The tiny State of Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, faces enemies devoted to her destruction.  The country is surrounded by Muslim nations – and despite it, Israel survives as a liberal, Western-style democracy. This week, on Wednesday, the, President of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), signed a unity government agreement with Hamas.  Peace talks have been suspended – and they will not resume with Hamas, an organization which is openly devoted to terror and to destroying and killing innocent people.

With Israel’s so-called “peace partners” now partners with Hamas, it’s important to remember what Hamas is — and that it remains ever clear that the Palestinian Arabs seek to destroy Israel piece by piece. Israel’s dream for peace once more cannot be realized.

Hamas is an organization that is anti-America and anti-Israel – that is illegal in the United States, Canada, the European Union and many other nations. In 2003, Hamas declared President Bush “Islam’s biggest enemy” and in 2004 Hamas noted that they consider the U.S. “an enemy and as an accomplice to the Israeli enemy aggression against the Palestinians. … The U.S will face responsibility for its position as an accomplice with Israel.” Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (and the new partner of Abu Mazen) condemned America’s killing of Osama bin Laden, noting that “Osama bin Laden was a Muslim freedom fighter.”

Both of the most recent American Presidents have noted that Hamas is openly devoted to Israel’s destruction.  Barack Obama has said that Hamas is “a terrorist organization and I’ve repeatedly condemned them. I’ve repeatedly said, and I mean what I say: since they are a terrorist organization, we should not be dealing with them until they recognize Israel, renounce terrorism, and abide by previous agreements.” In 2003, President Bush said, “The free world, those who love freedom and peace, must deal harshly with Hamas” and that “Hamas must be dismantled.”

And of course, while liberals often condemn Israel, they ignore Hamas.  Hamas has said that homosexuality deserves the death penalty.  Women are forbidden to dance or smoke in public – or get their hair done by male hairdressers.  While this public relations executive complains about the coverage afforded Israel by the media, since 2006 there have been no official democratic elections in the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is quite clear: “As long as I’m prime minister of Israel, I will never negotiate with a Palestinian government that is backed by Hamas terrorists that are calling for our liquidation.” And the traditionally anti-Israel American State Department has even been hard pressed to stand with the Palestinians on this issue, noting, rightfully, that

[a]ny Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties. If a new Palestinian government is formed, we will assess it based on its adherence to the stipulations above, its policies and actions, and will determine any implications for our assistance based on US law.

The words of Hamas are clear and consistent. Consider what Khalil Al-Hayya recently said:

[You] Zionists, you have no place on the land of Palestine … we shall expel you from our land and we will fight against you on it [on the land], we will kill you or expel you from it when you are submissive … the jihad and the martyrdom in the way of Allah are our road and our track which are meant to fulfill our triumphs and fulfill and protect our [Muslim] nation.

Or, as media recently quoted a senior commander in the Al-Qassam Brigades:

There will not be a real revival of this [Islamic] nation unless it removes this cancer [Israel] from its body and starts a serious operation to achieve the major surgery, otherwise history will not have mercy on those who gave up on or bargained and abandoned the place of the ascent to heaven [the area of the Al-Aqsa Mosque] of the messenger of Allah [the Prophet Muhammad] peace be upon him, which was stolen by the most bitter enemies of Allah and humanity.

Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have taken off their sheep’s clothing – and partnered openly with the wolves.  Let civilized people everywhere stand with Israel against terrorists.

Source: Frontpage Magazine

Ronn Torossian is one of America’s most prolific and respected public relations experts. Torossian is the Founder, President and CEO of 5W Public Relations, one of the 25 largest independent American PR firms, which was named PR Agency of the Year by the American Business Awards.