Attack-on-islamcritic-lars-hedegaardThe TT is told by someone close to Lars Hedegaard via email: “He is okay, but we’re all in shock. It’s a miracle he is alive. The attacker looked like an Arab.”   Package being delivered to Lars had a bomb in it, neighborhood evacuated.

UPDATE: 15:10 – 5 Feb. 2013 In the package which was given to Hedegaard was a bomb. Police evacuated the neighbourhood.

According to several sources t there had been an assassination attempt, but he survived. About 30 officers are currently at the scene into the case to investigate.

According to various details a young man had tried to penetrate to Lars Hedegaard, pretending to deliver a package. Instead, he tried to shoot Lars Hedegaard, which failed, however.

Lars Hedegaard is a prominent author and well known for his public criticism of Islam. He is co-founder and chairman of the Free Speech Society. He was also on tour with Lars Vilks, who had drawn the Prophet Mohammed.

 NYHEDERNE: Copenhagen Police arrive here shortly before noon present at Pelargonievej in Frederiksberg, which is alleged to have been a shooting. Learns

Copenhagen Police now confirms to that have been fired a shot, and therefore they are now present at the villa the way to Fredericksburg, where it continued to flock to the cops.

– Now we are here at the scene. There are given a single shot, but no one is hit. It is about out for number seven. Inside the buildings, says investigative unit Jan Høier Mogensen

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Regular readers need no introduction to Lars Hedegaard, the Danish free speech activist who has worked tirelessly for the Counterjihad for many years. He is the chairman of Trykkefrihedsselskabet (the Danish Free Press Society) and the editor of the newspaper Dispatch International (for which I do occasional editing).

This morning an attempt was made to assassinate Lars at his home in Copenhagen. If the assailant’s gun hadn’t jammed, I might have been writing Lars’ obituary instead of this report. As it is, Lars is unharmed, but in shock over what happened. The police believe two men were involved in the attempted murder, and both of them are still at large.

The Danish media have not hesitated to describe the culturally enriched appearance of the main attacker, and some reports describe him as a Pakistani. Danish television says that all politicians in the parliament are talking about the situation. Normal work has been suspended.

This brief notice was posted this morning at the International Civil Liberties Alliance website:

We have just received the shocking news that a gunman has tried to assassinate free speech campaigner Lars Hedegaard. Mr Hedegaard was awarded the ICLA Defender of Freedom Award at our conference in the European Parliament back in July 2012. A report can be found at Nyhederne.

A more comprehensive account was published by Citizen Times:

Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard Jensen, chairman of the Danish Free Press Society recipient of the 2012 ICLA “Defender of Freedom Award”, today narrowly survived an assassination attempt without harm. Police are investigating the case urgently.

At 11:21, a man rang the doorbell at the private home of Lars Hedegaard, pretending to deliver a package. After having handed over the parcel, the man brought out a gun and fired two shots at Lars Hedegaard. Both shots missed, after which the gun jammed. After a short fight, the would-be assassin tried again to fire the gun, but when it still failed to function, the attacker fled and is still at large.

Lars Hedegaard, founder and chairman of the Danish Free Press Society and editor of the recently launched newspaper Dispatch International, has been brought to safety, while Danish police has deployed some 30 officers around his home searching for the perpetrator. He is thought to be 25 to 30 years old, Arabic-looking with dark hair, wearing a red, postman-style coat.

Political reactions condemning the attempt on a high-profile critic of Islam have been swift and firm.