Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump

You might have read some political opinion columns on a recent Senator Jeff Sessions interview where he essentially warned the professional GOPe ankle biters to knock off the racial nonsense in their opposition to Donald Trump.

Don’t listen to someone else interpret what Sessions said, I strongly urge you to listen to it yourself.  You might be listening to the next Vice President.

Unfortunately, you have to listen through some of the ideological BS by the Politico interviewer Glenn Thrush.  Use the navigation bar in the audio player and jump ahead, see notes below.

Cliff notes, way points, and reference:

  • The first 19:45 minutes are a historical back story on Senator Sessions.
  • 19:45 forward to 25:00: Senator Sessions talks about his initial introduction and relationship with Donald Trump.  Sessions talks about the August rally in Mobile Alabama and how stunned he was to see a primary event, A PRIMARY EVENT, with over 25,000 people in attendance.  Sessions rightly emphasizes this point.
  • 25:00 forward to 30:00: Sessions explains the current economic problems, financial problems, and immigration problems as they relate to Donald Trump’s economic and immigration solutions.
  • 30:00 forward to 35:00: Senator Sessions outlines how the current GOPe has made historic political mistakes, and how Donald Trump is correct in his approach to eliminate the influences of the corrupt political system.  Sessions also smacks down Thrush’s leftist presentation on race.
  • 35:00 forward to 37:30: Sessions discusses the fracture in the republican party and the issues behind Paul Ryan’s lack of support.  Sessions outlines how the Wall Street legislative priorities are not in alignment with the republican electorate.  In addition Jeff Sessions reminds how Donald Trump is on the right side of the people and Ryan is on the wrong side.
  • 37:30 forward to 41:10: Sessions outlines how Trump is much smarter and knowledgeable about financial policy, international economics and large scale economic problems and the way to solve them.  Sessions then shifts into discussing Neo-Con intervention and how Trump actually holds a much better grasp on foreign affairs/issues and potential problems.
  • 41:10 forward to 45:00: Sessions discusses specifically how the border wall is an essential element of the immigration control policy and what the wall will provide.  Sessions gives examples of Border Patrol officer testimony.
  • 45:00 forward to 50:00 Sessions gets forceful in pushing back against Thrush’s presentation that Trump’s positions might be considered racist.  Sessions outlines the policy perspective and explains why the DC insiders are antithetical to it.
  • 50:00 forward to the end. Sessions lays out the new “American Party” and how Donald Trump is the tip of the spear for the future of the party.  Sessions admits the GOPe has historically been blind to the issues undermining American Sovereignty and how Donald Trump is the new face of a party that can thrive.