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Tom Wallace and Shahran Hadian | Fortress of Faith

Show notes below from the radio program which can be heard here or you can download and listen.

Today we are going to be exposing some things in the political scene that should be of great concern to us. We are not only seeing things from the extreme left, the Fascists, but we are seeing an unholy alliance with Muslim Brotherhood groups aligning with the extreme left.

I want to thank Shahram for the work he has done in compiling a lot of this material. We don’t want you to just take our word for what we say, we document it so you can check things out for yourselves. You have the responsibility to be diligent in your own studies to see if what we are telling you is true.

As you probably know, Donald Trump had an event in Chicago that was canceled because of protesters.  We know these  protesters were tied to Black Lives Matter, an extremist Fascist group, and Move On Dot Org, the same group for which President Obama was a community organizer with before he ran for office.

One of the protesters, who was arrested at a later Trump event in Ohio, was tied to the Black Lives Matter. Some information came out in a conference by two of the major Muslim groups in America, the Muslim American Society (MAS), which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). In late December they met for their yearly conference in Chicago. There were prominent Muslim Brotherhood speakers, including Nihad Awad, National Director for Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Another speaker at the same conference was Khalilah Sabra, Executive Director and Project Developer for MAS. She actually works with the Justice Department and Homeland Security on immigration issues, particularly dealing with Muslims. We are talking about the Who’s Who of the Muslim Brotherhood.

These are show notes below from the radio program which can be heard here or you can download and listen.

Khalilah Sabra’s mentor was non other than the man who was a mentor of Osama Benladen. This should tell you a lot about who spoke at this conference and who has access to the Justice Department and Homeland Security.  We also believe she has connections with the White House.

We have been saying that we believe the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining steam. They believe that they are getting closer to gaining the upper hand in our country. We have said that we have been waiting for the language to change in their rhetoric because we know from observing what has happened in Europe that the language will change when they think they have enough influence to do so. The language that says, “We are just here to coexist and be peaceful and tolerant. We just want to make sure that nobody gets offended” changes to more aggressive language.

A lot of things involved in what is going on have links to Chicago. The first riot in this political season wast there; the conference we are looking at took place there; CAIR’s headquarters was there until Obama became President, after which it was move to Washington, DC, just two blocks from the White House.

Nihad Awad, National Director for CAIR said:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal with any religion, but to become dominant.”

They are not looking for equality and equal freedom. They are looking for the opportunity to seditiously destroy and dismantle the American way of life and our freedoms so they can establish Sharia law and Islam as the dominant religion in America and the rest of the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood memorandum found by the FBI has a list of cooperating organizations. Here is the list:


This same memorandum, on page 7, gives us the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood:

“The Ikhwan (brothers) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet.”

There is no doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its children want to destroy America. In light of this let’s look at what was said at this conference. Thousands of Muslims attended this meeting as you can see by watching the video. They are preparing for the 2016 elections and are being told what they, as Muslims, need to do.

At this conference Nihad Awad said:

“You can change the reality of our time. This is the time for American Muslims to be at the front and not to retreat. In 2016 minorities will play a major role, African-Americans, Latinos. We have to help those people in their causes, because their causes are our causes. Black Lives Matter is our matter. Black Lives Matter is our campaign.”

This directly ties the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR with the Black Lives Matter movement. We have seen Black Lives Matter riot, destroy police cars, buildings, and so forth. These are the terrorists, the fascists, the ones who want to see a revolution in America. Now we see CAIR saying “their cause is our cause.”

This is a major shift in the strategy of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The shift is not so much what they are doing, it is that they are now speaking about it  publicly.

In Islam, having the upper hand is very important. If you follow Fortress of Faith, you know that Islam operates in two houses, the house of Islam and the house of war. They work to move society from the lower house, the house of war, to the house of Islam. They believe that 5 to 8% of the population and control in the government, media, schools, etc. is enough to move to the upper house.

Europe is a perfect example. Muslims believe they have moved it from the house of war to the house of Islam. This has changed their rhetoric, and they now state their real goals. You now hear them say they are going to take over and implement the Sharia. Now that we hear this kind of rhetoric in public we know that they think they are close to moving America also.

We have seen the race bating by our government in the incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore. It hasn’t quite worked. We believe the next wave will be Muslim bating. The two have just joined forces. We have known that they have been working together for some time, but now it is public.

The first speaker at this conference said that a million Muslims need to be registered to vote. They are calling on American Muslims to turn their mosques voter registration sites. I have no problem with that, I encourage churches to do the same thing. We must be careful, because if we do this it must be nonpartisan. The Muslim leaders are not nonpartisan, they are telling their people not to vote for Republicans.

I am not trying to endorse Trump or anyone else, but what Trump is saying is that we need a moratorium on Muslims coming into our country until we make sure that we can properly vet them. Obama has tied the hands of those responsible for screening immigrants in order to keep them from investigating Muslims to see if they are terrorists. Obama is being irrational in his handling of this and we need to bring reality into the equation.

It seems to me that having a moratorium until we get our vetting system working is a reasonable thing to do. We can allow Muslims to come to America if they pass a thorough a real security check.

We know that the Islamic centers are centers for the work of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are waging “civilization jihad.” This includes things like influencing elections, politicians and the government. It also includes supporting literal jihad.

Khalilah Sabra said that they have seen revolution in Europe, and they want to see it here also. They are no longer hiding their objectives. We have been telling you that revolution and the overthrow of our way of life is the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, and now we are seeing this admitted by their own people in public meetings. One of the reasons Obama has tied the hands of our security people is that he doesn’t want the Muslim Brotherhood exposed as a terrorist organization. Other nations, including Muslim nations like Egypt, have labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but the Obama administration will not do so.

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This conference was preparing Muslim Americans for the 2016 elections and telling them that a million Muslims must be registered to vote in this election. You know that their instructions will tell them not to vote for a Republican. They want them to vote Democrat because the Democrats are pandering to this group. Muslims are being told to join with the radical groups like Black Lives Matter, Move On Dot Org, and so forth.

According to the Obama administration, The Muslim Brotherhood is a nonviolent secular group. We must remember the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Allah is our objective, the Qur’an is our law, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

This is consistent with Islamic teachings and the actions and teachings of Muhammad. It doesn’t sound too conciliatory to me. It doesn’t sound to me that they want to coexist with others. They are willing to die for this creed because they believe it will get them into Paradise if they do so.

The Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to Al Qaeda. It gave birth to Hamas, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. It also is responsible for the formation of ISIS through Al Nisra. The groups sponsoring the conference in Chicago are daughters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The most important part is what  Khalilah Sabra said at this conference.

“We are prepared to unite for struggle, for blacks, for Hispanics, for Muslim. If we are not prepared to wage this struggle, we will fail, but first we need to make a conscious admission to ourselves that black lives matter.”

She is saying that for the Muslim agenda to succeed they need to tie themselves to Black Lives Matter. What is their agenda? Revolution!

She goes on to say something that should concern us even more.

“That we are a community that staged a revolution across the world. If we can do that, why can’t we have that in America?”

She is talking about the Muslim community.

What are some of the revolutions Muslims have staged around the world. There was a violent overthrow of the government in Egypt. We have seen this in Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Iran in 1979. Every revolution by Muslims has been a violent revolution.

It looks like the same thing is starting to happen in Turkey. Turkey is now following the path of the Islamists.

In the video of this conference she said:

“We are seeing religious racism.”

We must ask ourselves, What is that? I thought racism was when you were against someone’s skin color, not their religion.

The unholy alliance is when we join those who are discriminated against because of their race with those who claim religious discrimination. They are saying that religion, something we choose, is equal to skin color, which we cannot choose.

She said that as we see blacks killed in the streets, we will soon see Muslims killed in the streets for no reason other than the fact that they are Muslims. Where are we seeing Muslims attacked in America? It is the opposite. We are seeing Christians attacked, prosecuted, and persecuted because they are Christians. They have joined the mantra of the liberal fascist left.

Khalilah Sabra is calling for revolution. She may say that she doesn’t mean violent revolution, but that is the kind of revolution we see with Muslims. This is the kind of revolution Black Lives Matters wants. We know that violence is involved because they are rioting, burning buildings, and so forth.

It is really sad that when they do these things nothing happens to them. Remember Baltimore? Remember, the mayor of Baltimore said we need to give them space to act out their violence.

We are seeing some interesting things unfold on the political scene. There has been a lot of push-back and debate, over Donald Trump and his rhetoric. The race for the Republican nomination could have certainly been cleaner. Campaigns can get ugly, but we are talking about something of a completely different scale. We are talking about an effort to bring about a violent revolution in the streets of America. They will try to bate us and to make it look like they are the victims.

We mentioned Israel and Hamas, so lets take look at them. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. Recently they shot more rockets into Israel. They are trying to start the conflict again, just like they did last summer. Last year they shot thousands of rockets into Israel. They don’t care who the kill, women and children are fair game to them. It is not like they were targeting military targets, they target civilians. When Israel returns fire, which they have every right to do, Israel is portrayed as the bad guy.

Even though Hamas started the fight, it is portrayed as the victim. This is the same tactic we are starting to see here in America. In 2014, during a conflict between Hamas and Israel, CAIR hosted pro-Hamas rallies. These were supposedly “spontaneous rallies.” If they saw a rally supporting Israel there would all of the sudden me as “spontaneous” rally in support of Hamas. We have shown you video of them shouting “we are Hamas, we are jihad.” This isn’t peaceful rhetoric, this isn’t about getting along.

It is amazing that the type of rhetoric that CAIR uses against you and me, is the same that they condemn in others. The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, said that she would prosecute this kind of rhetoric if it was against Islam. When Obama spoke at the mosque in Baltimore he said there is no room in America for rhetoric that is against Islam. They are laying the groundwork to criminally prosecute anyone who dares to question the official narrative.

The Muslim Brotherhood is openly aligning itself with these left wing groups. Thirty or Forty years ago they would have been kicked out of America for sedition. They are calling for the overthrow of our government. Those of us who are on the side of America and on the side of biblical principle are being labeled extremists.

As Christians and Christian leaders, we ought to be condemning the narrative of Black Lives Matter. We ought to be shouting loud and clear that all lives matter. God has created us all equal in His eyes and ALL lives matter. These groups are the real racists. It is our responsibility to speak out against all unrighteousness in this world. Because Obama is black, we are often accused of being racists, but we don’t care what color his skin is, he is working to destroy our nation, and we need to speak out against it.

The alliance we are now publicly seeing is unholy and unrighteous. It is very troubling and we, as Christians, need to stand against it. We need to come together at the corner of truth and courage to stand up for what is right. The Bible says:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Our country is becoming polarized. We are seeing more and more wickedness in high places in our country. This is why we are told to put on the whole armor of God.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Ephesians 6:11-13)

In Galatians 5 we are told:

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1)

I am calling upon you to stand against the wickedness of this world. Our problem is that we have not stood. We have allowed the political correctness of our day cause us to cower instead of being the salt and light God has called us to be. We must stop saying someone else should do something, we must start doing what is right ourselves.

Being a part of this ministry is one way to take a stand. Supporting this ministry, listening, being informed, and taking action is necessary if we want to win the battle to take our country back. While this helps, we must do more. If pastors continue to be cowards in the pulpit, and Christians in the pew continue to be cowards, all is lost. We must remember that this is a spiritual battle and the only way to win is to use the spiritual weapons that God has provided for us. The Christians in the pew must lovingly and respectfully tell their pastor that they have their back and they have to stand for the truths of God’s Word, even when it is not politically correct to do so.

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Let me close out by saying, as I so often do, don’t blame Muslims for Islam. They are the first victims of Islam and we need to rescue them from this horrible ideology. Islam is the problem.

We don’t hate Muslims, we love them. They need the Lord just as everyone else. We need to work to help evangelize them. Pray that God would bring a Muslim into your life, and that you would be instrumental in bringing him to Christ.

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