Jordanian Salafi-Jihadi Leader Abu Muhammad Al-Tahawi: ‘America, You Are The Main Target On The Mujahideen’s Agenda’14241

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On December 25, 2012, Jordanian Salafi-jihadi ideologue and leader Abu Muhammad Al-Tahawi published an article on the jihadi forum Ansar Al-Mujahideen titled “Jabhat Al-Nusra Put the U.S. on the Terrorism List,” in which he lashed out at the U.S. for designating Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) – an Al-Qaeda front in Syria – as a terrorist organization. Al-Tahawi vowed, in the name of JN and the mujahideen in general, that they would continue to fight the U.S. until it was completely routed in disgrace from all Muslim countries.

Following are excerpts from the article:

“In response [to the U.S. designation of JN as a terrorist organization] we say to the U.S. what the lion of Islam, Abu ‘Abdallah Osama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy on him, told them: ‘I swear to Allah… America and those who live in America will not dream of security before we live in real security in Palestine, and before all the infidel armies leave the land of Muhammad.'”

Jabhat Al-Nusra “Committed Themselves To Fulfill The Oath Of Their Sheikh Osama”

“And from here on, know, Oh vile, base America, that JN in Syria, and their brothers the mujahideen that carry the banner of tawhid [monotheism] from the east to the west, have long ago put you on [their own] black list of terrorism built on the oppression, tyranny, and subjugation of Muslims. They have committed themselves to fulfill the oath of their Sheikh Osama, and they will not allow you to enjoy a pleasant life, nor a quiet, peaceful sleep, until you return to your land with your head bowed, defeated and wretched, and pay them the jizya[1] in utter subjugation[2]

“Therefore, listen carefully and comprehend what I am saying, Oh America: The mujahideen today are standing at a crossroads with you. They have defined the coordinates of the path, drawn up their road map, confirmed the quality of their targets, and have begun the journey toward the target for a long time now – and you know better than others that they are no longer looking back, since this will delay their journey and distort the direction of their compass. Since the mujahideen chose their path, they announced to you in a clear, thundering manner… that we will not lay down the weapons of jihad until Allah’s law rules over men, and until the Koran dominates over [all] other books.

“We will not lay down the weapons of jihad, nor will we retreat until the last occupier leaves our Islamic lands, first and foremost Palestine. Today, America, you are the main target on the mujahideen’s agenda. They have put you at the top of the list of terrorists targeted by the fire of their weapons, and they will not put out the fire of their weapons against you until your sins, evil, corruption, and oppression are stopped, and until you restore rights to those they belong to and return to the other side of the ocean, [back] where you came from.

“Oh Americans of Obama, you must understand well that the time of your deception of nations… is over. People no longer drink like camels [i.e. can no longer be duped]. See the response to your declaration of placing JN on the terrorism list [here Al-Tahawi posted links to a YouTube clip of a December 14 protest in Dar’a in support of JN. See MEMRI TV clip #3678 Syrian Demonstration in Support of Jabhat Al-Nusra: “Obama, There Is No Terrorism in Syria”].”

“The Land Of Syria Awaits You Impatiently So Its Sea Of Embers Can Burn Your Hearts”

“From here we say to you, oh Obamians: be prepared, for great wars are coming to the land of Syria. The land of Syria awaits you impatiently so its sea of embers can burn your hearts, melt your fat, and roast your flesh. Today, you are no longer able to manage one battle, not to mention multiple battles. This is thanks to the grace of Allah and to that of the soldiers of Osama, who terrorized you and paralyzed your thoughts. Come to Syria if you are [real] men or if you have a trace of manhood left in you. Oh, what is this I see? Are you reluctant to come, Obama? Perhaps you recalled the tragedies of your friend Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan and the bad omen he bequeathed you, the repercussions of which you continue to suffer?

“Obama, let me say to you bluntly: The mujahideen entered the battlefield with you, and they will not leave it until they achieve the goals for which they fought you, or until Allah decides the matter, which was a done deal [to begin with]. You entered the battlefield wishing to retreat from it, since the rattling of the swords there inflicted heavy wounds upon you and filled your homes with sorrow. But you got carried away by vanity, because you are stuck between two bad choices: retreating and being content with minimal losses, or leaving the battlefield to the mujahideen, who will attack the border of the Jews – even if only from afar. I won’t offer you solutions. You have a choice: retreat, or stay on the battlefield and pay [the price of] your blood and your people’s blood out of hand.

“Finally, I say to you, oh Obamians: You placed JN on the terrorism list, and JN placed you on [its own] black terrorism list long ago. We shall wait and see which terrorist shall eliminate the other from the battlefield – the terrorism that repels the oppressors… or the terrorism that build itself upon the blood of the oppressed… Wait, oh Obamians; we are waiting with you…”

Source:, December 25, 2012.

 Endnotes: [1] The poll tax exacted in the Islamic state on non-Muslims from the monotheistic faiths – dhimmis – according to Islamic law.

[2] A reference to Koran 9:29.

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