Kurdish forces captured an American Muslim citizen who had been fighting for ISIS in Syria. He had been fighting for ISIS for two months.

Kurdish TV showed him being paraded in front of the camera while being interrogated by a Peshmerga commander.

‘That’s him. I cannot believe it,’ [his uncle] Kamal Khweis said. ‘He doesn’t even speak Arabic. ISIS? I cannot believe this.’

Khweis was shocked to hear that his nephew had gotten mixed up in ISIS, saying there was nothing in his lifestyle to suggest he would join the extremist group.

‘He’s a quiet guy… a nice guy,’ he said. ‘He had a car, he had a job. His parents gave him everything. No one knows what to think. His mother is crying.’

So why beat up reporters?

Sounds just like the dishonest San Bernardino family members who should are now (finally) under investigation. The family is usually just as “devout” as their killer family members (while feigning ignorance of course — that’s taqiyya).


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“Muslim Relatives of ISIS Member in Virginia Attack Reporters,” By Daniel Greenfield, FPM, March 15, 2016:

Mohamed Jamal Khweis, a Palestinian Muslim settler formerly living in Virginia, was caught by Kurdish forces. Khewis was fighting with ISIS. He claimed to have run away. There’s no way to know what his real agenda was or is.

Khewis’ family however claims that he’s a wonderful person who can in no way be with ISIS… when they’re not violently assaulting reporters.