Notes for AFR show 11-01-2014, Listen to Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian at noon central time each Saturday on American Family Radio.

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Segment One

Today we want to look at the “lone wolf” attacks that we are seeing in North America. Why are they doing what they do? It is because of blessings they are promised when they become a Shahid. A Shahid is a person who dies as a martyr in the cause of Allah.

When we examine the recent attacks, two in Canada and one in New York, we see that these men were on a suicide mission, they wanted to die. When they got up the day of their attack, they expected it to be their last day on earth.

Persecution of Christians in America

Before we get into this I want to look at a blog post by Shahram that has gotten a lot of attention this week. The title of the post is “I’m Ready To God To Jail.” The post is based on what has happened in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. Donald and Evelyn Knapp are ordained Foursquare pastors in Coeur d’Alene. They politely declined to perform a same sex marriage ceremony at their wedding chapel, The Hitching Post. Their right of conscience and religious freedom did not matter to the city of Coeur d’Alene, who recently had passed an ordinance that penalizes any “discrimination” against sexual orientation. The Knapps now face a civil fine of $1000 per day AND a criminal penalty of 180 days in jail for EACH DAY that they refuse to perform the homosexual wedding. For every week that this continues, they face a $7000 fine and 3 1/2 YEARS in jail.

The reason Shahram wrote the blog post was to make a very important point. Are we, as Christians, ready to defend our faith, and if necessary, go to jail? Many people say that this will never happen in America because we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. Well, it is happening right now in America.

We have freedom today because our spiritual ancestors had the courage to stand for truth and righteousness, and to go to jail, or even death if necessary. Our pulpits have been silent too long. It is time for pastors and lay Christians alike to put away their fear of man and have a proper fear of God. It is time to stand up and be counted.

The problems in America, and the rest of the world, will not be solved from the top down. Electing godly leaders is important, but it all needs to start with “we, the people.” If we don’t get right with God nothing will change and the slide will continue.

There is much confusion in America as to what pastors and churches can do concerning political issues. We have been led to believe that we cannot speak out on political issues, but we can. Our Constitution guarantees us that right.

We have mentioned a survey that asked pastors if the Bible speaks to the political issues of the day. Ninety percent of them answered that it does but when asked if they preach about these issues only one out of ten said they did. When asked why they did not preach on these issues the major reason was fear of losing their tax exempt status.

Most evangelical Christians have bought the lie that religion and politics don’t mix. As a result most who identify themselves as evangelical Christians are not even registered to vote. Most of those who are registered don’t vote. If Christians would vote, and vote for righteousness instead of their pocketbook, we could turn this nation around. We could return America to what made it the great nation it is.

Here is what pastors can and cannot do. Pastors cannot promote a particular candidate on the church’s time or with the church’s money. He can do this on his own time and with his own money. Pastors can, on the church’s time and dime, present the candidates positions on issues if they do so for all of the candidates and without endorsing a given candidate. He can show those who have biblical values and those who do not.

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Segment Two

Notes for AFR show 11-01-2014, Listen to Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian at noon central time each Saturday on American Family Radio.      Download the audio MP3 Here.

The reason we see more and more things like what is happening in Coeur d’Alene and Houston is because those with an ungodly agenda are infiltrating our city councils and other government agencies. This is why elections like the one coming up on Tuesday are so important. These infiltrators are then getting ordinances passed like the one in Coeur d”Alene and Houston where Christian business people are being forced to violate their religious beliefs and accommodate the unbiblical practices of others.

Stories like this are going to increase. The progressives and humanists are not content to be able to practice their ungodly practices, they want to stop all opposition and force others to do things their way. Pastor’s and churches are becoming the main target of these ungodly people. It will only get worse if we don’t take a stand against it, even if it means going to jail.

True Christianity has always grown the most under persecution. In the first century persecution was everywhere and it was very intense. It spite of this the Gospel spread throughout the Roman Empire and beyond. We, at Fortress of Faith and the TIL Project, believe that God is sending persecution to separate the sheep from the goats.

You will notice, if you follow the news, that there is no effort to silence the voice of Islam. No one would dare because it might cost them their lives. If we don’t stand up against the political correctness that is rampant today we will soon find that the only religious voice allowed is Islam. If this is allowed to happen the secularist will soon find that they are the target of Islam. Christianity opposes homosexuality as sin, Islam kills homosexuals.

The Lone Wolf Attacks

ConvertedYouth The Seven Blessings of the Shahid

This brings us back to the main subject for today. We have been hearing appeals from groups like ISIS for Muslims in America to conduct “lone wolf” attacks to terrorize people in North America. Now I want to look at the motivation for these attacks. I want us to understand what they hope to gain by the attacks themselves, and their dying in the process.

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Segment Three

Notes for AFR show 11-01-2014, Listen to Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian at noon central time each Saturday on American Family Radio.      Download the audio MP3 Here.

In the last couple of months we have seen a number of attacks by recent converts to Islam. There was one in Moore, OK, two in Canada, and one in New York. Why are we seeing this?

Remember, Shahram is a former Muslim. He was taught the things we are going talk about now. He even had family members who followed these teachings to their end.

When a Muslim asks how he can be sure he will go to Heaven, the answer always goes something like this: Allah is fair, but if you want to know for sure you must become a Shahid. The Shahid is a martyr who dies in the cause of Allah. Muslims are taught that if they are killed in jihad for the cause of Allah they will receive seven blessings from Allah.

Some people think that this is just a few radicals distorting peaceful Islam. It is not, it is the fundamental teaching of Islam. The fundamentals are the basics that make something what it is. For example, the fundamentals of Christianity are that God created man and man chose to sin and disobey God. This obligated a holy God to condemn mankind to eternal punishment. However, God’s love for mankind caused Him to offer His Son to die in our stead so that He would not have to punish us. All those who will receive this receive forgives and become part of God’s family.

The fundamentals of Islam state that the only way to be assured of Paradise is to die as a shahid for Allah. Jihad against all unbelievers is the fundamental way of Islam. This is not just a few radicals, this is Islam. The highest goal of Islam is death, not life.

The Hadith are part of the Islamic scriptures. Listen to this passage from the Hadith:

The shahid has seven blessings from Allah

  1.    He is forgiven from the moment his blood is first shed.
  2.    He will be shown his place in Paradise.
  3.    He will be spared the trial of the grave.
  4.    He will be secure on the day of the greatest terror, the day of judgment.
  5.    There will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, one ruby of which is better than this world and all that is in it.
  6.    He will be married to seventy-two virgins and he will be able to ravage them through all eternity.
  7.    He will be permitted to intercede for seventy of his relatives.

Not only does his dying as a shahid guarantee his entry into Paradise, it also allows him to intercede for seventy of his relatives. This is a pretty powerful motivation for dying as a martyr.

This teaching is not a radical idea within Islam. In talking to Muslims we have learned that this is a basic, or fundamental, part of Islam.

You can’t study Islam without coming across the writings of Ibn Kathir. He is like the Matthew Henry of the Islamic commentators. He accepts both this passage and the practices related to it as a fundamental part of Islam. This is not something thought up by a few radicals based upon obscure passages.

Muhammad was not only inventing a religion, he was building an empire. He used the “revelations” he received to motivate young men to join him and fight for the advancement of his goals. His “revelations” conveniently came at those times he needed them to motivate his men to fight. As I have said before, Muhammad used Allah like a sock puppet.

Let’s tie these teachings to these lone wolf attacks. Both of the men who committed these attacks in Canada had tried to go to Syria to join the fight. The Canadian government withheld their visas and passports stopping them from going. What is interesting is that the Canadian government was watching them, but they were not watching them close enough to stop the attacks. Why? In America we know why. It is because the Justice Department has told the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that they can’t consider their Islamic ties and take action to stop this kind of thing.

Since they were prevented from going to Syria, they decided to carry out their jihad in Canada. The call from the Islamic groups like ISIS is that if you can’t join them in the Middle East, then carry out your jihad where you are.

We can see the mentality of these men by the actions of the one who ran over the two soldiers. The police chased him and he ran his car into a ditch. Instead of running from the police, he grabbed a dagger and charged the police knowing full well he would be killed.

The goal of these lone wolf jihadists is to die as a shahid. If they don’t die in the committing of these attacks they don’t get the seven blessings. The man who shot the soldier at the War Memorial in Canada and ran into the Parliament building knew that he would die because there were too many armed police for him to overcome. The hatchet killer in New York knew that he would die because he knew he could not kill all four of the policemen before they could shoot him. All of these attacks were suicide attack sith the goal of of dying as a shahid.

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Segment Four

Notes for AFR show 11-01-2014, Listen to Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian at noon central time each Saturday on American Family Radio.      Download the audio MP3 Here.

These attackers seem to be responding to the call from the Islamic groups to target the police and the military. They have even gone so far as to call for attacks against the families of soldiers.

They are told to use whatever weapon they can find. In the videos used to recruit these lone wolf jihadists they even said, if you don’t have a weapon use your car. The man who ran over the two soldiers was just following the instructions he received.

In America there are many who want to take guns away from the citizens. May I point out that only one of the recent lone wolf attackers used a gun. One used a knife, one used a hatchet, and one used a car. If someone is intent on killing he will use any weapon he can find, and yes, a car can be a weapon. In Moore, OK, in New York, and in the Canadian Parliament building it is a good thing that someone had a gun or more people would have been killed.

ISIS is stealing the limelight from other jihadist groups. The other groups don’t want to be sidelined. There is competition between them. Other groups have agents in America, Hezbollah probably having the most. Don’t be surprised if you see them trying to do something that will take the limelight away from ISIS. I don’t know why we haven’t heard from them yet. It may be that they are planning something larger than the lone wolf attacks so they can become the dominant force in Islam.

The biggest problem here in America is that our government is so pro-Islam that they will not even admit that Islam is a problem, let alone the problem. We have a government that will not even admit that the attack in Moore, OK was and Islamic attack.

Our government has purged any mention of Islam from the material used to teach those who are supposed to protect us. It will not let law enforcement consider anyone’s Islamic ties in their investigations. How can we be safe from these attacks from the jihadists if we won’t admit the true problem?

We must wake up to what is happening. The freedoms we have in America came from the preaching in the pulpits of American churches. It will take something similar to turn things around. In stead of our churches and our Christians getting involved we see more and more apathy. Christians don’t even bother to vote. We believe that Islam is a judgment from God because we, both as a nation and as individuals, have turned our back on Him.

You can learn much more about this by reading the articles on this website. I also invite you to go to Shahram’s website where you will also find much valuable information. His website is

We must be informed and we must take a stand.