Liberals who favor global government over American sovereignty, such as Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, and Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, who just lost the Senate seat he’s held for 34 years in a primary, are once again pushing this terrible treaty that will hand control of our international waters over to the United Nations. Those pushing the treaty claim that it will expand U.S. sovereignty, but we all know it will do the opposite.  The three main interest groups pushing for the treaty are the U.S. Navy, the big multinational oil companies led by Shell, and the radical environmentalist lawyers. That peculiar alliance should make you suspicious!  Here are the facts:

U.S. Navy

Chinese-FlagThe Navy says we need LOST to preserve our freedom of transit in dangerous waters such as the Strait of Hormuz, which Iran has threatened to block, and the South China Sea, where China wants to be the dominant naval power.

In fact, freedom of navigation is recognized and has been successfully ensured by centuries of international law, effectively policed by the British Navy for 400 years, and by our U.S. Navy since 1775. The United Nations has no navy of its own, so American sailors will still be expected to protect the world’s sea lanes and punish piracy.

Big Oil

Big Oil supports LOST because of its provision to extend jurisdiction over the continental shelf beyond the current 200-mile limit. But LOST would require a royalty of 1 to 7 percent on the value of oil and minerals produced from those waters to be paid to the International Seabed Authority based in Kingston, Jamaica.

There’s no need for a 181-nation organization to regulate offshore and deep-sea production everywhere in the world, mostly financed by American capital, and then allow it to be taxed for the benefit of foreign freeloaders. The riches of the Arctic, for example, can be resolved by negotiation among the five nations that border the Arctic.


This third leg of the unholy coalition to ratify LOST are salivating over its legal system of dispute resolution, which culminates in a 21-member International Tribunal based in Hamburg, Germany. The Tribunal’s judgments could be enforced against Americans and cannot be appealed to any U.S. court.

This tribunal, known as ITLOS (International Tribunal of LOST), has jurisdiction over “maritime disputes,” which suggests it will merely deal with ships accidentally bumping each other in the night. But radical environmental lawyers have big plans to make that sleepy tribunal the engine of all disputes about global warming, with power to issue binding rules on climate change, in effect superseding the discredited Kyoto Protocol which the U.S. properly declined to ratify.

A paper just published by Steven Groves of the Heritage Foundation lays out the roadmap for how the radical environmentalist lawyers can use LOST to file lawsuits against the U.S. to advance their climate-change agenda.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton warns us that the Law of the Sea Treaty is even more dangerous now than when President Ronald Reagan rejected it: “With China emerging as a major power, ratifying the treaty now would encourage Sino-American strife, constrain U.S. naval activities, and do nothing to resolve China’s expansive maritime territorial claims.” Bolton warns that LOST will give China the excuse to deny U.S. access to what China claims is its “Exclusive Economic Zone” extending 200 miles out into international waters.

The whole concept of putting the United States in the noose of another global organization, in which the U.S. has only the same one vote as Cuba, is offensive to Americans. LOST must be defeated.

Take Action!

Your Senators will be home this weekend and next week for the Memorial Day recess.  Please call your Senators’ district offices and talk to them if you see them at Town Hall Meetings, Parades or other events.  Please urge both of your Senators to oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty.

Senator Jim DeMint is circulating a letter urging his colleagues to oppose the treaty.  Click here to read an article about this letter, but note that since this article was published, two more Senators, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jerry Moran of Kansas, have signed DeMint’s letter.  Below is a list of the 26 Senators who have signed the letter.  We need 34 Senators to oppose the treaty to defeat it.  Please help us get the 8 more Senators needed to defeat the treaty, and remember to thank your Senators if they have already signed Senator DeMint’s letter.


Richard Shelby

Jeff Sessions


Jon Kyl


John Boozman


Marco Rubio


Saxby Chambliss


Jim Risch

Mike Crapo


Dan Coats


Pat Roberts

Jerry Moran


Rand Paul


David Vitter


Roger Wicker


Roy Blunt

North Carolina

Richard Burr

North Dakota

John Hoeven


Jim Inhofe

Tom Coburn

South Carolina

Jim DeMint

South Dakota

John Thune


John Cornyn


Orrin Hatch

Mike Lee


Ron Johnson


John Barrasso

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