Senator Tom Cotton
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Flickr

Washington, D.C.- [mc_name name=”Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR)” chamber=”house” mcid=”C001095″ ] today released the following statement on the sanctioning of Russian entities and the expulsion of Russian personnel from the United States:

“The actions taken today by the Obama administration are just more of the same failed foreign policy of the last eight years: a series of too little too late, half measures designed to be appear tough, with minimal practical impact. Sanctioning Russian entities associated with the intrusion of the DNC sounds bold, but it’s unclear what the practical impact will be on organizations that likely don’t have holdings in the United States.

“While I applaud the expulsion of 35 Russian officials and the closure of two of their facilities, these steps should have taken place immediately after one of our diplomats was viciously assaulted by a Russian security guard on our Embassy soil in Moscow. The delay was undoubtedly another one of the many signs of weakness that led Putin to believe he could continue to target and harass the United States and that there would be no meaningful response from the Obama administration. If President Obama was serious about getting tough on Russia, he wouldn’t have fought against-and threatened to veto legislation-designed to expose and thwart Russian intelligence operations, to include attempts to manipulate democratic processes.”