February 22, 2009

 Freedom of Speech: Wilders, Orwell, and the “Koran Ban”
Geert Wilders is opposed to all hate speech laws, as he stated explicitly on February 19, 2009 in Rome, and previously, here: “Everything should be possible except to issue calls for violence.” . (Andrew Boston’s Blog)  . .

Iran “considers” offer of US talks
Iran is considering holding face-to-face talks with Washington but first needs to see a concrete shift in US policy, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki says.

“We are considering this offer. It would be good if the Americans’ policy changed not only in words but in deeds,” Mottaki said during a visit to neighbouring Azerbaijan on Thursday.

“We need to wait to see differences in (US President) Barack Obama’s policy compared to that of George Bush. If the United States makes steps towards Iran, counter-steps will be made by Iran as well,” he told journalists in comments translated into Azerbaijani.

Asked what changes Iran was looking for, Mottaki replied: “They know well.”

Yup, Prez BHO certainly does: Suck up.—DOB 

Clinton seeks to improve US image with Muslims
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged a new American openness to ideas from abroad, especially the Muslim world, during a visit Wednesday to Indonesia.

Clinton smiled and swayed to the music.

“I bring greetings from President Obama, who has himself said and written about the importance of his time here as a young boy,” Clinton said. “It gave him an insight into not only this diverse and vibrant culture, but also the capacity for people with different backgrounds to live harmoniously together.”

Wirajuda agreed, saying, “We have proven here democracy, Islam, and modernity can go hand in hand.”

Clinton might ask Wirajuda to prove that with some facts and examples—DOB

Pakistan’s enemy within
“If the granting of Shariah really does buy peace, law, and order in Swat, it could be worthwhile. If not, Pakistan will have to prepare its army and police to protect the country from a vicious enemy within.”. . .

Ah, “prepare” as opposed to “keep harboring,” he means?—DOB 

Palestinians NOT immigrating to USA

Obama didn’t OK Palestinian migration to U.S.Reports wrongly claim president allowing Gazans to flood America

Contrary to some news media reports, President Obama did not authorize Palestinian “refugees” to migrate to the U.S. as part of emergency assistance following Israel’s 22-day war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Michael Hammer, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, confirmed to WND Obama did not authorize the migration of any Palestinians to the U.S. A State Department spokesman provided the same comment.. . .

[You have to look really hard in this article to find this info! Thanks to Robert Spencer for his eagle eyes.—DOB]
Imams lose complaint: The U.S. Department of Transportation said an airline didn’t discriminate against six imams when it removed them from a flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in 2006.

The department’s assistant general counsel, Samuel Podberesky, informed the Council on American-Islamic Relations of the department’s conclusion in a Jan. 14 letter. . . .

Wow, would it be great or what if the media splashed this everywhere like they did when CAIR was flinging around its threats against the airlines?—DOB

The Bay Area Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America will launch a bus ad campaign in San Francisco on today to encourage people to break stereotypes about Muslims
People can expect to see the hot line (877) WHY-ISLAM and the Web site http://www.whyislam.org on the sides of more than 140 buses because the ICNA wants to make a point.

“This is our complaint: We want to give the right picture of Islam. It is not about terrorism. It is about peace,” ICNA representative Mariam Chan said.

Imagine what my complaint is. There is never a word one can trust out of any Muslim mouth.—DOB

Sharia Law: Tearing the West in Two
Video of Nonnie Darwish w/Pat Robertson

Sharia, or Islamic law, is gradually working its way into public life in Islamic and non-Islamic nations around the world.

What is it and what does sharia mean for Christians and others forced to abide by it?

If Your Wife Gives You Any Smack, Then . . . Cut Her Head Off? What The . . . ?
Town Hall Blog
This is the first you’ve heard of the 2/12/2009 beheading in Buffalo in which a Muslim TV exec chopped his wife’s noggin off in one of their office suites? Oh, I’m sorry. I assumed that you’d already heard about it-but then I just recalled that ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR haven’t said a word about it since it happened. Oops. My bad.

Pardon me for a sec. I’d like to go back and address the insane silence of the MSM regarding this BS Muslim-based beheading by a “moderate Muslim” concerned about his religion’s public branding.

Here’re a few questions: Why no reportage, Katie? Williams, don’t you wanna inform us cattle about this incident? Whoopi, where are you, girl? Lauer, are you listening? Are you guys checking your inboxes? Is this not newsworthy? Has political correctness got you by your short and curlies? What a bunch of wussies . . . .

The Normalization Of Murder, Genocide, and Terrorism
Perhaps the most serious and most dangerous problem we face is the normalization of evil. That’s the title of an essay published on Feb. 3, 2009 in the Wall Street Journal by Judea Pearl, father of Daniel Pearl, the 38-year-old Wall Street Journal reporter who was beheaded by Islamofascist terrorists in Pakistan.The title of the article, “The Normalization of Terror,” and its theme carry a devastating message, showing how the mainstream media, many of our leading universities, and people like Jimmy Carter and Bill Moyers have succeeded in transforming the most despicable, immoral, genocidal degenerates into a respectable category – freedom fighters, part of a resistance movement – even though they are using the most illegitimate, immoral, and illegal ends to achieve their political goals. . . .

Suspect ‘almost in shock’ over wife’s beheading
Under arrest in his wife’s brutal death, Muzzammil Hassan is “almost in shock,” his attorney said Wednesday following a court appearance in Orchard Park.

“He’s having difficulty coping with this,” attorney James Harrington said. . . .

HE’s ‘almost in shock’? Imagine how SHE feels!—DOB

From Islamabad to Bradford: Degrees of accommodation
By Mark Steyn

‘It is hard to understand this deal,” said Richard Holbrooke, President Obama’s special envoy. And, if the special envoy of the so-called smartest and most impressive administration in living memory can’t understand it, what chance do the rest of us have?

Nevertheless, let’s try. In the Swat Valley, where a young Winston Churchill once served with the Malakand Field Force battling Muslim insurgents, his successors have concluded the game isn’t worth the candle. In return for a temporary ceasefire, the Pakistani government agreed to let the local franchise of the Taliban impose its industrial strength version of sharia across the whole of Malakand Region. If “region” sounds a bit of an imprecise term, Malakand has over five million people, all of whom are now living under a murderous theocracy. Still, peace rallies have broken out all over the Swat Valley, and, at a Swat peace rally, it helps to stand well back: As one headline put it, “Journalist Killed While Covering Peace Rally.” . . .

Win the “Trust” of People Who Hate Us? What?
Having routed the Taliban, liberated millions, midwived a (Sharia-supreme) constitution, assisted in elections, propped up a government and routed the Taliban some more, all the United States needs now to win victory in Afghanistan is to win the “trust” of the Afghan people.

The president’s top military adviser explained the policy this way: “We have learned, after seven years of war, that trust is the coin of the realm — that building it takes time, losing it take mere seconds, and maintaining it may be our most important and most difficult objective.”

Sorry, admiral, but if that is what we have “learned” in a war that has claimed more than 600 American lives, wounded and maimed thousands more, and cost billions of pre-bailout dollars, we are practically done for. . . .

Calif. Man Charged With Al Qaeda Links
Afghan Man Lied About Ties To Several Terror Groups While Gaining U.S. Citizenship, Indictment Says

Federal agents arrested a naturalized U.S. citizen from Afghanistan on Friday after he allegedly lied about ties to terrorist groups on citizenship and passport papers, authorities said. FBI, immigration and local law enforcement agents from an anti-terrorism task force arrested Ahmadullah Sais Niazi, 34, at his home in Tustin, California, on Friday morning, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. He faces charges of perjury, naturalization fraud, procuring a passport by fraud and making a false statement. . . .

UK court: Radical preacher can be deported from UK
An extremist Muslim preacher once called a key operative for Osama bin Laden in Europe can be deported to Jordan despite fears he could face torture there, [wow. they’d rather concern themselves with a terrorist than the state of unrest they have in Britain today?—DOB] Britain’s highest court ruled on Wednesday.

Abu Qatada, a Palestinian-Jordanian, arrived in Britain in 1993. He and his family were given residency rights in Britain but in 2002 he was jailed and held for three years after British authorities accused him of advising militants and raising money for terror attacks. In 2005, he was released but re-arrested pending his deportation to Jordan where, in his absence, he had been sentenced to life for conspiracy to commit terrorist activities.

Anti-terror code ‘would alienate most Muslims’
According to a draft of the strategy, “Contest 2,” as it is known in Whitehall, people would be considered as extremists if:

  • They advocate a caliphate, a pan-Islamic state encompassing many countries.
  • They promote Sharia law.

  • They believe in jihad, or armed resistance, anywhere in the world. This would include armed resistance by Palestinians against the Israeli military.

  • They argue that Islam bans homosexuality and that it is a sin against Allah.

  • They fail to condemn the killing of British soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Contest 2 would widen the definition of extremists to those who hold views that clash with what the government defines as shared British values. Those who advocate the wider definition say hardline Islamist interpretation of the Qur’an leads to views that are the root cause of the terrorism threat Britain faces. But opponents say the strategy would brand the vast majority of British Muslims as extremists and alienate them even further. . . .

Probably be easier to find the ones who don’t do any of the above.—DOB

And they have ordered their dealers to sell it only to non-Muslims.The ruthless racket is a two-pronged attack which peddles death and misery with heroin while netting massive sums to pay for future terror attacks . . .

Yet, they concern themselves with a terrorist’s fate if they deport him.—DOB

Netanyahu, Once Hawkish, Now Touts Pragmatism
To many [people] here, it is increasingly likely that Mr. Netanyahu’s government will consist exclusively of parties from the right, which oppose a Palestinian state and favor expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank, making it much harder for him to exercise his pragmatic penchant. . . .
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