According to experts in Israel, Iran’s missile industry has thus far concerned itself with mass production of Shihab-3 missiles. IRAN-ICBMNow, after a series of successful tests conducted on the Sajil-2, it won’t be long before Iran will begin manufacturing this advanced missile too. Incidentally, the Iranians often refer to the same missile using various names.

“The Iranians want a great number of such missiles, which would allow them to paralyze Israel’s anti-missile system. They will launch numerous missiles at once, in order to force the system to launch many Arrow missiles to intercept them,” explains an Israeli expert.

This expert also estimated that contrary to the development of Shihab missiles, in the course of which Iran relied on foreign know how, in particular from North Korea, in the case of Sajil-2, the bulk of the know-how is domestic. “They are investing a great deal in research and development, and have set up advanced labs and chemical facilities to manufacture solid fuels,’ said the expert.

The fact that the Sajil-2 has a range of up to 2300 km means they will be able to target Israel using highly lethal conventional warheads.

According to defense industry experts, at the full range, the missile could carry a warhead weighing 400kg.

“The distance the missile has to cover from Iran to Israel puts it at as range of 1300 km. An extended range of 2300 km allows the Iranians to arm the missile with a warhead weighing up to 800 kg, which would make even more deadly,” said one expert.

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There is a great deal of evidence Iran is making a huge effort in becoming a super power in the field of surface-to-surface missile, in order to possess extremely long range missiles covering the Whole of Europe, and then parts of the continental US.

Although the Iranian menace largely seems focuses on Israel, Europe is also beginning to be concerned. But everyone is currently busy with Iran’s nuclear program so the issue of Iran’s ballistic missiles has taken a back seat.

But the Iranian threat is posed not merely by the hardware itself. Israel estimates that Iran had developed the capability to launch dozens of surface-to-surface missiles against Israel using a remote control system. This will allow the Iranians to respond to any strike them. They shall be able to launch dozens of missiles from one site. It seems the Iranians have set up numerous groups of missiles launchers across Iran.

Two years ago, the media ran a story about a US intelligence report according to which Iran has already been developing a nuclear warhead for Shihab-3 missiles. The American report also surmised North Korea may have assisted Iran.

According to information in the hands of the US, there is evidence Iranian scientists have already build a warhead designed for surface-to-surface missile such as Shihab-3. The info says Iran designed the warhead between 2001 and 2004 and also conducted two test launches. They of course experimented with an empty warhead, albeit complete with all the nuclear detonation mechanisms designed to initiate a nuclear explosion at an altitude of a few hundred meters.

Source: iHLS