Walking Away from the Ash-Heap of History

Join me as I #WalkAway from the Ash-Heap of History.

I am walking away from the ash-heap of history The raw, unhinged and deranged far left have tried very hard to silence and discredit me. The haters do nothing more than negatively stigmatize the issue of mental health by sitting on the sidelines telling me I am crazy and need help when voicing my enthusiasm for this country. This is who I am and I WILL have a voice. Everyone deserves to have a voice and to be heard.

It is good being back. I hope to make this a regular weekly thing going forward. You can find all of my videos on our YouTube page linked below.

Reagan predicts that Communism will be left on the “ash-heap of history.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB4ffRjxvJo

Breitbart – Walk Away March

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– Brandon Straka @usminority
#WalkAway captured the hearts & minds of Americans bc it is a real movement of the people by the people. We’re not funded by major donors or endorsed by major celebrities, politicians, or political parties. We are the American people. The #WalkAwayMarch Weekend has arrived.

“The American people are getting very sick and tired of hearing terms like ‘dog whistling’ just because they happen to be patriotic. These are not white nationalists. These are patriotic Americans who are sick and tired of getting pushed around.”

#GodBless you all ❤️.

-The Hoel Report with Jim Hoel