. This is a term, however, that is used to designate areas where the population has a Muslim majority and are controlled by Sharia either with real Sharia courts or de facto Sharia courts. They are zones where the Police are reluctant to go.

These areas are controlled by Muslim gangs and in England they even have “Sharia patrols” of Muslim men enforcing Sharia. There was a report the Birmingham, England was totally Muslim. This is one part of the story on “No-Go Zones” that is not true because census reports tell is that this city is 22% Muslim. Because of this one slip-up Fox News apologizes and says there is no evidence of these “No-Go Zones.” Once again the news media has made facts disappear.

The result of this refusal to stand by the obvious opens the door for people to say that those who do tell the truth are islamophobes. This assaults our credibility and that is why we want to address this issue.

The fact that one man overstated something does not justify over reacting in the other direction by Fox News. No one is immune from making mistakes, not even us. We have made mistakes in the past, and when we found out that what we had said was inaccurate, we corrected ourselves.

If Fox News had just apologized for the error concerning Birmingham there would be not problem. What they did was apologize for saying things that are supported by the facts like the “No-Go Zones. We have links on our Facebook page that debunk the idea that there are no “No-Go Zones” in Europe.

Soeren Kern, who lives in Spain, has an article with the same title as this newsletter, “No-Go Zones: Fact or Fiction” which explains the situation very well. If you really want the facts I suggest you read the whole article.

Soeren also discovered a report that was produced in France in October 2011. The report is more than 2,000 pages long detailing the suburbs in France that have been taken over by Sharia law and separated themselves from French civil law.

In light of the facts, don’t tell me this is an “urban myth.” It was a writer for Bloomberg BusinessWeek who made the statement that “No-Go Zones” were nothing more than an “urban myth.” As is typical of liberal writers, she ridiculed those who dare to disagree with her.

Below are the “show notes” or transcription of the audio from the broadcast, so forgive any typos/grammer irregularities, and we encourage to click on the “audio link” and listen.

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Segment Two : Cultural Jihhad – Muslims Commanded Not to Assimilate

Just two weeks ago I had lunch with a missionary friend who I worked with in England. His work is in Birmingham. Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and I lived near there when I was a missionary. This missionary had some Muslim children come to some of his children’s programs. The Muslim parents were OK with this until they had a visit from one of the imams who threatened them saying that what they had done to their car on the way in will happen to your family. On the way in they had poured acid all over the car.

In another incident two preachers were thrown out of a community for handing out tracts. The policeman who threw them out said that they could not hand out tracts on public streets there because it was a Muslim community.

This type of thing is starting to happen here in America. Christians have been arrested in Dearborn, MI for handing out Bible tracts.

The founder of CAIR, which is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, said that Muslims are to live in separate communities when the come to America. Here is what he said on July 4th, 1998:

Muslim institutions, schools, and economic power should be strengthened in America. Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting into it. If you choose to live here in America you have the responsibility to deliver the message of Islam. Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant and the Qur’an should be the highest authority in America.

In essence he is saying that they should not be integrated into American society. If you had any doubt as to the goals of Islam in America, this should make it clear to you.

To understand what is happening you must understand the two houses of Islam, the House of War (the house of the infidel) and the House of Islam. When you are in the house of war they are to live in a way that is different from the way they would live in the house of Islam. When they live in the house of war they are commanded not to integrate. Europe allowed for this to happen and is now paying the price for their lack of understanding.

Why are Muslims commanded not to integrate? Islam also has a concept of cultural jihad.

Muslims are commanded to emigrate into other countries and establish enclaves from which they can work to establish Islam as the highest authority in the land.

To establish these we see increased violence. Property values will start to decline and non-Muslims will start moving out. This is part of the strategy to spread Islam in the nation. Immigration is a part of the tactics of Islam for world domination.

Once Muslims have the majority control in enclaves the elect Muslim officials, they push for Sharia law, they push for halal in the schools, etc. We are seeing this happen and to deny this is to deny reality.

It is a reality that these “No-Go Zones” exist. They are not called by this name, but they do exist. Governments in Europe have given them autonomy. It is happening here in Dearborn, MI, Murfreesboro, TN, Marvell, IN, Minnesota, etc.

We are following what has happened in Europe and need to learn from them. For decades Muslims have been immigrating into the country. Muslims are having more children than non-Muslims. The average non-Muslims family has 1.6 children while the average Muslim family has about 5 in Europe. This is per wife for the Muslims and Muslims can have up to four wives.

Since the Muslim men can’t sustain this many children, who do you suppose pays the bill? It is the State (the non-Muslim tax payers) who pays. This means that we are paying for them to overthrow our way of life. This is in line with the statement by the Muslim Brotherhood:

We will destroy Western civilization bye their own miserable hand.

The Muslim world must be laughing at us because we are allowing them to do this. How can we be so foolish (stupid)?

Below are the “show notes” or transcription of the audio from the broadcast, so forgive any typos/grammer irregularities, and we encourage to click on the “audio link” and listen.
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Segment Three | Refugee Policy Opens the Flood Gates

We see this concept of immigration in action in our nation today. We have covered incidents across America where Muslims are trying to impose Sharia law principles upon us.

One of the newest tactics is to establish communities of refugees in America. There is a large Somali Muslim community south of Seattle and an Iraqi Muslim community north of Seattle. In Canada the largest number of immigrants and the largest number of refugees is Muslim. The Obama administration is talking about allowing 9,000 Syrian refugees into America this year. They estimate that 20,000 have come or will come from Iraq.

Some of our listeners will say we are a compassionate nation, shouldn’t we be welcoming these people who are being killed by ISIS? The answer is yes, if they are willing to integrate. But the bigger question is why are we not letting the Christian refugees come in?

Muslims are being killed, but it is the Christians who are being hunted down and massacred. There are organizations working with the Christian refugees in the Middle east who tell us that they have not been able to get one Christian refugee into America.

Of the thousands of Muslim refugees that will be allowed into this country this year, have they been checked out to insure that none of them are jihadis? Most of the Muslims refugees are coming saying they are victims of Islam. When they get here they build these Muslim (Islamic) enclaves and refusing to assimilate into our culture. It is difficult to understand how those who are leaving their home countries to escape Islamic persecution would then set up Islamic communities and start doing the very things they claim to have fled.

The pattern goes something like this. When one of them gets on his feet he will buy a house. Once he has the house another family will move in with them and together they will buy a business. They want to work for themselves because they don’t make good employees since they have to pray 5 times a day.

Once the business is successful the guest will move out and bring another relative over and start the process over again. This is a self-duplicating process that allows them to take over an area.

When I was growing up in England the Muslims had about 3 or 4 blocks near where I lived. Today I would estimate that they now control about 10 miles. You know they are their because they bring in their whole way of life. They will attempt to put an Islamic school and/or a mosque in these areas once they have the majority. It is almost like walking into a foreign country.

What happens to those who previously lived in those areas? Their property values drop because of the violence and intimidation by Muslims. They are forced to move somewhere else.

To see what is happening go on YouTube and search for Sharia patrols in Europe. They will intimidate non-Muslims and eventually drive them out of the area.

A group of Muslims in Idaho has been trying to buy some land for a cemetery for 3,000 people. There are only 2,000 Muslims in the area. Further research shows that they want to build an Islamic school and a mosque. This sounds a lot like trying to build an enclave to me.

The point we are trying to make is that the “No-Go Zones” are not a myth, they are a concept used by Islam to take over an area for Islam. They are commanded to come in and, through immigration, refugee status, and birth rate, take over an area. This is not accidental, it is cultural jihad in practice.

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Segment Four | Limit Muslim Immigration

I want you to know that we are not against immigrants. I lived 29 years of my life as an immigrant in Europe and Shahram came to America as and immigrant, a Muslim immigrant at that. There are two kinds of immigration that we are against.

The first is illegal immigration and the second is immigrants who come with an agenda to impose Islam upon us and don’t assimilate into our culture.

I want to change gears hear and talk about some other issues. The first thing I want to look at is an article by James A. Lyons, U.S. Navy retired Admiral, who was commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations. After reviewing the Obama administration’s policies in the Middle East he said:

What more does it take to show where lie the sympathies of the Obama Administration? The continued release of hardened terrorists from Gitmo says it all. With its many other scandals and its tragic open border policies, which are unconstitutional, Congress must act to preserve and protect the country by initiating impeachment proceedings.

I doubt that Congress will take General Lyons advice and initiate impeachment proceedings against President Obama. Lyons is not a nobody that can just be ignored or cast aside. This man is someone who knows what he is talking about. He has been involved at the highest level.

Europe is paying a heavy price for opening their borders and allowing refugees in and trying to create a multicultural society. They have made a huge mistake with Islam, both in their understanding and their purpose for emigrating. In Europe they made the mistake of not limiting Islamic immigration. Canada has done the same thing. Europe is now rethinking this and saying they maybe they should put limits on Islamic immigration.

In America we have our own problems. The first thing we need to do is to secure our borders. It is nonsense to think that the nation with the largest and best army in the world can’t secure its own borders. I believe it is intentional.

Secondly we must put limits on immigration, and particularly Islamic immigration.

We also must stop these mass refugee dumps. Nobody knows who these refugees are and it is happening by executive order. Communities are being forced to accept large numbers of these refugees who have not been properly vetted.

Finally I want to look at the Bergdahl prisoner exchange. This administration touted this as a great accomplishment at the time. Recent reports from military sources indicate that the Army is going to bring up Bergdahl on charges of desertion. It is strongly suggested that he deliberately deserted his post and the search for him cost at least 8 other soldiers their lives.

The White House has tried to stop this report from coming out. White House spokesmen have been denying that they have put any pressure on the military to limit them in any way. If the Obama administration is in any way trying to stop this prosecution they are committing a crime.

If Bergdahl is guilty he needs to be prosecuted. If he is found guilty it will be a major embarrassment to this administration because in the exchange they gave away 5 Taliban heroes, generals if you will.

These five prisoners were released to Qatar where they are to be under supervision. There is evidence that at least one of these prisoners has been in contact with the Taliban.

Just recently a prisoner from Gitmo who had been tried in our civil courts, with all the rights and privileges involved, was released early for good behavior. This seems to have been another prisoner exchange. There was a couple of Americans who were imprisoned in Qatar on trumped up charges. Qatar offered to release them in exchange for this man. The administration said there was to be no prisoner exchange in this case. However, the couple was released and shortly thereafter this terrorist was released. Something just doesn’t smell right.

Let me close by saying that the US is under God’s judgment. I can’t stress enough the need for repentance. God is chastising us because He loves us. Until America turns back to Jehovah God there is no hope for resolution of our problems.

We need to realize that the real battle is a spiritual battle. There is no solution outside of a spiritual one. Those who refuse to see the truth are contributing to the problem.