Global_JihadWeekly Report on the Global Jihad being waged by Islam against infidels (all non-believers) from The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC).  Download PDF report which contain maps, photos and illustrations

This week, Syrian Army forces with Russian air support continued to take over neighborhoods held by the rebel organizations in the northern part of east Aleppo. So far, they have taken more than a third of east Aleppo. Apparently, their aim is to separate the northern part of east Aleppo from its southern part and then cleanse the southeast of the city from rebel organizations’ presence and record a decisive military achievement with far-reaching political implications.

There were no significant developments in the campaign for Mosul. The Iraqi Army has taken over several additional neighborhoods in the east of the city while the advancing forces in the south are still “stuck” at a distance of about 20 km from Mosul due to ISIS’s fierce resistance. ISIS on its part continues to make extensive use of suicide bombers and car bombs in Mosul and carry out guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks throughout Iraq.

In the southern Golan Heights, the first incident of its kind occurred this week between an IDF force and operatives of the Shuhada al-Yarmouk Brigade affiliated with ISIS. ISIS operatives opened fire at an IDF force. An Israeli aircraft attacked their vehicle and four operatives were killed. In addition, an Israeli aircraft attacked a facility used by ISIS in the southern Golan Heights.

ISIS keeps encouraging its supporters to carry out terrorist attacks around the world, mainly in the West, and even distributes videos guiding how to do so. A tone of urgency and disappointment is evident in one of these videos, due to the fact that so far, ISIS’s appeals have not been responded (the video addresses Muslims in Britain, “Why does it take you so long to offer support for your religion?”) At this stage, there’s a discrepancy between ISIS’s plans and intentions and a failure to execute them on the ground. The efforts to bring about terrorist attacks abroad are likely to continue (the forthcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve may be preferable dates).