The First Amendment Center, the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted leftists at the Interfaith Alliance have produced a polished piece of apologist propaganda for Islam. It has been getting a lot media play, because it says all the things the public would like to believe about Islam. It is a textbook summary of arguments made by Islam’s apologists and serves as a teaching example of how to refute this propaganda using the scientific method.

rightsidenews_01The theme of this propaganda brochure is that “truth” about Islam is all about opinions. But, the truth of Islamic ideology is found in the Koran, Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and the Hadith (his Traditions). Mohammed’s acts and words are the perfect model of actions (Sunna) for all Muslims.

The grand lie of this propaganda comes from confusing cause and effect about Islam and Muslims. Islam is a concrete doctrine that produces Muslims. This brochure, What is the Truth about American Muslims, argues that we may learn about Islam from Muslims. The beauty of this approach is that you can choose the Islam you want by choosing the right Muslim. Although Islam can be precisely defined, Muslims are all over the map. There is one Islam, but 1.5 billion Muslims and whatever answer you want about Islam, you can find a Muslim who will tell you what you to hear. And that is what this piece is about—finding the Muslims who will tell you what you want to hear.

Here is the truth about Muslims. They will not tell you the whole truth, but only a half truth. Islam is inherently dualistic and holds two opposing truths at the same time. There are two Korans, an early Koran written in Mecca and a later Koran written in Medina. There is no jihad in the early Meccan Koran, but the later Medinan Koran is filled with jihad. So which is the real Islam? Both peace and war are true Islam. A Muslim will only talk about the half he needs. But, there is one Muslim who will tell you the complete truth—Mohammed. Needless to say, this propaganda does not consult him.

Knowing all of this, the following quotes are taken from the brochure, What Is the Truth about American Muslims?

“This resource has been endorsed by 21 diverse religious, secular, interfaith and civil rights organizations…”

Immediately we that learn the authority of this document is based on 21 groups of diverse people. Sounds good? Maybe. But the brochure is supposed to give us the “Truth about American Muslims”. If we are talking about Muslims, then there is no organization that matters. When we talk about Muslims, there is one way to find out the truth about Muslims–Islam. The only place to find the truth about Islam is in the Koran, Sira and Hadith—the Trilogy—Mohammed and Allah.

Think about it. Who cares what some theology graduate of divinity school says about Islam? If he agrees with Allah and Mohammed, then he is redundant. If he disagrees with Mohammed or Allah, then he is wrong. All the organizational “expert” brings is either redundancy or error. Skip the diverse, secular, interfaith and civil rights bureaucracies, and go to the factual basis of Islam—Koran, Sira and Hadith.

The same thing applies to all Muslims. A Muslim is only a Muslim when they follow the doctrine of Islam. When they don’t follow Islam, they are not being a Muslim. It is so simple. Neither a Muslim nor a non-Muslim has an opinion that is worth a hoot, unless it references the doctrine of Islam.

“During the past decade, acts of violence by extremists claiming to act in the name of Islam have raised fears and created confusion about Islam. In the United States, some individuals and groups have attempted to conflate all of Islam with extremist violence by disseminating misinformation and distortions about Islam and American Muslims. This has led to a rise in discrimination against American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslims, attacks on American Muslim institutions, and protests against the building of mosques in local communities.”

“acts of violence by extremists claiming to act in the name of Islam”

Amount_of_Text_Devoted_to_JihadWhat are these “acts of violence”? There is a massive amount of violence in the Koran, Sira and Hadith and it is the violence of jihad. Here is a chart of how much violence there is in Islam’s sacred texts.

Nearly a third, 31%, of the complete doctrine of Islam is about violence. And who is committing this violence? Both Mohammed and his warriors. Is Mohammed an extremist? No. His actions, the Sunna, are the very definition of moderate Islam. There 91 verses in the Koran that say that the entire world is to follow his perfect example. The Koran defines moderation, the moderation of Islam. Islam is violent; hence when Muslims are violent against the Kafir, that violence is moderation. So say, Mohammed and Allah.

Most people consider “moderate” to mean non-extreme, normal, or average and hence, peaceful. But, pay attention here. Moderation implies some scale or reference. As an example, the temperature of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit would be extremely hot in your living room. But, if you are talking about stars, then 10,000 degrees is moderate, and not even that hot. In the same way, peaceful relations between people are moderate on the scale of the Golden Rule. But, on the scale of the Koran, murder of Kafirs is moderate.

So far as “claiming” to act in the name of Islam, when Major Hassan shoots 42 soldiers in Fort Hood while yelling “Allahu akbar”, he is claiming to act in name of Islam. But what he is doing is not violence, it is moderation in the name of Islam—the moderation of jihad.

“some individuals and groups have attempted to conflate all of Islam with extremist violence by disseminating misinformation and distortions about Islam and American Muslims.”

Note that we do not conflate “all” of Islam with jihad. No, it is clear that since 67% of the Sira is about jihad, then 33% of the Sira is not about jihad. This analysis exactly measures the truth of the statement.

What is an “American Muslim”? What is any Muslim? A Muslim is one who follows the doctrine of Islam. What is the American Islam that an American Muslim follows? There is no American Islam because there is no American Koran and no American Sunna. There is only the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. End of story. There is only Islam. Muslims are in America as part of the umma (the Islamic community) first, being American is secondary.

Exactly, what part of the Koran and the Sunna does an American Muslim reject or reinterpret? It turns out the words “American Muslim” cannot be defined in terms of doctrine, only in misdirection campaigns such as this.

“By seeking to provide accurate information about religious freedom and American Muslims, this publication does not ignore or minimize the significant threat posed by extremists who promote and commit acts of violence in the name of Islam. We fully recognize the challenge to peace and justice posed by small factions within Islam who lift up extremist theology and pervert their faith to support their violence. All of the world’s major religions have faced similar challenges. But acts of violence by radical individuals and groups must not be used to condemn Islam itself – or to paint all Muslims with the brush of extremism.”

This paragraph is a target rich environment because it contains so many apologist clichés. Let’s tackle them one by one.

First cliché: “religious freedom”

What every person must care about is political Islam, not religious Islam. As an example, the Sharia dictates that during a part of Islamic prayer a Muslim’s backside must be higher that his head. Who cares? Who is trying to restrict that?

Jihad, a part of Islamic doctrine, is political since it is carried out against non-Muslims, the Kafirs. All of Islamic doctrine that concerns the Kafir is political. The amount of Islamic doctrine that is devoted to Kafirs is astounding. Look at this chart based on word count:

Amount_of_Text_Devoted_to_KafirThe big picture is that over half of Islam’s foundational texts are about the non-Muslim, the Kafir. Islam has a highly detailed doctrine about the Kafir and that means that most of Islamic doctrine is political. This is the reason that Islam has such political impact in America and everywhere Muslims exist.

So drop the “religious freedom” distraction. Let’s deal with the politics of Islam, let’s keep it political and talk all we want.

Next cliché: “must not be used to condemn Islam itself”

We do not need to condemn Islam. We need to know Islamic doctrine and see how it drives the actions of all Muslims, both peaceful ones and jihadists. Islam is dualistic and contains both peace and war (jihad). That is its true nature and we must not condemn it, but know it. We must know the detailed history of political Islam and how the Sharia has annihilated all Kafir civilizations for 14 centuries. We must understand Islam in both root and branch. It condemns itself; we do not need to condemn it.

Next cliché: “paint all Muslims with the brush of extremism”

No, we do not want to paint Muslims with extremism. We want to paint all Muslims with the brush of Islam. We must ask Muslims where they stand on Sharia, the Kafir, jihad, the beating of women, death to apostates and so on. Every Muslim must be confronted with Islamic doctrine. Do they reject the assassination of intellectuals who oppose political Islam? If so how do they oppose it, because Mohammed repeatedly ordered the assassination of all intellectuals and artists who opposed Islam? Assassination of opponents is Sunna, normative Islam.

“Our purpose here is to inform Americans about the vast majority of their fellow citizens who are Muslim. In doing so, we seek to uphold our shared commitment to religious freedom and contribute to a climate of understanding and respect among Americans of all faiths and none.”

“uphold religious freedom”

What a cruel joke when referring to Islam. The Center for the Study of Political Islam produces a monthly newsletter The Bulletin of Christian Persecution. Each month you can read of Islamic violence against Christians in every Muslim country. The dead Christians at the hands of jihadists march on and on each month.

But it is not just Christians who suffer death under Islam. The following graph was taken from data on Since 9/11 2001 there have been over 19,000 jihad attacks. Here are the top four countries: 

Let’s look at what this says. Jihad attacks Jews, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus, so much for religious freedom and Islam.

“Who are American Muslims today?”

American Muslim is the latest attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood in America to divorce themselves from the Arab Muslims who riot, rape, murder and kidnap Kafirs in their countries. Oh no, those retrograde troglodyte jihadists are not the new and improved American Muslims.

And what is the Muslim Brotherhood that is peddling the American Muslim label? Well, here is what they believe and proclaim:

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!”

Oh, yeah! They have the American Muslim thing down pat.

There is no such thing as AMERICAN ISLAM. Hence, there are Muslims with an American zip code, but no such thing as a Muslim who follows American Islam. American Muslims, just like all other Muslims, follow the Kafir-hating doctrine of Islam.

The tragedy is not that Muslims put out propaganda, but that so many Christians, Jews, and other apologists so happily sign on to such lies and deception, turning a blind eye to the violence and murder done their own kind.

More to come…

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