Award-winning journalist and New York Times’ best-selling author James O’Keefe released a powerful new undercover video today exposing a concerted effort by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to circumvent Iowa election laws. This is in direct contradiction with what the Clinton campaign told veteran presidential reporter, Zeke Miller of TIME Magazine. According to a recent report by Miller “A Clinton official said the campaign is confident it upheld the law.”

Despite vigorous assertions to the contrary from the Clinton campaign, this latest video from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action clearly demonstrates that paid Clinton staffers were quite comfortable in their maneuvering to violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. Making matters worse, not only were these paid staffers engaging in such questionable behavior, they were actually instructing volunteers and interns to engage in the same sort of behavior.

Sterner, a paid Clinton staffer was captured on Project Veritas Action’s undercover cameras stating “we don’t want to make our focus voter registration because then we have to like register everyone regardless of whether they’re supporters or not… And so that’s why I want to keep like our primary focus on, “Hey are you a Hillary supporter? And then if not, then like great move on, you know?”

Conversely, according to a Hillary spokesperson, as reported by TIME Magazine, the campaign “maintains that its policy is to register all voters, regardless of their preference in candidates.”

Shortly after Sterner made these comments she banished our journalist from campaign offices.

“Hillary Clinton and her top advisers have some serious explaining to do as it pertains to their campaign’s obligation to honor both the spirit and the letter of the law” said Project Veritas Action President James O’Keefe.  “There are two lessons in this story,” continued O’Keefe, “first, if you are not doing anything wrong you can’t get caught and second, as Hillary is soon to learn the hard way, if you do something wrong, make sure you don’t get caught on camera.”