“Little Terry” or “Fast Terry”?McAuliffe

“Fast Terry” McAuliffe gets caught cashing in on notoriously evil “Death Put Bonds” to the tune of $113,000, (some say $47,000) and “Fast Terry” suddenly becomes “Innocent Little Terry” with his claims of being an “innocent” silent investor.

Terry wants Virginia to give him the benefit of the doubt, and most of the press will do their all to ensure that this case is viewed in isolation.

My job, as a truth seeking journalist and talk radio information machine, is to put this incident into the context of Terry’s life pattern, so voters can decide whether the noble “little Terry” got taken in by the sharper, more shrewd, more evil, Joseph Caramadre, or whether the not so noble, “Fast Terry”, is simply doing what Terry McAuliffe has always done: live a fast, sleazy, easy money life.

Most of our elders have told us that, “Birds of a feather flock together”, so let’s look at “Little Terry” and his flock of friends that my research turned up. I believe these items:

Joseph Caramadre not only benefitted financially from the deaths of the terminally ill, but also stole the identities of many of them for other frauds totaling millions of dollars, in addition to lining the pockets of McAuliffe. (Frederick Kunkle, “McAuliffe Among Investors In Rhode Island Insurance Scam That Preyed On Dying People,” The Washington Post, 10/10/13)

Salomon Melgen is McAuliffe’s “good friend”, and donor ($10,000 in 2009). Melgen’s medical practice was raided this year and he was charged with over-billing Medicare by $8.9 million. That explains the private jet and Caribbean home, where McAuliffe and the Clintons often vacation. (Amy Sherman, “Complex Portrait Of Doctor Linked To Menendez Probe,” The Miami Herald, 1/31/13)

Ron Carey was running for president of the Teamsters Union, and his “good friend”, McAuliffe, arranged a $50,000 donation to Carey’s campaign in exchange for a promise of $236,000 from hard-working (and not so hard-working) union members’ paychecks to the Democrat Party. The prime mover in all of this: was it “little Terry”, or was it “Fast Terry”? (Chris Mondics, “McAuliffe Knew About Teamsters Plan To Swap Funds, Officials Say,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/20/01)

The Thugs who ran the IBEW and the NECA put up even more of their union members’ money than the Teamsters’ $38.7 million, in a 50/50 deal with McAuliffe to buy American Pioneer Real Estate Company. The company was valued at $50 million, which would seem like a good deal for the unions, if they were buying 100%. For his 50% stake (valued at approximately $25 million), “Little Terry” paid a whopping $100.00; this is not a misprint. Let me write it in crayon: One hundred dollars! “Little Terry”, or “Fast Terry”? Are Democrats REALLY the party of the working man? (Bloomberg Business Week Archives, 12/21/97)

Charlie Trie, Maria Shia, Ted Seong, John Huang, Katrina Leung, Wen Ho Lee, and many, many, illiterate, minimum wage Chinese restaurant workers, each allegedly donated $500 to Clinton’s re-election. This scheme, to launder illegal Communist Chinese cash, had McAuliffe written all over it, since he was Clinton’s National Finance Chair at the time. Leung and Lee were actually spies for Communist China. (Thomas B. Edsall, The Washington Post, 2/4/98)

Bernard Schwartz helped Bill Clinton deliver to the Communist Chinese the payback for the cash they delivered to McAuliffe. Schwartz bought a seat on a trade mission to China from McAuliffe, for $100,000, so he could meet Chinese generals on behalf of his company, Loral Corp. (CEOs of Hughes and Motorola also went but Loral won the contract). Schwartz’s Loral Corp Global Star system was approved for the full transfer to China, which was a complete encrypted satellite telemetry control center being constructed outside Beijing. (Charles R. Smith, Free Republic, 9/3/04); (Judicial Watch, In

The United States District Court , The District Of Columbia, Case No: 1:98CV02859(RCL)

Bill and Hillary needed $1.35 million down on the Chappaqua, NY, mansion they purchased. McAuliffe put up the cash. Would McAuliffe need anything in return for the $1.35 million? And, how did the FEC rule this anything other than a gift, thereby removing FEC scrutiny? Could a “little” guy pull off these types of deeds? (Phillip Rucker, “McAuliffe And The Clintons: A Friendship As Close As Family, With Benefits, Risks For Both,” The Washington Post 10/17/13),(Robert Hershey, “Financial Engineering In The Clinton House Deal,” The New York Times, 9/4/99)

Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, partnered with McAuliffe via Gulf Coast Funds Management to help provide financing for McAuliffe’s Greentech Automotive with a group of Chinese businessmen, who reportedly GAVE Greentech to McAuliffe. Eighty-six (86) EB-5 Visas (at $500,000 to $1 million each) are reported to have been requested, with McAuliffe and Rodham pushing for quick approval, although many have national security problems. (Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller, 7/31/13), (Steven H. Ahle, The Examiner, 8/4/13)

Zhenjun Zhang, vice president of Chinese Telecom Company, Huawei, is part of the Chinese Intelligence Services. Gulf Coast Funds Management sought an EB-5 Visa for Zhang, Greentech Investor, but the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services Department, flagged his filing and the House Intelligence Committee is probing the situation. As McAuliffe said about himself in his 2007 autobiography, What a Party, “I’ll do anything for a buck”. (Tori Richards, Watchdog.org, 8/21/13)

Communist China’s missiles, thanks to McAuliffe funneling their dirty money to re-elect Clinton, can now hit any city, or any building, in the U.S. That includes the city of Virginia Beach, where Republican Mayor, Will Sessoms has endorsed McAuliffe. (Chinese Military)

And, let’s not forget about Democrats being the party of the “little people”. McAuliffe claims to be a champion of the “average worker”, yet 10,000 average workers lost their jobs and retirement at Global Crossing. The $100,000 McAuliffe invested, just prior to stock being publicly traded (prior to the “little guy” being able to buy a piece), was sold for $18 million (some claim $8.1 million) in the same month Global Crossing filed for bankruptcy. Investors lost $54 billion, but not the “well connected” investors. How many of these 10,000 “working people” still believe the Democrats and McAuliffe are working to help the “little people”? (Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten, The Washington Post, 9/21/13)

Not all of McAuliffe’s associates are sleazy. Melvin Griffen, 53, worked at General Motors for sixteen years, and worked at Greentech for two and a half years. Griffen says what he saw at the Mississippi auto plant was like nothing he had ever seen in the car business. Griffen further stated that none of the other employees (nor even the managers) had any auto experience, and they only worked to “put on a show” whenever an investor showed up, usually Chinese. In a separate interview, another employee, Charles Overstreet, said when Chinese investors showed up, “We disassembled and reassembled the same care repeatedly”.

Griffen added. “To me, the plant was designed to fail”. Could it be that McAuliffe would make more money by keeping the millions in Communist Chinese cash, and bankrupting yet another company; than if he were to be a true capitalist and actually try to really build something? (Breitbart News, 8/12/13)

So, when McAuliffe asks the voters to forgive him for “betting on the deaths” of the terminally ill, because as an “innocent, silent investor”, he was tricked, you have to ask yourself: “Little Terry”, or “Fast Terry”?

Virginia’s Voting Alternatives

Ken Cuccinelli started a program to protect women from attackers when he was just a college student. Ken has consistently fought to put child predators in prison although Democrats twist and attack Ken’s every move. Ken has decades of experience fighting to improve the lives of the mentally ill. Ken has also been fighting to free the innocent from prison AND give declarations of being “innocent”. Ken Cuccinelli’s actions over the years show how much he cares about his fellow human beings. Ken Cuccinelli is not only a Conservative a Constitutionalist and a Christian at election time. Ken has been “walking the walk” for decades.

Robert Sarvis has some excellent libertarian views that I and many others agree with. If one votes for Sarvis and his libertarianism, then it guarantees the LEAST LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE WILL WIN – Terry McAuliffe.

If you’re still an undecided voter – please pray before you vote!

Craig Johnson is President of The First Amendment Inc., and a political commentator/analyst as host of the conservative talk radio program, “The REALLY, Real, Deal”, broadcast on WLEE News Talk 990AM, WCLM 1450AM, and podcast via www.blogtalkradio.com/the-hatchet-man.   Craig is the also the School Choice Advocate for the Virginia Christian Alliance at www.vachristian.org. You can also connect with Craig at craig@thefirstamendmentinc.com.