Just as the Syria refugee crisis looms, Obama opens centers to speed vetting with screening outposts to be set up in Iraq, Lebanon, the Paris attack happens. Geert Wilders on Twitter @geertwilderspvv: Paris under attack. This is war. Nothing less. Baron Bodissey | Gates of Vienna UPDATES — Newest are at the top 10:31pm EST — From Vlad: A suspect arrested in Paris reportedly told police: “I am from ISIS.”

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His caption: “Definition of ‘idiot’: A guy in a CSI outfit treating an act of war as if it was a domestic assault”
8:41pm EST — From Le Figaro, translated by Oz-Rita:
Commentary from the translator first: This President Hollande actually says this in front of the Bataclan — where he has gone very quickly with his whole circus, the execrable Minister of Interior (who has TWO complaints against our friends from Riposte Laïque before the courts for having called him “friendly towards Islamists”) included, and of course the first whore for Islam, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. Text with translation:
Devant le Bataclan, François Hollande assure : “Nous devions être là parmi tous ceux qui ont vu ces choses atroces. Nous ne nous laisserons pas impressionner. Nous allons mener le combat. Il sera impitoyable”. “Quand des terroristes sont capables de faire de telles atrocités ils doivent être certains qu’ils auront en face d’eux une France unie et déterminée”, a ajouté le chef de l’État, qui évoque un acte de “barbarie”. Before the Bataclan, Francois Hollande reassures his audience: “We must be there among all those who have seen these awful things we will not let ourselves be intimidated. We will lead the fight. It will be merciless…” “When terrorists are capable of such atrocities they must be certain that they will have to face a united and determined France , added the Head of State who evokes an act of “barbarism.”
7:53pm EST — Geert Wilders on Twitter @geertwilderspvv: Paris under attack. This is war. Nothing less. From Le Figaro, translation by Oz-Rita:
Bataclan : une centaine de morts, trois terroristes abattus, Hollande se rend sur place. Selon des sources policières citées par l’AFP, une centaine de personnes ont été tuées dans l’attaque de la salle de concert du Bataclan. Selon les mêmes sources, trois terroristes présumés ont été tués. François Hollande, Manuel Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve, le ministre de l’Intérieur, et Christiane Taubira, la ministre de la Justice, se rendent sur place. Bataclan: Around a hundred dead, three terrorists killed, Hollande is going there. According to police sources quoted by AFP, about 100 people were killed during the attack at the Bataclan. According to the same sources, three suspected terrorists were killed. Hollande, Manuel Valls (Prime Minister), Cazeneuve, minister of the Interior and [the ghastly] Christian Taubira, Minister of Justice, are going there now.
Also: The Paris Metro has been closed, according to the Australian Foreign Minister.
7:21pm EST — From Vlad: Sky News just said 100 people may have been killed in the concert hall. 7:17pm EST — Sky News live From Oz-Rita:
Clément Martin @clement_martin_ J’ai entendu des tirs aux niveaux des Halles, on a du partie en courant (ordre des flics) “I have heard shots (explosions?) at the level of ‘Les Halles’ (2nd arr.) we had to leave running (order of the cops).”
Gateway Pundit: Geraldo Rivera’s daughter was at the stadium where one of the attacks occurred, but was reportedly unharmed.
7:03pm EST: — From Oz-Rita:
Bd Beaumarchais bouclé proche #Bataclan policiers en civils crient : “rentrez chez vous, il y a des terroristes” Bld. Beaumarchais (between Bastille and Jewish Quarter – Le Marais) is in lock down. Civilian police shouting “Go home, there are terrorists”. 00h48 – Le GIGN vient d’être envoyé dans le quartier des Halles, dans le centre de Paris. The GIGN [Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, counter-terrorism forces] have been sent to “les Halles” in the centre of Paris [near the Town Hall]
From Vlad Tepes: “Sky News in Australia is reporting two terrorists have been killed at the Theatre. Footage of hostages escaping theatre.”
6:53pm EST: — From Oz-Rita:
I have just heard BBC say the following: “We have to announce that apparently according to a witness the attackers have shouted Allahu Akhbar. HOWEVER, we cannot say what kind of allegiance — if any — that signifies. The attackers at the Bataclan: Two young ones; one of them has explosives strapped to himself — suicide bomber?
Video interview: Police have stormed the Bataclan. They say new attack took place near the Bastille, which is close to a traditional Jewish area.
6:32pm EST — More explosions have been heard. Muslims in Paris have reportedly been observed celebrating. Hostages are being murdered one by one at the Bataclan. From Oz-Rita:
Les hôpitaux de Paris ont déclenché le “Plan blanc” d’urgence et de crise. Paris Hospitals are on the “White Plan” for urgency and crisis. French Schools closed tomorrow Saturday (usually they have school on Saturdays in France).
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A major jihad attack was launched tonight in Paris, and is ongoing as I write this. Dozens of people have been killed (more than 40 the last I heard) and hostages taken in a theater. Bodies are lying in the street. As of five minutes ago, more reports of gunfire were coming in from different locations. President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of emergency. France will reportedly close its borders. From Oz-Rita:
“In the Bataclan [theater] the shooters shouted ALLAHU AKHBAR according to a witness who sounded very emotional having just escaped from there.”
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