Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, declared earlier this week that ‘The sanctions may have caused us small problems but we will continue our path.’ This declaration comes as once again the Obama administration will enter talks with the Iranians, even though talks in the past have failed to deter the Iranians from moving forward with their quest to acquire nuclear weapons. We have no reason to believe that this next round of talks will be any more productive than their predecessors. We also see that the participants can’t even agree on a venue for the summit.

Bachmann2011Iran has been perfectly clear; they intend to acquire nuclear weapons. And once they do, they have also been clear that they intend to use them to wipe Israel off the face of the map and then turn them on the United States. The problem is that President Obama has not been clear and has failed to lead the world in keeping the Iranians from moving closer to their nuclear goals. Instead of standing behind opposition leaders during the 2009 uprising, President Obama gave Iran three and a half years of unimpeded development time. Our enemy, Iran, is emboldened while the rest of the world watches our options for a definitive response worsen and diminish. Eventually our options to stop Iran’s nuclear development will disappear. A recent report from the American Enterprise Institute verifies our worst fears in declaring ‘Iran is at the threshold of a nuclear weapons capability.’

President Obama should give Iran a specific date for ending their nuclear program. He must demand that they stop enriching uranium and immediately surrender all enriched uranium. He must demand that they allow unfettered nuclear inspections in every square inch of Iran. If Iran is peaceful, their actions must correspond with their rhetoric. It’s time the West stop making excuses for Iran and stop negotiating with ourselves. We are the greatest superpower in the world. We must use our might as a nation to lead the world in never allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon or nuclear weapons capabilities.

There is no reset button or way to reverse course from a nuclear Iran. Once they obtain nuclear weapons, they will hold the Middle East hostage and threaten the very existence of our greatest ally, Israel. At this crucial time in world history, we need a President with the courage to stop Iran, the ultimate enemy of peace. This President must understand the level of commitment the radical Islamic Iranian regime has in realizing the goals of global dominance, the elimination of all non-Islamic religions, and the subjugation of all individuals to the dictates of sharia law.

If the President doesn’t understand our enemy, their goals and motivation, then another summit without preconditions will only buy Iran more valuable time, further endangering the lives of both Americans and Israelis.

In 2006, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann became the first Republican woman to be elected to represent Minnesota in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a self-proclaimed “Constitutional Conservative,” Bachmann is committed to fixing Washington’s broken ways by advocating for America’s adherence to the Constitution. Read More