Donald Trump -vs- Bernie Sanders debate is being seriously bantered following both campaigns agreeing to discuss and see if they could get it done prior to the June 7th California primary. Traditional political thinkers would consider such a proposition unfathomable because Republican candidate Trump has secured the nomination, and generally only Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders would have the largest upside. However, the complete and total reality of Hillary Clinton being made irrelevant is almost too splendid to pass up. campaign-cartoon-debate Hillary refused to debate Bernie, and now she would be cast far, far off on the sidelines for what would be a historic political event.   The ramifications are gobsmacking to contemplate. There are not adequate adjectives to describe the possibility: Historic, Unprecedented, Unpredictable, ‘off-the-chain’, and quite possibly the biggest media ratings event in the history of broadcast or cable TV. Imagine a venue approaching 100,000 audience participants with tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of global viewers and Live Streams crashing with swarms of internet participants. What do you think?  Can they successfully pull it off?  Would the DNC even allow it considering the damage to Hillary? How much would such an event be worth?…. Oh, the things we can think…. golfing-obama-3 SOURCE: CONSERVATIVE TREE HOUSE]]>