IslamoNazis Warn Indonesia – Enjoy Ramadan – Every Which Way But Fun! 

News just in, imminent mayhem in Batam, up north in Riau Province, where the IslamoNazis have threatened to raid any night-spot that dares to open during Ramadan.

anfpi2As usual, the FPI Gauleiter has given the local council an ultimatum, shut them down “or we’ll undertake sweeping!” said Zaini Dahlan today, according to Antara News Agency. The Mayor has decreed they should close for nine days, but that’s not good enough for the white-shirts.

All of a sudden this weekend, the nastiest outfit in Indonesia has stormed around cities throughout the archipelago, in an overt campaign of intimidation aimed at non-Muslim citizens, and Muslims too, who choose not to spend Ramadan in a torpor of gloomy self-denial. reports from Medan, North Sumatra, that the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) visited several nightclubs in Medan on Saturday (7/14/2012) at midnight. Together with hundreds-strong mobs they hit five nightclubs in the early hours.

The fatuous words of the local IslamoNazi Gauleiter, Dahrul Muhammad Yusuf, deserve to be recorded for both their arrogance and their self-righteousness.

He said their arrival was to seek a temporarily halt to activities of nightclubs during Ramadan, to give comfort to fasting Muslim citixens.

What an arrogant bigot!

What possible ‘comfort’ does somebody fasting gain, from knowing that people who are under no obligation of self-denial are being coerced by a mob of white-shirted hoodlums purporting to act in their name?

And as for the nightclubs, fasting ends at sundown. You can tell the exact moment, apart from the fact the sun goes down, by the scenes of wanton gluttony in most every mall in Jakarta!

So even fasters should be free to relax and have fun of an evening.

The whole point of Ramadan is that Muslims CHOOSE to do without. Removal of the element of choice surely renders Ramadan spiritually meaningless.

“We do not want this month marred by immoral action….this month’s special… so  we have coordination with police, ” he added.

Of course he says he does not want violence, but that will of course depend on whether cops collaborate with his enforcers. If eateries choose to open for business for those who don’t happen to share the nazi taste for going hungry, then we’ll see who’s non-violent!

Here’s what happened in Sulawesi last year!=

fpi_13IslamoNazi Thugs Attack Eatery, Ramadan 2011=And here’s a Metro TV link to show the thugs in action.


Meanwhile a Republika.Co.Id report from Cikarang, just outside Jakarta,  the local  IslamoNazis paraded round entertainment complexes to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. “At the same time we appeal to some developers providing residential and entertainment venues so that they jointly maintain the sanctity of Ramadan,” said Cikarang’s FPI Gauleiter Ustaz Dede Sulaiman on Saturday (14/7).

During the event, dozens of police were to be seen, from Bekasi Police and West Cikarang police stations.Front_Pembela_Islam

If, along the route, there was any place where young men and women were hanging out together, they were immediately chided and scolded by the FPI.

“We are trying to discipline them at the same time, to behave in a dignified manner,” said Dede “…we are trying to preserve the morals of  people of all generations and of course, save them from the wrath of Allah,” said Dede.

Meanwhile, West Cikarang Police spokesman Zulham Effendy said the security of the FPI was in accordance with a letter posted to his office from the FPI. “Things like this are inter-connected, when FPI or any other mass organization stage activities, we analyse it, to ensure things remain conducive,” he said.


idrus-gauleiter-of-depok-fpi-e1321020858571And reported from Depok that hundreds of members of the Islamic Defenders Front in Depok, West Java convoyed around Depok City. They called for the city to respect the holy month. The mob demanded that discos and dimly-lit cafes be closed in honor of Ramadan.

Their Gauleiter, Habib Idrus Al Gadhri, said Ramadan requires such immoral places to be closed by Depok Municipality.

If not, then the FPI will be pushing the Satpol PP (civic militia) to conduct raids. FPI also hope the fasting month will run in a safe, peaceful and orderly manner so that the Muslims can have solemn fasting.

 But more light is shed on Depok FPI’s concept of safe, peaceful and orderly, ramadan-fasting-day-e1340910356462in an Antara report, viz. – “If within three days there’s no letter from the city authorising shut-down, FPI will go ahead and do so on our own!” Habib Idrus Al Gadhri. Sunday 15/7.


But at whose door ultimately should the blame for all this sound and fury be laid?


In Jakarta too Ramadan looms, and although Indonesia is NOT an islamic Republic, but constitutionally defined as a Pancasila State with equal freedoms for all who worship God, already the City Government of Indonesia’s capital has published kill-joy edicts. 

A – telling those of us who don’t choose to kick the eating habit that our choices will be limited to appease the ‘fasters.’


B – that enjoying ourselves of an evening is too much of a temptation for the weak-willed, who somehow can’t manage to walk within ear-shot of a live music venue without drifting in, as Odysseus’ men were unable to resist the sirens’ song.


JP 20/6    Opening hours at entertainment venues in Jakarta will be restricted during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan, which commences in mid July.

ity Tourism Agency head Arie Budhiman said that a number of establishments would have to remain closed during Ramadhan while other establishments would be required to reduce their operating hours.

We will not tolerate any violations. We call on establishment owners to abide by the regulation and help ensure a favorable condition,” Arie said at a press conference in West Jakarta

Entertainment spots, including nightclubs, spas, massage parlors, arcade game centers and bars (either stand-alone bars or those located in other establishments) cannot operate starting from the eve of Ramadhan until one day after the holiday ends.

That’s a MONTH!

And these people have the nerve to talk about ‘respect’ for their fasting?

I happily respect their right to go without, whenever they like, but do those of us who have no wish to indulge in what passes for ‘self-denial’ get any respect in return? NOT A CHANCE!

  • Karaoke and live music lounges will only be allowed to operate from 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. during the period.

WHY? Us night-owls like to listen to music in the wee small hours. Do we go round the mosques, dragging helpless worshippers along to join us. NO!

Pool halls located within other establishments face the same restrictions, while stand-alone pool halls can only operate from 10 a.m. until midnight.

WHY? Suppose some folks like to play pool after midnight? Do they press-gang passing would-be worshippers into a round or two of billiards? NO!

Arie said the City Public Order Agency and the Jakarta Police would monitor establishments to ensure that they abided by the regulation.

The fasting month is expected to start on July 19 or 20, with the Idul Fitri holiday falling on Aug. 19 and 20.
Jakarta has imposed limited opening hours for entertainment spots since 2004 through a gubernatorial decree.

About time it was changed back, surely.

Nobody would object to a public holiday, or two, like England, with Christmas and Boxing Day running together, then the New year’s Day break, or in Scotland, where they get Christmas and then New Year’s Day, followed by a second day for the Scots to recover.

Similarly, none of us would think it unreasonable for people here to enjoy a two-day shut-down at Idul Fitri, when Ramadan ends.

Business owners deemed to be in violation of the regulation could face up to three months in prison and/or a maximum fine of Rp 5 million (US$530).

The establishments can also be sealed off or have their permits revoked for repeated violations.

But it’s not just the owners who suffer -what about the staff? They won’t likely get paid for the four weeks they are forced by this Dark Age decree to spend long hours sitting at home twiddling their thumbs.

At the same press conference, the Jakarta Police’s head of sociocultural affairs at the police’s security and intelligence directorate, Adj. Sr. Comr. Elfian, said the police would help the administration remind business owners of the restriction.

Our first approach will be a persuasive one, after which we will take harsher measures,” Elfian said.


But what about the message of Ramadan?

ramadan-mercy2Elfian also said that police would take action against groups or members of organizations who carried out acts of violence against nightspots and entertainment centers.

“Enforcement of the law lies with the police. Civil groups will be punished for illegal actions,” he said.
Elfian said that since 2004, the capital had rarely seen illegal raids by hard-line organizations.

“Most of the cases took place in administrative border areas. We have met with their leaders and told them that law enforcement is our job,” the police officer said.

Well, since sectarian closures are going to be enforced by Elfian’s constabulary, why would IslamoNazis feel the need to bother?