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The Islamic State calls for jihad on Egypt, ‘targets the Copts’: The Islamic State has called on its followers to take the jihad to Egypt, to the heart of Cairo itself.

Abu Mus ‘ab al-Maqdisi, a leader in the Islamic State, said in a statement titled “Advice to Egypt’s Mujahidin [jihadis],” published on websites linked to the “caliphate,” that “It is necessary to take the battle to Cairo, until the Sinai is safeguarded from the apostates [reference to Egyptian government] and becomes a rear base [qaeda] to expand the jihad from.”

He added that “You have a good example in the Islamic State when it was bombing Baghdad on a daily or weekly basis with car bombs and other operations.”

He also called on jihadis in Egypt to “target the Copts,” the nation’s indigenous, Christian minorities: “For targeting them, following them, and killing them is one of the main ways to serve the cause of our virtuous male and female hostages of the tyrants.” (SOURCE)

 The ‘Justice and Development Organization for Human Rights’ confirmed that ISIS’s expansion has stepped up the Salafi push for an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East…The Salafi groups are said to own special Brigades, secretly armed and trained by former Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan for the purpose of carrying out this plan and facilitating a Salafi takeover. (SOURCE)

ISIS, excerpt from Islam Watch

For the edification of those Muslim campaigner and the Islamic scholars, what ISIS are doing are not any crime in Islamic terms. After all, they are just emulating what the Prophet of Islam committed in accordance of the commands of Allah in the Quran. Therefore, in the eyes of Islam, the ISIS Jihadis are Allah’s anointed holy warriors doing the divine Islamic acts – slaying the infidels and are being slain in the process (Quran 9:111).

In sum:

In fact, ISIS choose their every action and policy based on the commands and teachings of the Quran and instances of the prophetic tradition, and any reader of the Quran and Sunnah would have clear idea of that.