Mainstream news agencies have yet to report on massive human rights violations, including the torching of hundreds of homes, destruction of dozens of shops, beatings and what is being reported a 5 year old child being burned to death; as rampaging Muslims terrorize the Hindus at Priyor Mor striking fear into the region.   News comes from various sources outside of the mainstream media, as they have ignored human rights violations when Muslims attack Hindus or Christians in India.  

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“All 20 shops of Hindus at Priyor Mor have been looted and destroyed. Sankar Ghosh’s stationary and sweet shop is one of them. The Hindu shopkeepers have been beaten up by the Muslims. The Hindu shopkeepers fled away to save their lives. No police force is there. Other shopkeepers are Bimal Mandal, Bhupal, Kartick, Saha…deb Naskar. After looting Priyor Mor, nobody knows in which direction these rampaging Muslims will head. Hindus of the adjoining villages are extremely scared. Trying to send their women folk away.

Priyor Mor is always sensitive. In spite of that, Police did not take any precautionary measure. What does it indicate ? Does this govt. want destruction of Hindus ??”

The killed Moulavi Rohul Kuddus will be buried at Dhoaghata village (2 Km. from Ghutiyari Shariff) under Jibantala PS in Canning sub division. Tens of thousands of Muslims are gathered there. Provocative speeches by loudspeakers are going there. No police. Hindus of the adjacent village Satbibi and other villages are fearing that anything worst may happen.” —Tapan Ghosh

West Bengal Violence update – Report by a FBian who visited the place and confirmed


A 5 years old child was burnt alive at Naliakhali under Canning PS today while 200 other Hindu houses were burnt down by muslim mob shouting ‘allah o akbar’. In all around 750-800 Hindu families are rendered homeless in this area of south 24pgs district as per available last report. Some 1800 Hindus have taken shelter at the Baikunthpur primary school under police protection. According to eyewitness report earlier some 7000 to 7500 muslims stacked in around 250 trucks landed in this area and started attacking Hindus and burning their houses indiscriminatel ­y. Even women, elders and children were not spared.

Most of the newspapers suppressed yesterday’s largescale communal violence in many villages damaging Hindus’ properties of crores of rupees worth. Only ‘Times Of India’ published the report without mentioning that the killed person is a Moulavi and the Hindus’ houses have been burnt and looted. The link is –

Times of India  and Riots erupt in Bengal

Hindu Persecution in Canning at an All-Time High : See the devasting photos

This is breaking news after many attempts by Tapan Ghosh to get a response from the local police! Is he right to question the Indian Government? Surely he must be when Hindu rights are passed over in favor of extremists! Why should anyone live in this kind of fear? Does does Indian government realize the implications of allowing extremists to run wild raping and looting in this manner? It is no wonder that there are so many rallies occuring in India for government to take action on ignored acts of violence! What is the way to bring this to worldwide attention? When will the International Human Rights Organizations stop allowing such issues to remain unnoticed? It has come to a point when such acts on this level must be addressed! We are watching these activities closely! The cannot remain on the side of agressive acts committed by extremists for long! Surely true justice will come and such activities will be stopped forever!

Zemira Eli Natan

 It’s anti-Hindu pogrom in Naliakhali – no mere oppressionDSC02594

What has taken place in Naliakhali and 3 other villages yesterday (19 Feb) is virtually an anti-Hindu pogrom which fails to match the chronicle of Hindu persecution even. Hindu Samhati’s investigations at the helpless village on February 20, 2013 reveal that the entire event was not the result of any spontaneous onslaught by enraged Muslim radicals (following the murder of Moulavi Rohul Kuddus) but of a specific project contrived by brains hell-bent to exterminate Hindus racially in the very area.

Some other disturbing and weird facts, as a result of investigations and talks with helpless Hindu villagers at Nailakhali, have come to the fore. It has been learnt, albeit violent Hindu persecution started at the wee hours on February 19 its extent was somewhat low till 8 am.

At morning 8 am Muslim school teachers of Goladohra Naliakhali Harinarayani Vidyapith (local school) were witnessed to conduct a meeting where Hindus were proclaimed as solely responsible for the murder of aforementioned Moulavi. While Abdul Salam Mollah, Headmaster of school, presided over the gathering, it was joined by a few other teachers of the school including Moulavi Shamsul Alam, Giyasuddin Ghazi, Khatip Mollah and Rezaul Mollah. Teachers were unanimous regarding one issue – to avenge the death of Rohul Kuddus and teach Hindus in the area a brutal lesson thus.

The meeting proved to be highly successful to stimulate the huge gathering of Islamists (almost 30,000) there leading to the commencement of wild Islamic oppressions on Hindus.

According to local Hindu villagers, Abdul Salam Mollah, aforesaid Headmaster, is known for his anti-Hindu views for long. Not only he is found to raise “Pakistan Zindabad, India Murdabad” slogans in the school at times, but his anti-Hindu views trouble Hindu students also highly. It has been heard, his ardent opposition to Devi Saraswati Puja in his earlier school led to his transfer to Naliakhali High School. His views then were censured severely by guardians there.

Thousands of Hindu victims in Naliakhali have also asserted that police was found to be surprisingly indifferent to the entire episode. Even if Hindus pleaded with them to stop the rampaging Muslim radicals, they remained tightlipped; they retained the same posture when the same Muslims were found to take petrol (which was used for burning Hindu houses altogether) from police’s vehicles.

Why did the police and administration deal with the case so lightly? Why was the body of the slain Moulavi not removed from the area by police and left to stimulate Muslims only? These questions are going around throughout the area at the moment.

Nevertheless, the homeless Hindus are yet to find the answers and they have no other option except to feel sorrow. No less than 200 Hindu houses have been fully looted, burnt down and turned into dust; there has been no governmental assistance or declaration of compensation (even if present Bengal government was amazingly fast to declare Rs. 2 lakh as compensation for every Muslim who died in the hooch tragedy) yet. And there is no expectation of any such to Hindus in Naliakhali. In absence of the same, Hindus, unaffected yet in the neighborhood, are gearing up to arrange relief measures for Hindu victims.

HinduSamhati Bengal