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The Ben Carson video takes a little set-up to understand the back story.

The candidacy of Donald Trump has forced the various factions within the GOPe to reinforce their bunkers. Each group now trying desperately to retain their influence and affluence, as each group has experienced sunlight on their intentions.

This is a very positive outcome. Because -as anyone who has ever engaged a large and complex organization will tell you – effective executive leadership first needs to understand the internal working networks within it. This approach includes understanding relationships before effective leverage is applied to modify the organizational goals.

Within the DC UniParty power and self-serving financial influence groups we generally find:

  • Donohues Clan – Those who encamp with a priority of: The Wall Street agenda, spending, and immigration.  [Ryan, Flake, McConnell, Rubio, McCarthy, Pelosi, Reid, Grassly, Portman, Whitehouse, Murray, Cornyn, Bennet et al].
  • The War Mongers – Those who encamp with a priority of global financial benefit from interventionist activity and military contracts [McCain, Graham, Ayote, Corker, Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, Collins, Blunt, Cotton, Burr, Hatch, Royce, Engel et al].
  • The Litmus Clatch – Those who encamp with a priority of Crony-Consitutional / Moral authority [Cruz, Lee, Scalise, Huelskamp, Manchin, Paul et al]

Within the various camps – House and Senate members may blend in/out depending on the days topic and the current political agenda.  Each representative trading votes and support outside their ideological group for favorable future outcomes on subject matter within their preferred circle of influence.

Donald Trump’s successful nomination is giving rise to a new group that is unfamiliar to the current clans.  The Common Sense Fiscal Patriots & America First Nationalists.

Bold choices are being forced upon a disconcerted professional political class, and there is no current reference map for what rules and guidelines are needed.  Hence, turmoil….

Under normal and historic points of congressional reference it has been possible for the standing clans to assimilate any divergent entity who arrived.  Customary differences had generally modest and possible to quantify (categorize).

trump lg headshotHowever, the Donald Trump “Ameria First” agenda is so foreign, so foundationally dissimilar, it is creating an entire new ideological alignment.

A fundamental paradigm shift is taking place.

Initially, it appeared candidate Trump preferred to use the current body politic and work through their apparatus to build the Trump Platform.

This approach was the central tenet behind Trump explaining a preferred Vice-President would stem from within the current DC legislative confines.

An insider approach to a Vice President.

Unfortunately, due to intransigence of the organizational structure, that approach has proven incompatible with DC norms.

The current structural systems are too entrenched to find any possibility of compromise.  That’s the basis for an entire new clan or wing of the republican party.

Accepting the DC organization as it exists, rather than attempting to see it as Trump would prefer it to be, has created a need to modify the approach toward it.  Necessarily the acceptance of this needed change has manifested in Trump’s initial outreach visibly contracting.

We have witnessed this contraction over the past two weeks.

The DC attempt to assimilate Trump failed.

The clans quickly realized Donald Trump will not acquiesce to the status quo.  A looming Trump locked the door behind him and laid an atomic battle axe on the marble meeting table.  The resulting friction was far too disconcerting, so the members jumped out the windows.

The various UniParty clans have retreated to their ideological bunkers, and are engaged in ongoing self-assurances in an effort to diffuse their own trepidation.  If change is to come, it will now be forced upon them.

As the bunker doors slammed shut, and as the tumbleweeds blow by, Reince Preibus and Sean Spicer are trying to convince the quivering clans leaders it is safe to come out of their hidey-holes.  The bad man won’t crush them…. probably.

A very decent fella with a grin and a humble presentation known as Senator Jeff Sessions has selected a nice place in the shade to laugh and soak it all in.  However, looking around Trump now realizes his Vice-Presidential pick will most likely not come from any of the fellows seeking shelter.


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