The propaganda mill is already being set in motion for the 2016 election campaign, designed to keep Barack Obama in office. How? By laying the Michelle Obama 2013 official portraitgroundwork for Michele Obama.

That is, unless Rep. Jose Serrano of New York is successful in spearheading a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment, limiting the president to two terms. If so, Barack can run until he’s 90 years of age. That’s not likely, but not impossible.

Click here: New York congressman introduces bill to abolish presidential term limits

But, electing Mrs. Obama, who owns a law degree, would create a proxy president in giving her husband controls over policy and direction for a third term.

How can that happen? The same way Mr. Obama became elected for a second term.

1. Keep entitlement junkies on the hook by the millions, sucking up votes.

2. Keep the fawning media fawning, thus swaying the minds and impressions of millions.

3. Use the high-profile entertainment industry working for them as a surrogate political team.

Of course, there’s more. Add to that, the support of all the socialist organizations, labor unions, Islamist organizations, the likes of Soros and Buffett and money pouring in from everywhere, and you have the groundwork for a presidential winner, even if she has no qualifications.

As Mrs. Obama continues to play the TV circuits and special appearances with and about movie stars and other entertainers, she will be developed into another false icon ready to gobble votes. Check out her recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he asks Michele if there will be a Hillary/Michele ticket in 2016. This is called planting the seed:

Click here: Jimmy Fallon Asks Michelle Obama To Run With Hillary Clinton In 2016

And in case you didn’t know it, the bumper stickers are already in production. Check ’em out: Click here: michelle obama 2016 bumper sticker – Google Search

The Academy Awards offered another platform for exposure in the Hollywood elite circles, as Mrs. Obama was tapped to present the Best Picture Award via satellite, even though she was unable to attend the Oscars in California. What does Michele Obama have anything to do with movies and/or the entertainment industry? Nothing. Ah, but who cares.

Click here: Oscar 2013-Michelle Obama Awards Best Picture to ARGO – YouTube

Michele shows off her dancing skills…on TV.

Click here: Michelle Obama and the evolution of “mom dancing” (VIDEO)

There is a long way to go. In the next year or so, look for Michele Obama to be assigned to head up a “very important” government assignment, chairing a program and/or committee to pass a major bill, all of which will be designed to impose credibility as an administrator. All that will be for fluff, to portray an image to get elected in 2016.

Impressionable teens are being groomed for their first votes in 2016. Minorities are prime targets for mass voting. No one really has to know anything about government, only that they will get something free if their candidate wins. Meanwhile, the Obamas may continue with their international agenda, while we are made to focus on national debts and immigration reform, and we’ll have our first female president, even if she’s only a front person.

Not bad for someone who was never proud of her country until she saw the White House in her crosshairs.

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Thirty years of law enforcement in Miami, Florida, including sixteen years working homicide, gives Marshall Frank a huge reservoir from which to draw insights into the problems facing America today. After retiring from the Miami-Dade P.D. in 1990, Frank went on to become a writer, now with eight published books, five fiction and three non-fiction. His book “Militant Islam In America” was published after an exhaustive research study about the inroads that radicals are making within the borders of the U.S. He is currently working on a non-fiction book about the abominable criminal justice system. Book listings, prices and availability can be accessed at his web .