The video below, compiled by Vlad Tepes, is especially important on the thirteenth anniversary of the day America’s world view was violently jarred. We were shaken to our foundations, but we were not basically changed. Some of us were awakened to the fact of real evil squatting among us.

For those whose paths were irrevocably changed by the carnage they witnessed here and whose lives are now devoted to standing fast against the deformity of the human spirit that is Islam, their round of daily tasks lies in marking the path for others to follow. For them the choice is simply said but endlessly done -i.e, to create new ways to light the roads to the real truth:

  • Islam is a lie;
  • Islam has always been a lie;
  • Islam will eventually fall of its own immoral and parasitical weight…but only when its oil supplies run out.

Vlad’s compilation of the real Islam is a rebuttal – a civil push back- against the bestial, depraved and primitve acting-out of ISIS, or whatever name the Great Evil has bestowed upon itself in its present iteration.

For those of you who haven’t watched the original pustule, the vileness gushing out from ISIS particularly designed to scare the rest of the world, it’s still available at Pajamas Media, where it serves as a historical reference point and reminder of the Reality of Islam.*

None of us who were here then will ever forget the images from September 11, 2001. Now, thirteen years later, their newest beastiality is on parade, still trying to scare us to death, to prove to us that our mere laws and our care for one another are no match for their brutality. Despite the fecklessness of our leaders I still believe in the eternal faithfulness we reserve for what is Good, True and Beautiful.

Against that eternal and benign triumvirate, the fountain of millennia of art and music and Law, the latest beastialities of this primitive regression by a supremacist totalitarianism “religion” cannot prevail. Purportedly founded by an illiterate, incontinent caravan raider, himself besotted with blood lust, this current metamorphosis of evil will not and cannot endure. Despite our failings we are better than that. Far better. We have progressed and grown far beyond our ancestors’ best imaginings while our enemies are stuck in a tarbaby of primitive evil, reduced to stealing from the West what they do not and cannot ever produce on their own.

*I haven’t watched the ISIS evil, and not just because of the Baron’s protective warning that “it’s horrible. Don’t go there.” For me, to consent to view Hell on earth is to let Evil win a bit more territory, i.e., to permit it to own even a small part of my mind. I refuse to let their Jihad porn and bestial horror show, which is purposely designed to sap the will of all of us, to gain even the smallest part of my own sovereign mind.

Thanks are due to these people too, for their collaboration on a crucial response to evil. As long as there are men and women of courage (as these most surely are), we know we’re on the right path:

  • The Rt. Hon. Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV)
  • Rembrandt Clancy, for the translation from the German
  • Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, for the German transcript

Later, there will be separate full videos of each of those who so generously contributed to The Real Islam.

Source: Gates of Vienna