Experience Missile Alerts in Israel – Almost Like Being There and See the Missile Types Being Fired, below

Show your solidarity with the State of Israel in her time of danger!  Make a commitment to live under the threat of missile attacks just like Israelis do for 72 hours – if your nerves can take it.

As I write these lines, the sirens are going off all over the State of Israel. As my smartphone alerts me, I check to see if any of my friends and family are in imminent danger. It is now 10:30 AM and since 6:00 AM this morning I have counted 13 alerts.  Now you can experience first-hand what it’s like to hear the alert of a missile alert coming toward your town, your home, your children’s school.

Brett Baer briefly featured the app in the 6 o’clock news hour last night. I have been aware of it for some time. I have friends and family throughout Israel and I want to know when they are under attack. It alleviates, at least in part, my guilty feelings for not being there with them in their hours of distress.

You may or may not know anyone in Israel. Be that as it may, this is one way to show solidarity with the State of Israel. This app provides a point of reference and a new perspective by which you can explain to others the situation in the Middle East.

Download the apps here:Android app: Red Alert Android App and Apple app: Red Alert Apple App

Unfortunately, the Android app is available only in Hebrew and has not yet been translated to English. The English Android app is available only in Israel, I presume due to server capacity issues.  The iOS version is available in English at iTunes.

Note on the app display: All times are denoted in military time. Example – 4:15 PM is shown as 16:15, etc. All dates are denoted in European form with the day first and the month second. Example – July 10, 2014 is shown as 10/07/2014.

Note on notification sound options:

Choose the original “Red Color” alert first. This is the siren sounded during an actual missile launch alert in Israel. You can switch later to a more unobtrusive notification tone later. See how long you can stand the actual siren sounding.

And remember, Depending on where you live in Israel, you will have anywhere from 15 seconds to one minute to dash to the safety of a bomb shelter in your home, at work, at school, in the middle of your commute, or while out and about shopping for groceries. If the alert comes in the middle of the night, you will have to hurriedly gather up your family and race to your nearest shelter. If it’s during the day, you always worry if your loved ones at work or school have made it to the shelters in time.

From seven time zones away, this is as real as it gets.  Rocket types and range below from the IDF blog and follow their updates online here.