One of the achievements of his government that Prime Minister Netanyahu took pride in during a recent speech was the tall fence we’re building along the 220KM border with Egypt. Only problem is that from the video below, it is pretty clear that we might want to have a clear path to the Sinai so that we can preempt the millions of Egyptians that are planning on marching to Jerusalem.

I have said for years that our defensive strategy has got to stop being based on defensive military systems.

Our enemies are on the march. We must embrace the only military doctrine that has ever really worked — preempt them by initiating the war on their territory.

We need at least another full active duty division – preferably mechanized  infantry — in the Southern Command. Stop spending money on defense. We need tanks, APCs, MLRS battalions, the works. We can’t afford to be taken by surprise.

There are two obvious lessons from what is happening in Egypt. First, the land for peace formula is crazy. We gave land for peace and now that they have decided to destroy the peace, they get to keep the land. In the clip below they say their path to invasion goes through Gaza. So here too, they show that all the people who said that Gaza had no value to Israel were wrong twice. As the daily shelling from Gaza into Israel shows, our presence in Gaza prevented attacks on southern Israel. And as their declarations make clear, our presence in Gaza blocked a convergence of Palestinian and Egyptian forces in the Sinai which — with its 220 km border with Israel, is now the preferred launching point for attacks.

The second lesson is of course that all the enthusiasm over “Arab democracy” by Westerners, and particularly by conservatives desperate for a way to make war seem like a redemptive experience or something was irresponsible to the point of maliciousness.

We warned you over and over again that this would turn out badly. But you said we were wrong and indeed, somehow immoral to prefer Mubarak to “the people.”

Now I just have a little request for all of you brilliant ones who lobbied Obama to dump Mubarak. No, I don’t expect you to apologize. All I ask is that next time you hug your kids, think about the Israeli children whose lives you placed in danger with your irresponsible pontifications.

The clip below is from a campaign rally for the (moderate) Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt’s presidency Muhammad Mursi. Oh, and the Obama administration just transferred another $1.5 billion in US taxpayer funds to Egypt.

carolineglickCaroline Glick is an American-Israeli journalist for Makor Rishon and is the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post.[2] She is also the Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy.[3]