There is some interesting calls here by what appears to be, less religious Muslims to their more devout brethren begging them to stop throwing stones at the police during compulsory Muslim riots after some of them caught a glimpse of Kurt Westergaard’s famous ‘MoToon’.

Of course, it might really just be a difference in tactics and strategy. The Salafists enjoy using blunt force and traditional Islamic diplomacy such as throwing rocks and other heavy objects prepared in advance for such occasions.

No doubt certain that the creation of Mohammed, the skyfaery ‘Allah’ would best approve of that method and protect its users.

So far, they would appear to be, at least in part, correct as the West aids and abets at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, the craftier Muslims prefer political influence and patience as numbers grow, forcing Germany and other infidel lands to accept the sharia and Islamic rule more subtly and with less newsworthy events such as this.

For my money, it is an excellent thing that most muslims are too impatient for this method as it would pretty much guarantee victory.


Below is the short seqence where German police abruptly terminates the Pro NRW demonstration. The reason for closing down the demonstration is simple:

The police has been shot at, and can no longer be called upon to protect the demonstration. After all, the police is there to keep law and order, it is not an army to be deployed in what looks increasingly like a civil war.

In official German news coverage, much effort is put into creating moral equivalence between the small, peaceful demonstration and the hundreds of religious fanatics attacking them. After all, if it is extreme to show a cartoon, violence becomes justifyable.

Note also the attempt by German authorities to appease the Salafists by implementing an element of Sharia law: Outlawing the showing of the famous Muhammad cartoon in Bonn.

Finally, another “Food for thought” picture, courtesy of QuotenQueen. Good night and sweet dreams!

Vlad Tepes Blog 6 May 2012
By Eeyore; Henrik R. Clausen, and EuropeNews