Handing the Keystone Project over to the Chinese is foolish and downright stupid.  

Rep. West Condemns State Department for Denying Keystone Pipeline  

(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today upon learning of the State Department’s decision not to issue a permit to begin construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, before the February 21st deadline:

Allen_West_R_Fla__112th_Congress“It is absolutely irresponsible that the President would block a project such as the Keystone XL pipeline – a project that industry experts say would create at least 20,000 American jobs and be essential in helping jumpstart the American economy. This decision today is further evidence that President Obama is not serious about setting the conditions for job creation nor working towards our energy independence as it relates to our national security. Once again, President Obama has shown that his reelection and pandering to his left wing liberal environmental base is more important than securing the future for our nation. The ramifications of this utterly disturbing politically motivated decision will be far and wide. Congratulations China.”

King: Oil Will Be Sent to China if the Keystone XL Pipeline isn’t Built

Steve_King__R_IA_112th_Congress“If we block it, that oil will certainly go to China. It will enrich their economy,” said King. “It will starve ours and it’s clear that the President is pacifying his environmental extremist base and at the cost of American jobs and the vitality of America’s economy. This is a foolish decision on the part of the President. We’re going to have to do all we can in this Congress to reverse that decision, but I fear we’ll have to elect a new President before we can actually accomplish that task.”


Keystone Pipeline Should Move Forward

Marco_Rubio_R_Fla_112th_CongressBy Senator Marco Rubio

President Obama’s decision not to move forward on the Keystone pipeline is a mistake. This decision offers even more appalling evidence that this administration is hopelessly rudder-less in its jobs and energy policies. By not acting on Keystone, the President is depriving America of a means to create jobs, take a step towards energy independence, and bolster our national security by tapping into our energy resources and those of our friends in Canada instead of tyrannical governments.

Adams Statement on the President’s Rejection of 20,000 New American Jobs

President Obama Fails to Lead on the Economy by Rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline Project

Washington, Jan 18

Representative Sandy Adams (FL-24) released the following statement after President Obama rejected the creation of 20,000 new jobs and the potential for 118,000 spin-off jobs by saying no to the Keystone XL pipeline project.  The project received an outpouring of support from Democrats and Republicans alike, as well as over 100 business groups.  As the president passes on this opportunity, reports have indicated that Canada is in discussions with China to market the energy resources overseas.

“President Obama’s inexcusable rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline project is a missed opportunity to create much needed American jobs, and a failure to lead on our nation’s energy security.  With 13 million Americans out of work, the pipeline project would help put tens of thousands of struggling Americans back to work and could spur 118,000 spin-off jobs.  The Keystone XL pipeline project has received the support of both Democrats and Republicans, more than 100 business groups, and even the president’s own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness endorsed the idea as a job creator.  This is yet another disappointing example of the president putting his political priorities before the best interests of the American people and our nation’s struggling economy.”

RSC Chairman Jordan: Does President Obama Believe Jobs & Energy Aren’t in Our National Interest?

Washington, Jan 18

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan criticized President Obama’s rejection of TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone pipeline today:

“The law clearly says the President can only block this project if he determines it ‘would not serve the national interest.’ How are thousands of new jobs, cheaper energy and greater security not in our national interest?”

“With this decision, the President has chosen to side with radical environmentalists over the American people. Those hurt most by his decision are the millions of Americans who need these jobs the most.”

Note: TransCanada, the company attempting to build the Keystone pipeline, estimates construction would directly employ 20,000 people and could indirectly result in more than 100,000 jobs. Approval of this project is included in the Republican Study Committee’s Jobs Through Growth Act.