Dorrie’s Picks, 2/23/09

IFPS and Geert Wilders Call for an International First Amendment
On Friday, February 27, 2009, Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders, founder and floor leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), and the International Free Press Society (IFPS), in conjunction with the Center for Security Policy, will discuss recent attacks on free speech worldwide, especially the recent legal actions against Wilders and other political leaders and journalists.

The International Free Press Society will announce a global initiative to protect free speech from laws that criminalize any criticisms of Islam or the doctrines of Shariah. . .,7340,L-3676504,00.html
US lawmaker hosts screening of Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam film
US Republican Sen. Jon Kyl is hosting a film screening at the Capitol building on Thursday for Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker whose film claims that Islam inspires terrorism.

Kyl agreed to facilitate the event because “all too often, people who have the courage to point out the dangers of militant Islamists find themselves vilified and endangered,” said spokesman Ryan Patmintra. (AP).

And that’s it, folks. That’s all there is to this story.—DOB
GOLDBERG: Journalists – and politicians – live in fear of some groups
Just look at Britain. It is currently harboring a gaggle of non-British Muslim preachers who call for, among other things, the slaughter of Jews and the imposition of Sharia law in Britain. These people are accepted, sometimes even given welfare benefits, in the name of pluralism, multiculturalism, and tolerance.

But when Geert Wilders, a documentary maker and member of the Dutch parliament, was invited by British members of Parliament to screen his documentary critical of the Quran in London, the government said, in effect: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! We can’t tolerate that.” Wilders has been barred from the country because his ideas “threaten community harmony.” . . .
Clinton’s candor abroad draws mixed reviews
. . .“I don’t think it should be viewed as particularly extraordinary that someone in my position would say what’s obvious.”

I think it would be extraordinary if she actually said something obvious, like: “Get back, Jack!” to the Saudis.—DOB
UK police preparing to face a “summer of rage”
British police are preparing to face a “summer of rage” in the UK as people join protests over the economic downturn, a senior Metropolitan Police officer said Monday.

“Known activists” were likely to foment unrest, with the recession creating more “footsoldiers” to join them, Superintendent David Hartshorn told The Guardian newspaper today.

The G20 meeting of leading and developing nations in London in April is expected to be a focus of protests.

How do rage-filled protests help fix the economy, I wonder? And who do you suppose will be leading these protests? Members of the First Anglican Church, maybe?—DOB
Ahmadinejad Vs. Netanyahu
Middle East: The global stage is set for a confrontation reminiscent of Churchill vs. Hitler and Reagan vs. Gorbachev. How long will Benjamin Netanyahu tolerate an Iranian nuclear threat before acting? . . .

Note that this article comes from Muslims Against Sharia. Cool.—DOB
It’s tough to be the straight man against Bill Maher, but Brigitte Gabriel (ACT! for America) gave it a good try in this appearance on his show.
A history of abuse preceded Orchard Park beheading
“I think of Aasiya as a martyr,” said Faizan Haq, a local professor who helped launch Bridges TV, the station in Orchard Park that the Hassans started in 2004. “She has given [?] her life to protect the image of American Muslims. And as an American Muslim community, we owe it to her not to let this happen again.”

Is this guy just weird or what? She has “given her life”? Mr. Haq, I don’t think she had any choice in the matter.—DOB
Afghan Court Upholds Sentences in Quran Trial
Afghan appeals court upholds 20-year sentences for publishers of translated QuranAn appeals court in Afghanistan upheld 20-year prison sentences for two men who published a translation of the Quran that drove religious leaders to call for their execution.

The panel ruled Sunday that the men were guilty of modifying the Quran – a crime punishable by death. However, the three-judge panel reiterated a lower court ruling giving the men 20 years each.

And we worry that waterboarding gives us a bad image to the rest of the world. With these people as the standard bearers, why do we worry about our image?—DOB
FBI Director Warns of Terror Attacks on U.S. Cities
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III today warned that [Islamic!] extremists “with large agendas and little money can use rudimentary weapons” to sow terror, raising the specter that recent attacks in Mumbai that killed 170 people last year could embolden terrorists seeking to attack U.S. cities.

At a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, Mueller said that the bureau is expanding its focus beyond al-Qaeda and into splinter groups, [Islamic!] radicals who try to enter the country through the visa waiver program and “home-grown terrorists.”. . .

One particular concern, the FBI director said, springs from the country’s background as a “nation of immigrants.” Federal officials worry about pockets of possible [Muslim!] radicals among melting-pot communities in the United States such as Seattle, San Diego, Miami or New York.

“The prospect of young men, indoctrinated and radicalized in their own [American!] communities . . . is a perversion of the immigrant story,” Mueller said. . . .

Yes, it is. Now, if he’d just start naming these groups and monitoring the mosques, we might just have a chance at stopping that indoctrination.—DOB