I think we can all agree that John Boehner is a complete and utter failure as House Speaker. Marble-mouthed, unprincipled, double-dealing The Corrupt Boehnerand cowardly are among the more positive attributes I can think of. Consider the man’s actions over the two-and-a-half years that have elapsed since the Tea Party movement and Constitutional Conservatives brought him to power:

• Despite an unprecedented series of White House scandals — including, but not limited to gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, the Benghazi cover-up, IRS-gate, and repeated perjurious testimony to Congress — John Boehner refuses to name a Select Investigative Committee or demand a Special Prosecutor.

• In fact, in the case of the Benghazi cover-up, even though 75 percent of House Republicans want a Select Committee formed, Boehner refuses. That’s right: John Boehner refuses to name a Special Committee on Benghazi, with dedicated budget, resources and staff — and won’t even tell us why.

• And what could be the reason? Some have speculated that Boehner has secretly cut a deal with Democrats in exchange for, well, who knows? Suffice it to say that if John Boehner is negotiating for you, you’re going to lose your shirt. My guess is he really has cut a secret deal with Obama and Reid, perhaps regarding the debt ceiling or some other act of surrender that sells out the American people in exchange for his consolidation of more power.

• And what is John Boehner’s top priority right now? That’s right: Amnesty. Legalizing tens of millions of illegal aliens, which we know for a fact will vote by a stunning 8-to-1 margin for Democrats. Brilliant.

• As for de-funding Obamacare? That, too, Boehner refuses to do, instead holding fan-dance votes to repeal Obamacare, knowing that said bills will never see the light of day in the Senate. The Constitution grants the House of Representatives the power of the purse. Boehner could de-fund Obamacare — completely — if he wished, letting Obama try to rally support for his despotic and failed testament to central planning. But this Boehner will not do, because it requires brains, courage, principles and cojones.

So what do we do about John Boehner?

While there are grassroots efforts emerging to primary Boehner in Ohio’s 8th District — and we wish them all possible success — the time has come to consider an alternative plan. A nuclear option, if you will.

Assuming that Boehner wins his primary in OH-8, I suggest we rally support among Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives in that district to vote. To vote Democrat.

That single seat has virtually no chance of swinging the majority in the House one way or the other. A newly elected Democrat in that very Red seat will be a back-bencher and virtually powerless. This will give time to the district (and it is a very conservative district by all accounts) to assemble a credible candidate should one not emerge in 2014.

I would never advocate such a tactic in the Senate even though Mitch McConnell is Boehner-lite. In the Senate the odds of taking majority control are simply too tempting to chance returning the dimwitted crackpot from Searchlight, Nevada to a seat of power.

But Boehner, on the other hand, is such an egregious failure, such a cowardly and un-principled operator, that he must be ripped out of the Speaker’s chair by any means necessary.

Let’s see what happens in OH-8, but I suggest we fund and vociferously support any — and I do mean any — Boehner opponent. Enough is enough.

Doug Ross@ Director Blue