Dan Bongino, Maryland’s 2012 Republican nominee for the United States Senate and a former U.S. Secret Service agent, has released the following statement regarding the continued closure of the White House to public tours,

“The President is a guest in the White House, the people of the United States are the Homeowners. Closing the White House to public tours, despite the negligible impact on the budgets of the U.S. Secret Service and the EOP (Executive Office of the President) is clearly a petty, naked gesture of pure politics rather than sound budgeting.”

Bongino continues,

“The White House closure reflects a continuing pattern with this administration of placing petty politics over public good. Inviting a group of multi-millionaire celebrities, and Obama campaign donors, to the White House to celebrate a family birthday, while at the same time closing the doors to America’s schoolchildren is a disgrace.

During my tenure as a Secret Service agent securing the White House grounds, it was an immeasurable honor to see the excited faces of schoolchildren from all across the country as they witnessed the majesty of our White House for the first time, an experience sidelined for the sake of ‘Downtown Abbey’ political insiders and multi-millionaire celebrities.”

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Dan Bongino was the 2012 Republican Nominee for the United States Senate in Maryland.

He served for over a decade in the United States Secret Service as a special agent and is currently a small businesses owner with his wife Paula.