February 2, 2009
By Christopher Logan
Right Side News
Chris blogs at islaminaction08.blogspot.com
For years many people have been saying that the people of the U.S. should look to Europe to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam and Muslim immigration. The reason being that the Muslim population is higher there, but we are not far behind.  Many Muslims see that they can use the freedoms of the West against us to slowly get the West to suit Islam. While most of Europe is having problems with their Islamic communities, the island of the UK has it the worst.

Over the years the Islamic community of the UK has had an endless list of demands, some of them were store workers not wanting to touch a Bible because it is “filthy” or cigarettes because they are un-Islamic to suing supermarkets because a Muslim worker had to handle closed bottles of alcohol. Some Muslim cab drivers even refused to allow passengers into their cabs because they were accompanied by a seeing-eye dog.

In acts of appeasement the Muslims of the UK were given special housing that catered to the dietary needs of Muslims. Banks implemented Sharia banking, toilets in the prisons were rearranged to accommodate Islam as Muslims cannot face Mecca while going to the bathroom and some public schools started serving only halal meat. A cemetery was even built under Islamic tradition with no concerns for the beliefs of the Christians and Jews being buried there.

Unfortunately for the UK none of this was enough, as the demands from the Islamic community got even more outrageous.  Examples of these demands ranged from the baning of un-Islamic activities in school such as dance classes, co-ed swimming, co-ed school trips, and art classes which include the drawing of human figures. They also wanted their own Sharia Courts. The school demands were not yet met, but the Sharia Courts were. As usual that was not enough as Muslim leaders are now calling for Sharia law to be enforced on all non-Muslims there. In many parts of the UK Muslims clearly control the streets.                  
                                           WARNING-LANGUAGE and VIOLENCE

                                       December 30, 2008 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

                                        Beware! HAMAS SUPPORTERS USE FILTHY LANGUAGE

In Europe this problem is not exclusive to the UK as pointed out in this video interview with Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

                             A Powerful Message from Geert Wilders, Must See

Nor it is exclusive to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean as the demands of Muslims are being met here also. They have been given foot-washing basins Muslim only pool times, and extra break times given at work so that they can pray. Calls to prayers are being broadcast on loudspeakers outside of Mosques in several states, and they even have their first Sharia Court which is stationed in Texas.

The call for Sharia law has started in Phoenix, and a leading DC Imam has stated that North America will fall to Islam by 2050 the latest. Will we awaken to the similarities of the UK and US, and more importantly are we willing to stand up for life as we know it for our families future generations? Time will tell.
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