September 8, 2008
M3 Report  
El Universal (Mexico City) 9/5/08

–  There is evidence that drug cartels are moving their operations to Argentina. Because of tougher enforcement measures in Mexico and Colombia, the “capos” are forced to seek countries with laws and enforcement more lax.  Argentina has been considered only a “port of transit” for drugs until recently. 

The first indication of change was the discovery by Argentine police on July 18 of a narco lab and the subsequent arrest of nine Mexicans from Guanajuato, presumably members of the Sinaloa Cartel.  Six days later, two Colombian narcos were murdered, followed in the next few weeks by the abduction and murders of three businessmen.  The investigations lead to the same motive: the illegal production of synthetic drugs.  Because of Argentina’s loose enforcement of law, it could become the new stronghold of narco traffic.

–  Federal authorities arrested the Director of Public Security of Cárdenas, Tabasco, Juan Carlos Guzmán Correa, and took control of his city department.  They also arrested other commanders in the police agency whose names were not released.  The police department of the city of Cárdenas is one of eleven others believed to be infiltrated by narco traffic and under investigation by the Federal Attorney general (PGR).
–  Following up yesterday’s elusive story regarding the crash of an airplane in Yucatan in 2007, El Universal now says the plane with 3 tons (not 4) of cocaine was actually owned by drug chief “El Chapo” Guzman who had recently purchased it from a financial brokerage.  Final line in the story: “Before it was used by the narco, the plane made clandestine flights for the CIA.”
El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 9/5/08
–  According to the Attorney General of Mexico, the rise in homicides in the country has not yet reached its limit due to the continuing infighting among crime groups.
–  The Mexican Navy is planning the construction of 6 seagoing patrol craft, 12 interceptors and 10 coastal patrols for the fight against drug traffic.   They will be built at the naval shipyard in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.
Milenio (Mexico City) 9/5/08
Marco Vinicio Cobo, “El Locochón”, a member of the criminal group Los Zetas, who was arrested last April, gave an account of how Los Zetas control the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southern Mexico.  The strategic region where the east and west coasts are nearest is the zone where the Gulf Cartel rules by its own law by means of Los Zetas, its armed branch of mercenaries.  For the cartel, Los Zetas serve a purpose greater than security, murder and command of groups within the organization.  They also assure the cooperation of police at all levels, according to El Locochón.  His testimony indicated that the entire isthmus is under “Zeta law.”
La Voz de la Frontera (Mexicali, Baja California) 9/5/08
A band of five kidnappers were arrested and a businessman rescued from them in the border city of Mexicali.  The group is from the state of Sinaloa and were arrested due to an anonymous tip.
El Debate (Sinaloa) 9/5/08
In the town of Ojocaliente, Zacatecas, 51 police officers resigned for fear from threats by armed groups in the area operating in hooded military dress.  They are believed to be Los Zetas.
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