The game of voting starts in the Primaries. Did you know only 10% of voters in VA vote in the primaries? Vote in the primaries June 12! Jamie Radtke is one of the people running for senate. She’s not afraid to take a stand for what’s right. Check out her website and consider voting for her on June 12th. Let’s get smart and put courageous people in the government.

1. Jamie Radtke is the only candidate who is focused on eliminating the federal deficit. She told GOP debate audiences: “If we don’t deal with spending, nothing else matters. Debts of this size kill growth, prosperity and jobs and eat away at the very fabric of society. We cannot go on spending away our children’s future.”

2. Jamie Radtke is the only candidate who has produced a plan to eliminate the deficit in five years. Her “My Two Cents Plan” freezes federal spending at 2012 levels and then reduces it by two per cent each year through 2016. At this point, as revenues finally catch up with outlays, the United States will again record a balanced budget and be able to pay down government debt. The final part of her plan is to ensure that budgets remain balanced in the future by enacting a state-ratified Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, together with a two-thirds supermajority requirement to raise taxes.

3. Jamie Radtke is the only candidate in the GOP primary who is part of the new generation of authentic and passionate conservative leaders that are fighting to restore America’s greatness. She will join like-mindedJamie-Radtke Senators like Marco Rubio (FL), Mike Lee (UT) and Rand Paul (KY).

4. Jamie Radtke is a skilled debater who knows the issues inside out and can clearly articulate conservative principles. Her dominant performances in the GOP debates have drawn widespread praise and positive reviews from news organizations and bloggers.

5. Jamie Radtke has real world experience. She has worked in corporate America, has been self-employed, helped start a non-profit and has been a leader in civic organizations. She is also a wife and a mother of three children.

6. Jamie Radtke will give voice in the Senate to the hard-working conservative moms of America and also help broaden the GOP’s appeal to voters. She will be a welcome addition to the five GOP female Senators and will be only the second (the other is Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire) with a young family. Jamie Radtke is a mom who knows what it means to raise a family on a household budget – like families all over Virginia.

7. Jamie Radtke’s crusade against the federal deficit means that in the general election Tim Kaine will not be able to deflect and obfuscate over his poor record on spending. Jamie Radtke’s campaign is not hamstrung by George Allen’s record of voting for every single spending bill in a six-year Senate term; adding $3.2 trillion to the national debt; supporting 52,000 earmarks; and voting for the prescription drug entitlement – the largest expansion of entitlements since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society – and making no provision to pay for it. Jamie will be able to attack Kaine’s pivotal role as DNC boss in foisting the most wasteful spending bill in history on the American people. The so-called stimulus of 2009 led to higher unemployment, choked off new private sector investment and increased the federal debt by another $800 billion.

8. Jamie Radtke’s election campaign has not been undercut by undisciplined language and a barrage of negative publicity – which led independent voters and conservatives to abandon George Allen and the GOP in 2006.

9. Jamie Radtke will bring a fresh perspective and energy to Washington, DC. Jamie’s background and her contagious enthusiasm are in stark contrast to the labored pace of the Senate – which has failed even to produce a budget in the last three years – and also to the three older GOP challengers.

10. Jamie Radtke is not a career politician. Her campaign is built on grassroots support and donations from ordinary Virginians – not on political favors and big corporate donations. Jamie Radtke has told GOP debate audiences: “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Virginians are craving a candidate who doesn’t fit the status quo Washington profile – another lawyer or career politician.” She is not burdened by George Allen’s history of taking money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and refusing to support reforms that could have prevented the financial crisis from ever happening.

11. Jamie Radtke is not a lawyer. Lawyers already are over-represented in the Senate. According to the American Bar Association, fifty-five current Senators are lawyers – including Jim Webb. Jamie Radtke’s political knowledge is rooted in her educational background and real world experience.

12. Jamie Radtke is instilled with the values that come with being brought up in a military family – discipline, honesty and integrity. She is a woman of principle who will fight every day to protect our God-given freedoms.

13. Jamie Radtke is bold and forthright. Only Jamie was prepared to confront and challenge George Allen on his record during the GOP primary debates – and she will do the same to Tim Kaine.

14. Jamie Radtke will take on Democrats in Congress and the media who wrongly say that the GOP is waging a “War on Women.”

15. Jamie Radtke understands the origins and intricacies of political theory and the foundation of freedom in the United States – the Constitution. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Government from Liberty University and her Master’s Degree in Public Policy from The College of William and Mary.

16. Jamie Radtke is well-known for her staunch commitment to the Second Amendment.

17. Jamie Radtke is an effective organizer who helped establish the Richmond Tea Party into an influential force in Virginia politics. She built an effective Senate campaign without starting with the organizational advantages of state and county political and fundraising networks.

18. Jamie Radtke has never supported the ethanol mandate or taxpayer subsidies for ethanol producers that needlessly foisted higher gas prices on families and businesses – unlike George Allen.

19. Jamie Radtke adds flair and dynamism to the GOP ticket in November that will help ensure that President Obama does not carry Virginia again.

20. Jamie Radtke is the GOP candidate Tim Kaine fears the most – a principled conservative woman with all the attributes of leadership that make her the most formidable GOP opponent.

Written by supporter in Mount Vernon


Issue Jamie Radtke George Allen

  • Co-founder of VA Tea Party Federation
  • Former president of Richmond Tea Party
  • Co-founder, Restore the Founders’ Vision
  • Served Sen. Helms, Foreign Rel. Comm.
  • Career politician
  • 30-years in the establishment
  • Owner of a Washington lobbying firm
  • Makes weekly NFL picks on DC radio station

National Debt
  • Opposed all debt ceiling increases during Allen and Webb Senate terms
  • Favors spending cuts to balance budget
  • Wants to cap spending as a percentage of GDP
  • Voted FOR 4 debt ceiling increases as senator, increasing federal debt limit 50% in just 6 years
  • Voiced support for Obama’s debt ceiling increase
  • Voted to add $3.1 trillion in new debt, which was over a billion dollars for each day he was in office(3/21/06)

  • Opposes pork spending earmarks
  • Opposed ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ earmark
  • Opposed ‘Iowa Tropical Rain Forest’ $
  • Thinks Allen should be ashamed of his earmarks, rather than boast about them
  • Voted for 40,000 Senate earmarks ($90 Billion)
  • Voted for, against, and for ‘Bridge to Nowhere’
  • Voted for ‘Iowa Tropical Rain Forest’ earmark
  • Told Richmond Times Dispatch, “Every single earmark I’ve gotten, I’m proud of.” (3/21/06)

  • Believes education is state/local issue
  • Will vote to eliminate Federal DOE
  • Opposed Ted Kennedy’s education bill
  • Voted for expanded federal role in education
  • Voted for massive spending increases for DOE
  • Backed Ted Kennedy’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ bill

  • Opposed Medicare Part D entitlement
  • Voted FOR Medicare Part D entitlement in Senate

  • Opposes crony capitalism
  • Believes in free market principles
  • Rejects government-backed businesses
  • Backed ethanol subsidies, driving up gas prices
  • Supported taxpayer funding for sugar farmers
  • Backed farm bill that pays farmers NOT to farm

U.N. Agenda 21
  • Opposes at every level of government
  • Sponsored “national heritage area” legislation
  • Human Events: a “property rights betrayal.”

Right to Life
  • Opposes abortion (no exceptions)
  • Opposes abortifacient drugs like MAP
  • Opposes any research on human embryos
  • Supports abortion prior to fetal viability
  • Invested $250k in Morning After Pill (MAP) maker
  • Supports some research on human embryos

Hate Crimes
  • Opposes all hate crimes legislation because it violates Constitution’s “Equal Protection” clause
  • Signed ‘hate crimes’ legislation as governor
  • Voted to add ‘sexual orientation’ to federal ‘hate crimes’ categories as senator in 2004

2nd Amendment
  • Opposes limits on law-abiding citizens
  • Holds a concealed handgun permit
  • Voiced support for Clinton-Feinstein ban in 2000
  • Waffled on one-gun-a-month rationing scheme

  • Fought to oust RINO’s as Political Director for ‘Virginia Conservative Action PAC’
  • Supported Arlen Specter against conservative Pat Toomey in GOP nomination contest in 2004