The “religion of peace” proves how “peaceful” it is in a new study of jihadi attacks and the resulting deaths…

IS Throws Gay man off building

Islamic State fanatics throwing a man off a building for being gay were released as it was revealed that that a shocking 664 jihadi attacks were carried out around the world in November alone

The Religion of Peace website has been reporting on Muslim terrorism for years, keeping track of the shocking number of casualties based on news reports, but finally the mainstream media is catching up. According to The Daily Mail, a new study has found that in the span of only one month, jihadi attacks resulted in over 5000 deaths in 14 countries. This comes to an average of seven deaths per hour or “three attacks on the scale of the July 21, 2005, bombings in London every day for a month.”

Will Western leaders intent on expanding Muslim immigration and insisting that Islam is the religion of peace take notice? Or will the blinders stay on while Islam proves how “peaceful” it is as the greater population suffers?

The Daily Mail:

… Sixteen jihadist groups were responsible for the bloodshed. Islamic State was the deadliest group, launching 308 attacks across Iraq and Syria which left 2,206 people dead – 44 per cent of the total fatalities.

Boko Haram, which has been terrorising Nigeria and Cameroon – including the kidnapping of more than 250 schoolgirls – carried out far fewer attacks, just 30, but these were large and deadly, killing 801 people.

Some 151 incidents were attributed to the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan in which 720 people died.

The four countries worst affected by jihadist strikes – Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Afghanistan – accounted for 4,031, or 80 per cent, of all deaths. Iraq bore the brunt with 1,770 people – mostly military or civilian – killed, followed by Nigeria (786), Afghanistan (782) and Syria (693).

Other nations terribly blighted by jihadist terrorism included Yemen (410), Somalia (212) and Pakistan (212), where Al Qaeda offshoots operate with deadly menace.


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