King: “I Don’t Think We Were Able to Ask All the Questions Necessary to Pin Jon Corzine Down” 

Washington, DC- (Right Side News) Congressman Steve King (R-IA) questioned the former Chief Executive Officer of MF Global Jon Corzine during a hearing held in the Agriculture Committee today. King released the following video statement following the hearing:

Steve_King__R_IA_112th_Congress“When listening to Jon Corzine give answer after answer that was vague, he spoke slowly, like he’d been coached to speak slowly to run out the clock,” said King. “I thought his answers were vague, they lacked precision, they lacked facts, they lacked accuracy, and I didn’t think he had any intention of telling us everything that he knew. And I don’t think we were able to ask all the questions necessary to pin Jon Corzine down.

But I do believe the truth will come out, and I believe that there has been federal law that’s been violated. There’s $1.2 billion dollars missing here, and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it. Jon Corzine did clarify one thing, and that is that he doesn’t intend to commit his personal fortune to help with this big hole that’s been created by his judgment and he didn’t either concede that he expects to take a personal loss in these transactions.”


Steve King