1.      The current wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel inspired ISIS to wage a propaganda and incitement campaign conducted by its operatives and media. The objective of the campaign, which is accompanied by strong anti-Semitic incitement, is to encourage and broaden the wave of Palestinian terrorism. The campaign also attacks the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership and Hamas, and represents the confrontation as a religious conflict between Muslims and Jews (referred to as “the descendants of apes and pigs”).

2.      The Palestinians are the campaign’s main target audience, but its message is expected to reach other audiences affiliated with or inspired by ISIS, bothin the Middle East and in Muslim communities around the globe. While so far the campaign has not had a significant response in the internal Palestinian arena, it is liable to influence Palestinians in the future.[1] Moreover, the campaign may motivate non-Palestinian jihadists in the Middle East and around the globe to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in solidarity with the Palestinians and as a response to the ISIS call to kill Jews.

The Methods Used in the Campaign

3.      Participants in the campaign include ISIS operatives and media in Iraq, Syria and other countries, all calling for the murder of Jews. Hashtags were posted to Twitter, in all probability by ISIS supporters or inspired by ISIS, titled “Slaughter of the Jews” and “The lone wolves.”

4.      In addition, on August 25, 2015, ISIS launched a new media platform called the Al-Masra Institution,[2] which focuses on the Palestinian issue. Al-Masra has been very active during the current wave of Palestinian terrorism. It has a website that uses religious elements for anti-Israeli incitement, Tweets and visual means to inflame the Muslim sentiments of web surfers and influence them to take action. Among its repeated themes are news about Jerusalem, links to videos documenting the Palestinian terrorist attacks, glorification of the shaheeds and calls for more attacks.

Examples of ISIS’ anti-Jewish Incitement

5.      Examples of ISIS incitement include the following:

1)    The Al-Masra Foundation posted a series of videos supporting the Palestinians and their terrorist attacks. The videos show pictures of the Temple Mount, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and include calls for a jihad for the Allah on the soil of Palestine. For example, a video entitled The Slaughter of the Jews shows photos of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. It is voiced over by Osama bin Laden talking about the importance of Jerusalem. It also features the voice of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi calling for a vendetta against the Jews. The video shows the attacks recently carried out in Jerusalem, with the caption “lone-wolf operations in Jerusalem.” It also shows ISIS operatives training, with the voice of Osama bin Laden negating the existence of a Jewish State on the soil of Palestine (The Al-Masra Foundation, October 18, 2015).

2)    The video, issued by ISIS’s information department in the Deir al-Zor Province, describes the Jews as “murderers of the prophets” and as having “distorted the books of Allah and fought against the [Muslim] believers.” It also accuses the Jews of creating Christianity and Shi’ite Islam and setting Christians against Muslims. Photos documenting the vehicular and stabbing attack in Jerusalem are voiced over with “Stab the Jew with a knife or run over him with a car, poison him, bring back explosives, the [use of] explosive belts and IEDs, burn their faces and their houses.” Later in the video, an ISIS named Abu Muslim al-Masri calls for a Palestinian jihad and calls on the Palestinians “to hack off the limbs” of the Jews (Archive.org file-sharing website, October 18, 2015).

2 Terrify the Jews again with explosions, fire and stabbing

Left: In the video documenting the vehicular and stabbing attack in Jerusalem, the announcer calls on viewers to stab, run over, poison, blow up and burn the Jews. Right: The video entitled “Terrify the Jews again with explosions, fire and stabbing”  (Archive.org file-sharing website, October 18, 2015).

3)    In a video issued on October 18, 2015, produced by the information office in ISIS’s Southern Province (southwestern Iraq), the speaker calls the Jews and Christians enemies of Islam. He says ISIS will not forget the Muslims in Jerusalem until “we restore Al-Aqsa Mosque from the contamination of the descendants of apes and pigs.” He adds that the Islamic State is approaching Israel from Iraq and Syria, and that the hour of the Jews is close at hand (Archive.org file-sharing website, October 18, 2015).

4)    In a video issued by ISIS’s Kirkuk Province, an ISIS operative calls on Muslims in Jerusalem to intensify their attacks against the Jews as part of the jihad against them (Archive.org file-sharing website, October 18, 2015).

Twitter Account in Arabic Used to Incite Murder of Jews

6.      ISIS is using Twitter to spread incitement to murder Jews. To that end hashtags have been opened titled “Slaughter of the Jews” and “The lone wolves.” They are apparently influenced by ISIS’ campaign and have similar content and terminology. In one instance ISIS’ Islamic Caliphate is specifically mentioned.

7. Some examples from the “Slaughter of the Jews” hashtag are the following:

3 Six ways to abuse and torment Jews

Graphic Tweet headlined “Six ways to abuse and torment Jews.” They are stabbing, burning; using Molotov cocktails, poison and explosives; running them over and dropping heavy objects from heights, such as cliffs and bridges

4 he lion Muhammad Sayyid Ali may Allah receive him

The Tweet’s caption reads, “The lion Muhammad Sayyid Ali, may Allah receive him [in paradise], from the Shuafat refugee camp, stabs one of the pigs.” The picture is of a Palestinian terrorist stabbing an Israeli policeman near the Nablus gate in the Old City of Jerusalem  (Twitter account of اخت كندية @Maso88278, October 13, 2015).

5 Palestinian playing on a knife instead of a violin with a key

Tweet cartoon of a Palestinian playing on a knife instead of a violin with a key (representing the so-called “right of return” of the Palestinian refugees to Israel). The Arabic reads, “[Our] knives play a tune of victory, praise and honor on the throats of the Zionists”  (Twitter account of أنا كبرياء الصمت ‏ @lolo2403, October 13, 2015).

1)  On the night of October 21, 2015, a recycled sketch appeared on the “Slaughter the Jews” hashtag indicating the locations on the human body where stab wounds would be most deadly. The sketch was captioned “Sensitive locations for stabbing Jews.” The locations were the carotid artery, the femoral artery, the upper arm, the chest and behind the collarbone. The introduction to the picture read, “The good work of the supporters of [ISIS’ Islamic] Caliphate…support for the lone wolves…sensitive spots for stabbing the Jewish pigs” (Twitter account of خولان الأوسي 7 @rgt3u4fACHALpFK, October 20, 2015).

6 Sketch of the human body showing recommended spots for stabbing Jews

Sketch of the human body showing recommended spots for stabbing Jews, (Twitter account of…) and then all that Arabic which I am incapable of even copying because I use Word for Mac and it does no support either Hebrew or Arabic and the @rgt3u4fACHALpFK.

2)  On October 20, 2015, “The lone wolves” hashtag posted a video with instructions on stabbing Jews. The recommendation was to stab the sternum and twist the knife.

7 The lone wolve

From the video posted to “The lone wolves” hashtag gives instructions on how to stab Jews (Twitter account ofمحطم جماجم المرتدين @mhtem117, October 20, 2015)

[1]In the current wave of terrorism, so far no terrorist operative has been identified as been unequivocally influenced by the ISIS campaign or its ideology.|
[2]al-masra, “the route,” was taken by the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Al-Aqsa mosque, from where he rose to heaven.