Richmond, VA – June 23 2012 Got Fooled? The ‘Magic’ of 2008 has all but disappeared, and as Americans watch food and gas prices climb, many old believers are ready for a real change. With Presidential approval ratings below 50%, a stagnant economy and a monstrous amount of deficit spending, any reasonable individual would have a hard time believing President Obama will be re-elected. The problem lies in symbiotic relationship existing between the liberal media and Whitehouse and non-attentive voters.

Billboard--Gas-Prices-RightMove is diligently working to combat the blatant propaganda of the liberal media by installing hundreds of banners across the state of Virginia. Banners placed in strategic locations on road frontage property will reach out to the independent and democratic voters of our state.

With messages such as

  • Gas Was $1.84 when Obama Took Office!
  • Is your kid’s future Better off than it was 4 years ago?
  • “From Hope and Change to Fear and Envy”

and many more, our banners will force drivers (voters) to engage in the topic of choice, no matter how politically aloof they may be. Our goal is to help as many voters as we can realize our country needs the right change.·

RightMove Needs You!

We can’t do this alone, and are looking for members of the community that want to make a BIG difference this election and turn Virginia back to red.

Do you own a piece of road frontage land or a building on a local road or interstate?

Maybe you know someone who does……or you happen to know someone who knows someone, who might just know someone with road frontage land. We want to donate a BIG banner to you! RightMove’s Goal is simple. We aim to put as many banners out on roads in Virginia as possible and with your help we can succeed.

Visit for our sign ideas and to submit your own.·

In order to make this happen we also need your support financially, and a small donation made at or sent to PO Box 36510 Richmond VA 23225 can go a long way.

Banners are an inexpensive form of advertising, and the more donations we receive the more banner locations we can install.

If you are interested in helping us please contact me directly-