Editor’s Note: The American news outlets are purposefully turning a blind eye and the American church seems more focused on bringing in Muslim refugees than standing up for Christians being horrendously tortured and slaughtered. Coptic Solidarity According to the recently published testimony of Karam Sa‘ad—a former sergeant in the Iraqi army who was imprisoned and tortured by the Islamic State in June 2014 but recently escaped—ISIS engages in atrocities that the West remains largely ignorant of.  Among these and in the words of the escapee:

They [ISIS] tormented them [Christians] in horrendous ways and many of them died [from the torture] during their captivity….  They used to put them inside what resembled coffins and then set them on fire from the inside.
The Western world was horrified when ISIS set a Jordanian pilot on fire, but as more escapees and former hostages share their experiences, it appears that such savagery is the tip of the iceberg. Source: RAYMOND IBRAHIM]]>