Barrack Hussein Obama’s speech last week in Illinois was quite the spectacle. This video is a complete break down of Obama’s divisiveness and rhetoric surrounding President Donald Trump and his administration. From “racial nationalism” to the Trump economy, Obama blames others in totality or take all of the credit. Below are the minutes of the video if you would like to jump around.

Obama Speech:
5:07 – Darker Aspect of America

9:11 – The powerful keep us fearful, angry, and divisive

10.13 – Obama Takes Credit for Trump Economy

15:33 – Gateway Pundit’s rebuttal to Obama’s Economy claims

21:55 – Obama 2018 vs Obama 2018

27:20 – Capital spending Trump vs. Obama

30:25 – Obama Calls Trump a demagogue

33:55 – Hillary falls during 2016 presidential election

34:25 – Racial Nationalism

35:22 – Republican party is the party of paranoia

38:18 – We can’t build walls

39:15 – Wan can’t target certain groups….

42:15 – Weaponizing the DOJ

43:20 – Collective Action – People cynical of government

44:30 – Racism in America

45:26- Common Ground

46:45 – Puerto Rico Hurricane


49:16 – Threat to democracy – Indifference

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