By Eric Cornett, Right Side News

As the American public settles in to watch the debates this evening, one issue must remain at the forefront of people’s minds.  When are gas prices going to drop?  Or an even better question to ask; which candidate is more likely to do something to help consumers with their increasing pain at the pump?  Americans want to know, and they want to know now

Hope and Change has left Americans with no change in their pockets after filling up since Barack Obama assumed office in January of 2009.

Hope_No_Change_275pxIn fact, since 2010, the average American pays one third more when filling up, according to the Consumer Energy Alliance.  Gasoline prices have increased 34% during the last 24 months.  In 2009, American families could expect to pay just over $2500 per year for gasoline.  In 2011, this has risen to over $4100 per year.  That’s $1600 per year taken from the stagnant family paycheck, or $133 per month. 

In the real world, taking $133 from each family each month means less money spent on things like entertainment, vacations… and even food.  Coupled with the steadily rise in unemployment, its little wonder our economy continues to sag under the weight of the “Obama Recovery”.

“Pocketbook issues matter to voters of all stripes,” says David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance. “Motorists know they are paying more at the pump, a lot more. What they don’t know is how the next President of the United States will change policies to make energy more abundant and more affordable. 

What Americans want to know from the next President of the United States is who is more likely to correct the disastrous course we’re on – the man driving us off the fiscal cliff or the other fellow who has a proven track record of saving financially wounded entities from oblivion.  Mitt Romney doesn’t need to pull out a detailed road map tonight – he just needs to show us he has one, which is more than can be said for the incumbent President.

Tell Mr. Obama to take a hike on November 6th and let someone else drive… for a change.  A real one, this time.

Eric_CornettEric Cornett, Right Side News

Writer/Photographer/Graphic Artist

Eric is a writer and professional photographer in charge of the Right Side News graphic design projects.  Devoted father of four and husband, Eric is proud to be head of a traditional nuclear family in times where proclaiming such is politically incorrect.