On his Twitter account, Wael Haddara introduces himself as an “ICU physician (and other things).” In recent months, one of these “other haddara w advisor morsi globalthings” done by Haddara has been advising ousted Muslim Brotherhood-backed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. In an interview to Canadian network Global TV on August 15, 2013, Wael Haddara was introduced as a “former advisor to Mohammed Morsi.” According to his own professional profile, Haddara was born in Egypt. (video)

Haddara’s mandate for Morsi likely started after he resigned for “personal reasons” his position as president of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) on December 12, 2012. Besides his involvement with MAC, Wael Haddara has also been associated with the following Islamist organizations in the past: Muslim World League, CAIR-CAN, London Moslem Mosque, IRFAN-Canada and the Muslim Students Association (National). Appropriate references about Haddara’s leadership roles with these organizations are available in our previous article announcing Haddara’s resignation from MAC’s Board. This may not be a complete list of Islamist organizations with which Haddara has been involved in North America.

So far, the oldest official mention of Wael Haddara’s role as an advisor to President Morsi that we found is dated December 28, 2012. On an official United Nations document, Wael Mahmoud Haddara is listed as a member of the Egyptian delegation at the UN.

Wael Haddara’s older brother, Yaser (also spelled Yasser and Yasir), was likely an advisor to president Morsi also. A person by the name of Yasser Haddara was identified as a “Presidential aide” by the BBC and as “a Communications adviser” to Morsi by Ynetnews at the beginning of July 2013. In this case however, we do not have a picture or other information that could confirm without a doubt that we are dealing with the Yaser Haddara active in Muslim Brotherhood circles in North America. In 2012, Wael Haddara’s brother Yaser was on the Board of directors of Islamic Relief USA and, on the most recent (2011) Islamic Relief Canada’s financial statement available on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website, he is also on the Board of the Canadian branch.

Both branches belong to Islamic Relief Worldwide headquartered in London, one of the main charities controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. On its British and Canadian websites, Islamic Relief lists eight categories of beneficiaries for the zakat (charity) that it collects. Besides various expected groups of needy people and the zakat collectors themselves, Islamic Relief openly promises to fund “those struggling in the path of Allah”, Muslims involved in jihad.

Section h8.17 of the manual of sharia Umdat al-Salik endorsed by the International Institute of Islamic Thought, the main Muslim Brotherhood think-tank in North America, specifies that “those struggling in the path of Allah” are Muslims “engaged in Islamic military operations for whom no salary has been allotted in the army roster (O: but who are volunteers for jihad without remuneration). They are given enough to suffice them for the operation, even if affluent; of weapons, mounts, clothing, and expenses (O: for the duration of the journey, round trip, and the time they spend there, even if prolonged. Though nothing has been mentioned here of the expense involved in supporting such people’s families during this period, it seems clear that they should also be given it).”

In October 2012, GMBDR (now renamed Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch) revealed that Islamic Relief Worldwide’s president Essam El-Haddad was appointed as one of four President Morsi’s assistants with responsibility for foreign relations and international cooperation. The closeness between El-Haddad and Yaser Haddara at Islamic Relief could easily explain that El-Haddad had asked Yaser Haddara to come work for Morsi.

Civil Society / MoneyJihad / GMBDR (November 8, 2012): UBS Bank closes Islamic Relief’s bank accounts for fear of being involved in terror-financing

Point de Bascule (December 6, 2012): Justin Trudeau keynote speaker for Islamic Relief in Toronto

On August 15, 2013, Global TV identified another “former aide to the government of deposed president Mohammed Morsi … who currently lives in Toronto.” This was Ahmad Eleman. He was introduced by the network as “an adviser to the (Egyptian) Ministry of Investment who consulted the (Morsi’s) presidential team on tourism and aviation matters.”

After the money transfers going from MAC to Hamas’ fund collector, after the money transfers coming from abroad (Saudi WAMY in one specific instance to MAC – Look for Gifts to Qualified Donees), after the invitations to radical leaders from abroad to address MAC’s supporters in Canada (Ekrima Sabri, Salah Sultan/Soltan, Tariq Ramadan, etc.), after the radicalization of young Muslims living in Canada by getting them acquainted with the ideas of Muslim Brotherhood historical leaders like Hassan al-Banna and Youssef Qaradawi, Wael Haddara’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is one more indication that the Islamist infrastructure in Canada is completely integrated to an international web.

In 2012, after Point de Bascule exposed the Muslim Association of Canada’s role in the halal certification in Quebec, its then-president Wael Haddara claimed that MAC is an “organization strictly operating in Canada” and that those who claim otherwise were guilty of “Islamophobia” and “develop(ing) racist and conspiracy theories.”

In October 2010, MAC-Edmonton chairman Issam Saleh (aka Faleh) admitted to the Edmonton Sun that his organization was linked to the Brotherhood but added that “in some parts of the Islamic world, the (B)rotherhood became politicized, but that’s not the case here in Canada.”

A few weeks later, then-MAC treasurer Lazhar Aissaoui said in an interview to Rue Frontenac that it was “paranoia” to talk about MAC’s international connections. He added then: “We’re not the Muslim Brotherhood but it does not mean we have anything against them.”

On its own website, MAC describes its association with the Muslim Brotherhood in these terms:

MAC’s (…) modern roots can be traced to the Islamic revival of the early twentieth century, culminating in the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. (…) MAC adopts and strives to implement Islam (…) as understood in its contemporary context by the late Imam, Hassan Albanna (1906-1949), the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. MAC regards this ideology as the best representation of Islam as delivered by Prophet Muhammad.

Hassan al-Banna’s main ideas are summarized in his 50-point manifesto. In it, al-Banna urges his supporters to abolish political parties and replace them by a single party system. He favours the modification of laws so that they conform to sharia and calls for the multiplication of associations dedicated to promoting the spirit of jihad in the youth.

In his essay On Jihad, al-Banna explains that “it’s an obligation for us (Muslims) to fight against them (the infidels) after inviting them (to join Islam), even if they do not fight against us”.

In another text (To what Do We Invite Humanity?), Hassan al-Banna refers to Adolf Hitler as a role model for Muslims looking for “success and fortune”.

Chronology – Wael Haddara, advisor to President Morsi

December 12, 2012 – Wael Haddara resigned his position as president of the Muslim Association of Canada and member of its board of directors “for personal reasons” (also MAC’s press release).

December 28, 2012 – In a document released by the United Nations, Wael Mahmoud Haddara is listed as a member of the Egyptian delegation at the United Nations in New York. His official status is “alternate representative” of Egypt. The first of four representatives is Essam El-Haddad himself.

haddara w un delegation


April 2013 – After CBC News revealed, at the beginning of April, that two terrorists involved in an attack on a gas plant in Algeria were from London (Ontario), media interviewed Wael Haddara and Munir el-Kassem on the issue. Both men are leaders of the two main mosques in London (Ontario). They told the media that these two young men were unknown to them and that terrorism cannot be linked with religion. El-Kassem and Haddara have links with terror-funding organizations that are well documented.

Point de Bascule (April 5, 2013): Algeria terrorist attack – Three Islamic organizations linked with London mosques’ spokespersons Wael Haddara and Munir el-Kassem lost their charity status because of their links with terrorism

Point de Bascule (April 19, 2013): Imam Munir el-Kassem – A leader of a terror-funding organization and a Chaplain of the London Ontario Police Service

June 4, 2013 –An Egyptian court convicted 43 nongovernmental-organization employees for using unregistered foreign funding in the country. The Wall Street Journal reported that “Mr. (Wael) Haddara said the (Egyptian) presidency didn’t have an official comment on Tuesday’s verdict.” The article describes Haddara as “an adviser to Egypt’s (Muslim) Brotherhood-backed presidency.”

June 13, 2013 – The Egyptian Presidency retweeted two of Wael Haddara’s messages on its own Twitter account.


haddara w on egyprez twitter

July 4, 2013 – In the New York Times, Wael Haddara criticizes the Obama administration for doing some “verbal acrobatics”: “With the entire world calling this a coup, why isn’t the American administration calling it so?” Haddara is identified as “a senior adviser to Mr. Morsi” in the article.

July 17, 2013 – Wael Haddara comments on Egypt’s “road not taken” that could have saved Morsi. Haddara is identified as “a former presidential aide” to Mohammed Morsi by Reuters.

July 24, 2013 The Telegraph (London) announced that Wael Haddara was “due to speak at a meeting on Thursday (July 25) in the House of Lords, where he will outline the Brotherhood’s concern at the West’s ambiguous attitude to Mr Morsi’s overthrow.”

Wael Haddara is quoted as saying that: “My message to the House of Lords and to Britons in general is that they need to decide what they stand for. Is it expediency, to deal with whoever is in power, or do they actually believe in democracy?”

“The entire Muslim world is watching, and if the West just twiddles its thumbs and allows democracy in Egypt to be strangled, then many people may decide that there is not (sic) point in listening to Western lectures on democracy.”

Haddara was described by the newspaper as “a senior Morsi aide.”

The Hansard of the House of Lords for July 25, 2013 does not have a mention of a speech given by Wael Haddara. We do not know if the speech was in fact given and not recorded, given in an informal setting or cancelled.

July 25, 2013 – In another article about Egypt after the ousting of Morsi from power, the New York Times refers to Haddara’s statement about “Obama’s verbal acrobatics” published in its own July 4 edition.

July 27, 2013 – In a Twitter exchange, Wael Haddara condemned the West for its “thru silence” about Morsi’s ousting from power. “No more lectures on human rights or democracy please”, added Haddara. A correspondent, identified as Scottish Nubian / Hosshak, replied that the Muslim Brotherhood had destroyed the human rights in Egypt and now it wanted them back. At one point in the exchange, Haddara wrote: “We worked hard to build an Egypt that is a responsible citizen in world community.”

Here is a transcription of the exchange. A reproduction of the original page is available at the end of this article.

Wael Haddara ‏@waelhaddara

Thru silence, many incl west hv lost all moral credibility. No more lectures on human rights or democracy please. #AntiCoup #Egypt

1:29 AM – 27 Jul 13

Scottish Nubian ‏@hosshak
@hkhaial u only want the west when it suits yr political agenda u #mb destroyed human rights now you want them back #hypocrisy

5:38 PM – 27 Jul 13

Wael Haddara ‏@waelhaddara
@hkhaial not true. We worked hard to build an Egypt that is a responsible citizen in world community

5:43 PM – 27 Jul 13

Scottish Nubian ‏@hosshak
@hkhaial r u serious! U destroyed the economy, u made the poor suffer, u almost eliminated tourism, u incited hatred of . . .

6:50 PM – 27 Jul 13

Scottish Nubian ‏@hosshak
@hkhaial Shiite & copts, u made deals wi terror groups, u sold land that wasn’t yrs 2 sell, u put women’s rights bk 2 dark ages

6:53 PM – 27 Jul 13

Scottish Nubian ‏@hosshak
@hkhaial u failed 2 condemn violence, u bribed electorate, u broke promises, u damaged the credibility of the revolution, u

6:55 PM – 27 Jul 13

Scottish Nubian ‏@hosshak
@hkhaial only looked after your own, not your fellow Egyptians, u put a puppet in charge and a criminal behind him. Need more?

6:56 PM – 27 Jul 13

August 15, 2013 –Wael Haddara expressed his dissatisfaction with Washington’s reaction regarding Morsi’s ousting on Canadian network Global TV. Haddara was introduced as a “former advisor to Mohammed Morsi” and his picture was shown.

Muslim Brotherhood’s democracy

Investigative Project: “Morsi came to power in a democratic election, but misinterpreted the meaning of democracy. He and his Muslim Brotherhood backers – primarily Qatar – appeared to believe that having won the election, they could run the country according to their decree, not according to democratic principles as the majority had expected. A series of draconian laws, a spiralling economic crisis, and a feeling on the Egyptian street that the Muslim Brotherhood was paid handsomely by foreign forces, spurred street protests of historic proportions, prompting the military to intervene.”

Since Mohammed Morsi was ousted from power, Wael Haddara and other Muslim Brotherhood supporters have played the victim card, arguing that democracy has suffered a setback in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood type of democracy has certainly suffered a setback for now but were Morsi’s decrees violating human rights and personal freedoms a manifestation of democracy?

Is democracy limited to the election of a leader by a majority at one given moment who will do as he pleases for the duration of his term?

In a speech given in Algeria in 1990, Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guide Youssef Qaradawi explained that democracy is only good if it serves to implement sharia and that a law democratically adopted should be declared null and void if it is contrary to sharia. Nowhere is the respect of human rights and personal freedoms taken into account by Qaradawi and his supporters when they talk about democracy. This speech has since been published in Qaradawi’s book Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase

What I wish to stress here is that Islam is not democracy and democracy is not Islam. (…)

The fears of some people here that democracy makes the people a source of power and even legislation (although legislation is Allah’s alone) should not be heeded here, because we are supposed to be speaking of a people that is Muslim in its majority and has accepted Allah as its Lord, Mohammad as its Prophet and Islam as its Religion. Such a people would not be expected to pass a legislation that contradicts Islam and its incontestable principles and conclusive rules.

Anyway, these fears can be overcome by one article stipulating that any legislation contradicting the incontestable provisions of Islam shall be null and void because Islam is the religion of the State and the source of legitimacy of all its institutions and therefore may not be contradicted, as a branch may not run against the main stream. (…)

What we seek is that legislations and codes be within the limits of the flawless texts and the over all objectives of Shari’ah and the Islamic Message.

Youssef Qaradawi, Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase / Chapter The Islamic Movement at Political and World Levels / Section The Movement and Political Freedom and Democracy

This conception of democracy was adopted by the Morsi government. This is what is defended by Wael Haddara today.

A list of positions adopted by the Morsi government help understand where this conception of democracy led during Morsi’s year in power.

JANUARY 26, 2012 – Youssef Qaradawi asks for a 5-year transition period before implementing sharia corporal punishments. MEMRIIPT News

APRIL 23, 2012 – Mohammed Morsi argues for barring women and non-Muslims from Egypt’s presidency on the basis of Islamic law (sharia). New York Times

JUNE 24, 2012 – Mohammed Morsi named President of Egypt. Associated PressGMBDRIPT News

JUNE 26, 2012 – Egyptian police advises a priest to comply with Islamists’ threats and not greet fellow Coptic Christians from other cities in his church. Mideast Christian NewsRaymondIbrahim.com

JUNE 27, 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood activists bar Jews from holy site in Egypt. Israel National NewsJihadWatch

JUNE 29, 2012 – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi vows to free the Blind Sheikh, mastermind of the ’93 World Trade Center bombing. The GuardianJihadWatch

AUGUST 12, 2012 – Morsi consolidates power, forces out military chiefs. New York TimesJihadWatch

AUGUST 14, 2012 – Religious cleric issues fatwa permitting the murder of demonstrators against Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi. MEMRIJihadWatch

AUGUST 16, 2012 – Journalists who criticized Morsi to be tried for ‘incitement’ against President. Sky NewsGMBDR

AUGUST 19, 2012 – Salafi leader says conspiring against Morsi, the “ruling imam,” is conspiring against Allah. Aswat MasriyaJihadWatch

AUGUST 22, 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood increases its control of the Egyptian press: MB supporter named Information Minister, dozens of newspaper editors replaced, copies of the independent Egyptian daily Al-Dustour confiscated, violence aimed at media figures known for criticizing the MB, etc.  MEMRIGMBDR

SEPTEMBER 7, 2012 – Amima Kamal (Omayma Kamel), female advisor to Egyptian President Morsi, states that girls not excised (“circumcised”) are “lacking in faith.” After her statement made the headlines, she denied it and threatened to sue media. In 2004, Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guide Youssef Qaradawi issued a fatwa quoting words attributed to Muhammad to justify female genital mutilations.  Tahrir News – RaymondIbrahim.com

SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 – Morsi calls on Obama to “take dissuasive measures” against those who insult Islam. ANSAmedJihadWatch

OCTOBER 10, 2012 – MB leader Salah Sultan, who used to live in the US, is appointed head of Egyptian government religious department. Sultan accused Jews of using Christian blood for matzoh (substitute for bread used during the Jewish holiday of Passover). GMBDR

OCTOBER 11, 2012 – MB chief Mohamed Badie calls for “Holy Jihad” against Israel. Times of IsraelIPT News

OCTOBER 14, 2012 – Egypt’s Coptic Christians now view life in the mainly Muslim nation as the worst in memory. “The persecution of the Christians comes from individuals and non-governmental groups and it is not countered by any government action,” said Beshawi Rifaat, a Coptic Christian representative. “I take its silence to mean approval.” The NationalJihadWatch

OCTOBER 17, 2012 – Egypt Constituent Assembly member claims that religious freedom could lead to “devil worship or apostasy from Islam” and that Morsi was elected “so he would apply Islamic Sharia.” Ahram OnlineJihadWatch

OCTOBER 19, 2012 – President Morsi joins preacher in prayer for the dispersal of the Jews and victory over the infidels. MEMRI

NOVEMBER 22, 2012 – Morsi grants himself sweeping new powers. Associated PressJihadWatch

NOVEMBER 26, 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood is rounding up anti-Morsi demonstrators and handing them over to police. Egypt Daily NewsJihadWatch

DECEMBER 1, 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt. Daily MailJihadWatch

DECEMBER 3, 2012 – Morsi’s supporters prevent judges from entering Egypt’s high court. CNNGMBDR

DECEMBER 6, 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood set up torture chambers for its opponents.  Al-MonitorJihadWatch

DECEMBER 8, 2012 – Morsi to pass law granting military the power of arrest. Daily News (Egypt) – JihadWatch

DECEMBER 27, 2012 – Morsi’s constitution would give an Islamic scholars council powers above the elected assembly. One more step toward the union of religion and State. IPT News

DECEMBER 28, 2012 – Opposition leaders are investigated for high treason. Asia NewsAtlasshrugs

JANUARY 13, 2013 – Coptic Christian women forced to wear the veil by Salafi. If they refuse, they are often hit. The Telegraph

JANUARY 30, 2013 – Aide to President Morsi claims that “the myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented.”  Fox NewsJihadWatch

MARCH 31, 2013 – Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef tried after having been charged for insulting President Morsi in his TV show. Ahram OnlineMEMRI (Vidéo)IPT News

APRIL 21, 2013 – Egypt’s Justice Minister quits over measures promoted by the ruling MB party that would force thousands of secular judges to resign. Wall Street Journal

MAY 5, 2013 – Muslim Brotherhood forbids Muslims to wish Christians “Happy Easter.” The AtlanticJihadWatch

JUNE 4, 2013 – The number of court cases and complaints involving charges of insulting the president is four times greater in Morsi’s 10 month-term than it was in Mubarak’s 30 years in power. Associated PressGMBDR

JUNE 14, 2013 – MB party organizes convoys in villages to excise (“circumcise”) girls in spite of the Egyptian law criminalizing female genital mutilations. Le Figaro

JUNE 16, 2013 – Islamists threatens Christians who demonstrate against the Muslim Brotherhood: “Do not sacrifice your children.” Assyrian International News AgencyJihadWatch

JUNE 17, 2013 – MB leader Wagdy Ghoneim claims that anti-Morsi demonstrations are “forbidden” since Egyptian President was elected democratically. Egypt IndependantGMBDW

JUNE 19, 2013 – New governor for the province of Luxor chosen by Morsi is member of the Al-Gamaa party that took credit for the killing of 58 tourists during a 1997 attack at a temple in Luxor. Reuters/NBC NewsIPT NewsAtlasshrugs

JULY 1, 2013 – Hamas defends Muslim Brotherhood and kills Egyptians who were demonstrating in Cairo.  RaymondIbrahim.com

JULY 1, 2013 – Youssef Qaradawi says Islam “orders us to obey” President Morsi. On IslamGMBDR

Twitter exchange between Wael Haddara and a correspondent denouncing how the Muslim Brotherhood handled its one-year rule of Egypt


haddara w 130727 we worked had


SOURCE:Point de Bascule Canada

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