Fast-draw-nuclear-IranIt’s all going to happen soon. ISIS members will figure it out: their leaders will put on suits, begin smiling and arrive in the US and London for talks on their demands. There will be coffee and cake and the room will be strewn with flowers. All this sounds surreal? Just see how it worked for Iran and its nuclear program.

One month ahead of the deadline of the talks between the Western powers and Iran, Israel is attempting to bring this issue back on the agenda in the US. Israel is concerned about an agreement that will allow Iran to complete the development of its nuclear weapons. This effort won’t change the facts. It’s a done deal, the world gave in, succumbed to Iran’s attack of smiles.

Washington wants an agreement at any cost. Even if the price is Iran in possession of nuclear warheads.

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Washington has no intention of prolonging the talks on the nuclear program beyond the late November deadline. “We are not thinking of extending the talks or anything like that. We are concentrating on securing an agreement by November 2014,” said a US official.

One way or the other, Israel continues with its campaign of influencing the state of mind in relation to a possible unfolding agreement. Among the various steps taken, Israel’s Minister for strategic affairs Dr. Yuval Steinitz published an article in the New York Times, alerting against a possible signing of an agreement that would allow Iran to continue developing its nuclear program. His words have fallen on deaf ears.

So if you are a radical Ayatollah, if you are a raving terrorist who goes around beheading people, put on your Sunday best, practice smiling profusely, speak softly, and you are all set. The world will fall at your feet like melting ice cream. The world is dumb so the world will have to pay up.

 Source: iHLS