Elections are also in the air in Israel where we find Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu fighting to succeed himself despite a self-defeating political agenda that places him in Israel Jewish history at the right side of his evil predecessor, Arik or Ariel Sharon, the ruthless hardcore general whose thick skin made him strong enough to take his Jewish brethren out of their homes and let them look on while he ordered the IDF soldiers to also demolish their homes. Sharon, the hawk with defenseless Jews, gave in and turned to be a dove in the face of rabid Muslim Palestinians whose only goal is to establish their country with no Israel to be found in any of their horizons.
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Bibi-Netanyahu said as part of his election make-believe that he would defend the rights of the Jews living in Judea and Samaria -only to turn around and do exactly the opposite.

In Israel’s horizon, however, someone else has now risen to try to endanger Netanyahu’s incomprehensible supremacy.

Moshe Feiglin, a hardliner observant Jew from Judea and Samaria, whom obviously the liberal Israeli and worldwide main stream media have not missed a beat hating to love calling him “a settler,” is taking his fourth unlikely attempt at defeating Netanyahu.

As it is, Mr. Feiglin intends to pay Palestinians to convince them to leave the West Bank and Gaza, at a rate of $350,000 per family.

Reflecting the view of hard-liners, Feiglin maintains that Netanyahu, despite his uncompromising worldview, is not hawkish enough. True.

To the Prime Minister’s discharge, one must say that not much can be expected from an erev rav as him, who places secularism over belief in G-d obviously in the public arena.

But, Mr. Feiglin, an observant Jew, who supposedly reads the Torah and prays to G-d on a daily basis, fails to take a true solid position to defend the Jewish cause in Israel, by only presenting a different style of accommodation to the enemy, when he imagines that those rabid Muslim Palestinians will ever give in to the 350,000 per family. And, if they do so, they will invoke taqqiya rules to betray their commitments and Mr. Feiglin will not be able to complain to anyone.

How can anyone who lives in the region not understand the kind of venom and hate they are surrounded by. What the Muslim Palestinians want from Israel is nothing short of her destruction, they want to push the Jewish people to the sea.

IF someone like Feiglin wanted to do something extraordinary, he should have gone the whole way: No negotiations whatsoever because whoever believes in G-d, needs to make no negotiations and needs to make no concessions. Period.

All else is part of Chilul HaSh-m, the desecration of the name of G-d, allowing others to think that the G-d of Israel is weak and cannot provide for His Children and Protect them, which is not true, because we have seen throughout History that whenever the Jews have believed in G-d unhesitatingly, He has come through.

The erev rav is personified in the likes of Netanyahu, Feiglin, Ehud Barak and so many god-less cowards, and History has always shown that there is so much, people can desecrate G-d’s name… until the day when they are wiped off, unable to raise a hand and defend themselves, because they do not even deserve to be given that chance.

Source: Eliana Benador

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