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Claire McCaskill, the Democrat Senator from Missouri who is up for re-election in 2018, appears to have a “secret” “Russian Dossier” compiled by the Citizen Intelligence Community. CNN and many of the mainstream media news outlets have yet to pickup on the findings.We will merely lay out the evidence contained in the dossier for the readers below:


Also, the below CNN article corroborates with her tweet placing her with the Russian Ambassador in November of 2015.

From CNN:

CNN has learned, McCaskill spent an evening at a black-tie reception at the ambassador’s Washington residence in November 2015.

McCaskill was photographed at the event, honoring former Democratic Rep. James Symington, who hails from her state of Missouri and worked to promote US-Russia relations.

In an interview, McCaskill acknowledged attending the dinner, but she said she only did so because of her long-standing relationship with Symington, whom she said “kind of got me started in politics.”

She claimed the 140-character limit on Twitter did not let her clarify that she never met “one-on-one” with the Russian ambassador, and added she “did not” speak with Kislyak at the reception.



Sources close to the matter say this dossier could have a covfefe affect on her chances of getting re-elected.